Tic Tock

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When your back is against the wall and you are running out of time.

Well…. I finally had that discussions with hubby. It was one the hardest things I’ve ever had to do. It was hard because I knew his feelings was going to be hurt. It was a necessary discussion non the less if I wanted to salvage my marriage. Since I am more of a “rip the band-aid type of person” there was no sugar coating this discussion. I simply told him that I am not happy with the current state of our sex life and our future together is starting to look dim and if we don’t fix it, the light is going to go completely out. 

Fast forward three days and what we discussed must have sizzled in his spirt. Waking up to hubs pulling down my lace panties and tasting my mid-morning juices was a very pleasant surprise. I was even more surprised when he pushed me on my side and grabbed a hand full of hair and told me to open up and when I complied, he gently and lovingly pushed himself inside of me. That experience was such a turn on, and it seemed to be the best sex that we have had in years. It was so good that over the next few days I realized that I had not had a dream of Candy Man. Now let’s see if hubs keep this up. 

I’ve been avoiding calls and texts from Candy Man and believe me he has been trying to reach me non-stop. It was the oddest feeling though; it was odd because I had never ignored him like this. But I was to chicken to tell him that we needed to cool off for me to work on my marriage. It is imperative that I stay away from him in order to keep the focus where it needs to be. 

Well guess who decides to show up at my job, you got it, Candy Man. It felt underly disrespectful because he knows the people in the office knows I am married, while it also felt loving that he would stop whatever he had going on to check and see if I was okay. Of course, as we begin to talk and he’s running his fingers across my face with concern in his voice, every eye in the office was glued at me having an intimate conversation with a man that is not my husband. 

In that moment of being nervous that I business seemed to be strolled out on the streets, I was also very aroused by his cologne that always made me wet. If I wasn’t such a chicken, I would have explained to him that I was working on my marriage and that what we have going on has to stop, even though I knew it would not sit well with him. Instead of telling him what it really is, I fed his ego with some sweet talk and excuses of being extremely busy. What a dilemma I have gotten myself into. If he bold enough to come to my job, he’s probably bold enough to find where I live and come there too.


Submitted: August 12, 2019

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