Goldie Lochs

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Re-write of Goldilocks

Submitted: December 08, 2011

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Submitted: December 08, 2011



Goldie Lochs

Goldie Lochs was a naughty girl, she would do things to make your toes curl,

She bullied little girls and boys, she pulled their hair and broke their toys.

That morning she headed for the wood, and knowing goldie she was up to no good,

Grandma's house was was her first place, she knoked the door with a smiling face,

Hello grandma Goldie growled, and then let out a wolflike howl.

Grandma screamed and hid under her bed, and laughing aloud Goldie fled,

Three little pigs played in a stream, Goldie would live to make them scream,

She howled again loud and shrill, the faces of the pigs gave her a thrill,

The pigs were scared and jumped around, Goldie was giggling on the ground,

She left the pigs and headed in, where the woods were shallow and the bushes thin,

and in a clearing she could see a house, so creeping closer like a mouse,

She hid outside and listened in, and then a noise came from within,

We will go for a walk to let the porridge cool, you can't eat it now you'd be a fool,

Your right mummy bear a voice pronounced, for a walk we'll go lets leave the house,

Three bears emerged and could not see, Goldie hiding behind a tree,

From behind the tree Goldie leapt, and into the house she slowly crept,

Three bowls of porridge graced the table there, and before each bowl there was a chair,

Goldie looked and took a seat, the porridge was hot and nice and sweet,

She gobbled up the first two bowls, but by the third it had gotten cold,

Goldie who was hungry for more, threw the bowl down on the floor,

She broke the table and chair legs, the in the fridge she found eggs,

She threw them at the walls and door, then headed up the stairs for more.

When Goldie saw the three bears beds, she crouched down low bending her legs,

Up she sprang into the air, flicking back her curly hair,

She bounced first on the largest one, just one bounce and she was gone,

The middle one was quite the same, but the little one had a less sturdy frame,

SNAP! It went then a crashing sound, Goldie rolled quickly to the ground,

She was unhurt just a bump on her head, but Goldie had destroyed the bed,

She shrugged and looked around some more, then she heared the bears front door,

The room was big and the window high, Goldie wished that she could fly,

She heard the shouting from downstairs, goldie’s eyes turned to tears,

Then footsteps started up the stairs, Goldie’s neck was prickly hairs,

The door creaked open and Daddy bear stood, so it was you in my house up to no good,

You will clean up this mess right now little girl, or I’ll eat you for breakfast and mop up with your curls,

Goldie wept as he handed her a broom, she cried and cried while she swept the room,

When Goldie had finished down went the sun, out the door she headed with a kick up the bum,

Goldie fell on her face in the mud, this wouldn’t have happened if she’d just been good,

Then from the wood she heard a growl, then a horrible wolfy howl,

Goldie’s knees knocked and she ran and ran, and from the bushes out stepped Gran,

Goldie cried as she ran along, she was sure the wolf would catch her it wouldn’t be long,

Howling again, one, two three, came from behind a nearby tree,

Goldie screamed her hair full of twigs, from behind the tree came three little pigs,

As Goldie saw the edge of the wood, She promised herself that she would be good,

She ran to her house and up to her bed, brushing the twigs out from her head,

Goldilocks lay there under the covers, and from now on Goldie will be nicer to others.

© Copyright 2018 Scott McKie. All rights reserved.

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