Rumpole Silkskin

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Re-telling of fairytale

Submitted: December 08, 2011

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Submitted: December 08, 2011





Rumpole Silkskin was misunderstood; He was a magical man and was very good,

He lives in the forest in a little house, where no-one disturbs him not even a mouse.

The stories say he took a firstborn child, but actually the tale is very mild,

He helped a farmer’s daughter turn straw into gold, so she could get married not left in the cold.

He helped her once and still wanted more, until straw turned to gold all over the floor.

His price was so small just to be left alone, but that was not to be with the prince on the throne,

He demanded to leave but was locked in the tower, so Rumpole’s mood turned sweet to sour.

He shouted and screamed magic spells at the guards, his prison door smashed into shards,

With Rumpole in a rage the princess fled, taking her baby right from the bed.

She ran into the forest and Rumpole gave chase, tears and swear ran down his face.

The princess stopped atop a massive ravine, where she stood with her baby and started to scream,

As Rumpole came closer she saw surprise, for the man had tears clouding his eyes.

He said to her please just let me be, I just want to be alone in the forest just me,

She sneered at the man and darted past, but Rumpole’s hands were just too fast,

He grabbed her arm and she dropped the child, and at that moment the baby smiled,

He caught the babe and the princess ran, to get away as fast as she can.

Rumpole held the baby tight, and after the princess he gave flight,

He caught her up and stopped her dead, take your baby Rumpole said.

I gave you help is this how you repay, just take the child I’ll be on my way.

You’ll never find me again you see, unless you know the name of me,

She frowned at him and took the bundle, for in the distance she heard a rumble,

Soldiers were coming to find him fast, the time for talking had come and past.

He turned and ran as fast as he could, blending in within the wood,

They searched and searched but he was never found, as if he’d hidden underground,

But Rumpole was safe and hidden well, he heard the stories that people tell.

How the magical dwarf had committed such sin, and goes by the name of Rumplestiltskin.

Years then passed and he got old, he hardly remembered the straw to gold,

He sat down at home with his feet by the fire, his body relaxed his eyes start to tire,

He drifted off ever so deep; he’d never enjoyed so much sleep,

But when he woke to his surprise, a princess stood with bright blue eyes,

Mr Silkskin is your name, I am the baby you saved the very same.

My Parents have died and I am alone, I was suddenly drawn to your home,

Though I’d never been here or knew your house, from the castle I followed a mouse,

He said Rumpole Silkskin will help you now; I’ll show you the way and tell you how,

I do not want money or a place to stay, just to hear the story of the golden hay.

He told the story straight and true, so what now what will happen to you,

I will go back to my castle my home, and I’ll do as you wish and leave you alone,

Please princess tell me your name, I enjoyed your company will you visit again?

She smiled at him and nodded her head, every morning when I get out of bed.

When she left he saw on the floor, a shimmering strand of golden straw.

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