Red Kisses.

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Shush, baby, don't cry or scream. We'll be together always, why can't you see?

Submitted: November 27, 2011

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Submitted: November 27, 2011



Love me, he says, carving smiles on my face, Don't you want to be happy, in a faraway place? Where we'll be alone, and singing along, Where no one will care and listen to our songs. I love you, can't you see? Hush baby, don't cry, you'll see.

After this we'll be together forever, No one there to take us, never, Leaving us to write sonnets and letters.

He says these words with confidence, Tracing lines and carving scars. He holds me close, blade's edge, Reassurance and upmost dread.

We'll escape this world of lies, Spin our own out of lullabies, Create one with truth told, Where souls aren't hold.

The world is poisoned through, Soaked with blood and voodoo.

Oh, darlin, can't you see? This only escape from insanity? Don't cry, Both of us together, This is the way, we'll be forever.

Scar crossed lovers, escaped and dead, he says,

Bringing the knife through my head.

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