Sam and James

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Gay and Lesbian  |  House: Booksie Classic
Sam and James,another short story born from the neverending
desire of mine to pretend to myself that I will be loved someday.

Submitted: August 02, 2012

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Submitted: August 02, 2012



Sam and James


Hey Sam,“it echoed through the apartment.

I am in the kitchen.“,Sam said when he already heard the cotton jacket of his boyfriend crackling and keys were thrown on the flat wooden box in the corridor.

Sam opened up the refrigerator one more time and picked up the fresh smelling citron cests.

As he turned to his workplace again,he felt James` looks on his back.

His face lightly reddened,with his hands shaking,he sieved the flour.

He counted the steps as James walked towards him from behind.



James` trousers rustled when he walked.



Soon he will be standing right behind him.



He felt the look out of James` ebony-brown,nearly black eyes lying on his shoulders.



He could smell a soft breeze of his deodorant,a hand got placed on his right shoulderblade.

The last step.



James` upper body softly leaned into his spine,his right hand slided from his shoulderblade over his

collarbone and his chest onto his stomach. The left hand directly went there.

Sam smiled.

I missed you.“,he whispered while he was trying to handle his breath again.

His heartbeat has stopped for a while when James` hand had touched his chest.

As James put his head on his shoulder,he smelled his after-shave and the warm breath prickling on his skin.For baking,Sam had put on a T-Shirt,James was wearing a pullover because it was freezing

outside.James` soft cashmere scarf protected him from the cold that was trying to get from James` throat to his.

For a moment,there was just stillness.

N-Normally the cake should be finished already.“,Sam stuttered.

The fact that I can still make you stutter after such a long time surprises me.“,James murmured teasingly.

Shut up.“,Sam replied,grinning and moved his hands onto James` that were resting on his belly.

Can I help you with that stuff?“

Hmm,you could put the eggs in and mix the pastry.I will go get the cherries then.“

You already got them here.“,James noticed and lifted his hand that was still intertwined with Sam`s

and pointed at a big bowl.Then the hand moved back.

Okay.But you have to let me go so that i can crash the eggs.“,Sam demanded.

But James didnt let go that easily.

Who says that?“,he asked,smiling and lead their intertwined hands to the carton.

He took an egg and crashed it perfectly - while he held his hand.

Wow.“,Sam was astonished when he did the same with 2 other eggs.

James didnt even notice him but reached out for the mixer.

And as they stirred with their hands held together,they felt it prickling and vibrating,not only coming from the stirrer. When it was the turn of the cherries,they both started to smile.

Their hands fondly went for the red fruits and threw them into the pastry.

The last cherry didnt make it into the pastry,but was lovingly moved to Sam`s lips by James` hand.

James rolled the fruit over Sam`s lower lip because he loved to kiss the taste from his lips until it was completely gone.As the cherry eventually dropped into his mouth,he pressed a soft kiss on James` fingertips. Sams hand lead James` down and laid it onto the breast bone.

Have you been to the bedroom yet?“,James asked.

Sam turned his head towards him and gave him a sweet kiss on the cheek.


James disappeared from his back,took his hand and brought him to the next room.

When Sam appeared to see the bedroom,he remembered why he loved James so much.

James had this gift of making every moment they were spending together something special.

This time,it had worked out extraordinarily good.

Speechless,Sam was lead a couple of steps into the room by James.

The room was beautiful.

The white upholstered bed they have bought had overdimensional green pillows spread over it,

James had picked out the green-white bedcloth for him on which was a heart painted with a writing

Love You Forever“. Sam loved that one.

Around the bed,there were tea lights,it were so much,he couldnt even see the floor.

Those are 730 tea lights,one for each day with you. Congratulation to our second. I love you.“

Sam nearly started crying as he heard him speak.

I love you too.“,he replied and James let go of him for a short time.

Behind the bedside table,he picked up three white roses.

Sam smiled touched.

When James gave him the flowers,he carefully glided over the blossoms and settled the vulnerable

creature in a vase James handed him.

I dont know if I would have ever found someone that would love me like you do.“

That is why I survived.Because we need each other.“

Sam put his hands around his neck and pulled him closer.

His forehead touched James` and the front of their noses collided softly.

James` eyes kept their loveful and tender look and Sam couldnt think of any place in this world he would want to be in this moment than where he actually was.


That was the right expression.

When his lips softly pressed onto James` he forgot everything,enjoyed the smell of his lover and felt

this fluttering as if they had just gotten to know each other.

His hands stole themselves under James` pullover and stroked his warm skin.

James felt like in a rush so he unbuttoned his pullover.

Are you sure?“,he asked Sam and got a worried look.

Sam smiled.

I never wanted anything more than this.“

James removed his shirt and laid a hand onto his chest.

He could feel his heartbeat under his palm and looked right into his eyes.

Sams hand was on his shoulder and his fingers strided over his skin.

It`s a little cold.“,James noticed and picked up the sheets.

Tenderly he wrapped the blanket around Sams body and squeezed him.

Their lips magnetized each other and there was no way the desire could be broken.

Eventually James dropped his pants on the floor and slipped onto the bed.

Sam sank near him and wrapped the blanket around James,too.

While Sam`s lips wandered along his neck and caused a sigh,James tried on the button of his jeans.

Everything that happened after it got drowned in the pleasure of the moment.

And none of them cared about the cake not even being in the oven. ;)


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