John and Ben

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Gay and Lesbian  |  House: Booksie Classic
This is John,heartbroken and on his way through the clubs.
His love had left him and he just didnt seem to get over it.

Submitted: June 02, 2012

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Submitted: June 02, 2012



„I really dont want to.“,John claimed and tried to break from Elenas clutch,unsuccessfully.

„No,there is no way you are going home.You will party to forget him.“

„Uhu.“,he growled and let Elena guide himself to the next club.

Inside,he hoped the bodyguard would sent them away.

But no way.With a pleasing smile,he winked them in.

„Great,its working out.“,Elena said.

They passed a dark corridor and approached another man who opened up the door for them.

„Do you really think,we are right here?“

„Yes we are.“

She smiled at the portier and he held out the door.

John took a surprised look at the room,which was blurred with icy blue light.

Elena pulled him to the bar with her and they placed themselves on the bar seats.

„Two times,as usual.“,Elena ordered and John corrected. „Only a Radler for me.“

„Hey,loose up.“,she said and drank something blue in a shot glass.

John doubtfully drank from his beer can and hoped he wouldnt have to carry her home like he did the last time they wandered through the clubs.

He looked around,the dance floor was mainly filled up,in den cozy corners there were three couples,

that made out and looked like they would be stripping themselves down soon.

Yeah,great!Universe is demonstrating to me,that I am single.

The music changed and the light rushed to a flamy red.

A tall blond guy with nerdy glasses approached.


„What do you want,Aiden?“

„I wanted to ask you for a dance.“,the shaking boy responded.

„Okay.“,she claimed surprisedly and took him to the dance floor.

Not very much latr she layed in his arms,cheek to cheek,hips to hips.

John didnt even want to see it,he felt like her elder brother and considered her protection his responsibility.

So he stood up and walked over to them.

„Hey El.I want to go home.You coming?“

„Oh man,no.“,she slurred as if he would be annoying her.

Despite all obviousness,John wondered how these small drinks could have gotten her drunk.

He warned the nerd,shot him a „If-you-do-something-to-her-i -will-kill-her“-look and left the club.

When he was outside he deeply inhaled and exhaled,the air in the club had been surpressing and sticky.He crossed the promenade,in each corner he encountered drunks,people that made out and some that were obviously „high“.

He had never ever understood how people could have fun while destroying their bodies.

Sighing,he sat down on a bench,stripped off his trainers and his socks.

He walked through the sand a little bit,his foodcloth in his hand.

The sand mostly was cooled off again,a small piece of warmth was still sleeping in these small corns.It already was dark night and so he didnt even notice where he put his steps.

But he knew the sea good enough already so that he knew he didnt need to be scared.

The waves were crashing the shore peacefully,it was hardly anything else to be heard.

He sank into the sand relaxedly and put his shoes to his side.

And as he sat there,all these thoughts came back to him.

Thoughts of his break-up.

How they had screamed at each other,how he went.

The love of his life had just left him.After two happy years.

From somewhere he heard someone screaming.

„Leave me alone.“,it shattered through the silence and John already considered himself crazy.

Then he painfully realized that those screams were real.No picture of his fantasy.

Momentarily,he jumped up and ran,always following the scream.

„Leave me alone.“,it echoed in his head.

Directionless,he ran straight away,hoping he could help someone.

But he ran and ran and didnt find anyone.

When he finally came to a stand to take a deep breath,he saw a flash of light behind one of the beach cafés.

He fastly began to move again and when he reached the light,rage and hate rose up in him.

There was a man that weighed at least a hundred kilos,lying on an adolescent that was totally at the man`s mercy.And the boy was also half-naked.

His trousers were pulled down and he didnt wear his shirt anymore.

Before John could make any more thoughts,he stormed into the bright lighted place.

„Stop immediately.“,he cried as if he had a megafone with himself.

Surprisedly,the man escaped and while he did that,he dropped the candle which burnt out.

John fastly made his decision because he didnt know,if that person would come back,

but took the exhausted body at back and knee and brought him to his hotel.

When he breathlessly arrived at his hotel room and had brought the boy into the bed,he locked the front door. He didnt know how to estimate this paedophilie.

Eventually,he turned on a dimmed light.

With true pity,he pulled up the poor guy`s jeans up and covered up his chest.

„You poor thing.“,he sighed but as he looked into the face of the guy,it struck him like lightning.

„Wake up Ben!Ben!Please!“,he called out to the boy but he made no move.

Suddenly his started to cry.

Tears stung his eyes,rolled over his cheeks and landed on the bedcloth,then he bended over him.

Another teardrop tenderly touched Ben`s cheek,who slowly opened his eyes.



„It`s you.“,he reckoned reliedly.

„What happened?“,Ben asked him,confused.

„I heard somebody screaming and wanted to help the person.Then I found you with some guy lying

on you.“

„Oh no.I dont know anything at all anymore.“

„A small dose of knockout drops,I guess.“

„What did he....“

„I dont know.I am just happy I found you.Take a little sleep now.“,John supposed and stood up.

When he wanted to close the bedroom door,Ben called out.



„Thank you.I dont know what he might have done to me if you wont have been there.“

„I dont know that,too.“


„I dont want to be without you anymore.“

„You broke up with me.“

„I know.And I was stupid.I thought I could live without you.But I was wrong.I rushed through the

clubs and searched for you.Because Elena always says partying is the best medication for heart

break.“,he reckoned,smiling exhaustedly.

„I went to Blue Cave.“

„Oh.I hadnt looked there.But thank you for your help.“

„I would have never beared it if he had done something to you.“

„Could you please do me a favour?“


„Would you please stay with me in the room?“

„Yes,okay.I will just pick up the telephone and watch the door.“

Then he closed the door and Ben sank into the pillows of the king-size bed.

John checked on the door and window locks and then quietly slipped into the room.

As softly as he could,he closed the bedroom door and placed himself next to Ben.

Ben turned towards him. „Thanks.“

For a moment John just looked at him.

Ben`s eyes had an exhausted and sad look,but he was as beautiful as ever.

His slightly tanned skin shone and his hair was tousled as if he just woke up.

John nodded and reached out his hand while he turned to the side.

When he short touched Ben`s throat,he winced away from him.

„Dont worry.“

Lovefully,his hand wandered into Ben`s raven-hued hair and stroke the strand that were messed.

Then he fondled his shoulder and slided onto his arm.

Frightened,Ben startled.

„Calm down.I just wanna hold your hand.“

Carefully he reached his wrist and grabbed Ben`s shaking hand.

„I am not doing anything to you.I love you.“

Their palms touched and John`s fingers tenderly enclosed Ben`s hand.

Ben relaxed himself again and affectionately looked into John`s eyes.

Eventually he bend over to John and aspirated a kiss to his mouth.

In John`s belly the butterflies began to dance,a quiver walked through their hands and lips.

„Good night.“

„Good night.“

And so they fell asleep,reunited in beautiful Sicily,that was already coming out of its sheets.


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