The Big Bad Wolf?

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The Big Bad Wolf has had some bad press time to tell the truth!

Submitted: December 09, 2011

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Submitted: December 09, 2011



The not so big bad wolf

They say that wolves aren’t very nice, so here’s a story of one wolfs life,

This particular Wolf has had some bad press, but really he just tried his best,

Walking through the woods one day, wolfie saw three pigs at play,

So being such a dog like thing, he howled and ran over to join in,

The piggy’s saw and turned to flee, he growled stop there piggy’s  and play with me,

But still the pigs fled, throwing rocks which hit his head,

Wolfie stopped and covered his nose; He didn’t want to play with pigs like those.

As he sat and wiped his eyes, he thought to himself I need a disguise”,

Walking through the woods following a mouse, he stumbled on a clearing and saw a pretty house,

He heard this house was Grandma’s and she was very nice, hoping she had baked a pie; he’d maybe get a slice.

Grandma are you home there’s something I’d like to ask, do you have any clothes for me or preferably a mask?

Grandma answered through the door, who is it sonny boy? It’s me the wolf he replied and grandma hit the floor.

Wolfie pushed the door ajar and saw that she’d passed out, so wolfie picked her up and laid her on the couch.

He looked around for some clothes, to make him look less scary, and maybe a razor in the bathroom to make himself less hairy,

As he wore a nightgown and a pink night-cap, wolfie saw a girl in red come to give the door a tap,

He panicked and jumped right into grandma’s bed, quickly pulling the covers up around his head,

Red riding hood had come with food for her sick grandma, wolfie lay there thinking he had taken it too far,

Then she spoke hello grandma, are you feeling  good, i'll feel better dear if you just leave the food.

You see I’ve got a terrible cold I don’t want you to catch, so drop the basket where you are and leave the front door on the latch.

You sound terrible grandma I hope you get better soon, just remember that the woodcutter will be here at noon.

The girl had gone and he would too before the woodsman came, but to leave a basket full of food to him would be a shame,

Wolfie left the little house still dressed in grandma’s nightie; he quickly headed for the trees feeling guilty slightly.

When he was far enough away he stopped and checked the food, sausages and chicken soup this lightened his mood,

He gobbled up the basket and came across some cheese, he swallowed it in one big bite then began to sneeze,

See Wolfie was allergic and the sneezing wouldn’t stop, He had to find some medicine or the local doc,

The sneezing was annoying he couldn’t take it anymore; he came across a clearing with a house made out of straw,

Inside he saw a pig, who he thought might give him help, but when the piggy saw him he gave a squealing yelp,

Mr Wolf this is my home please don’t eat me please! But wolfie could not reply and let out a great big sneeze.

The house exploded into the sky in a cloud of golden straw, the piggy ran into the woods his house of straw no more.

Wolfie cried and gave him chase, tears and snot ran down his face.

Clearing his snout with licks, he came across a house of sticks,

The wolf now at the end of his tether, sneezed the house down like a feather,

Two pigs inside called out in fear, Mr Wolf you’re not welcome here,

Again the piggy’s ran away deep into the trees, but wolfie couldn’t help himself and gave another sneeze.

He saw the little piggy’s run and he decided to give chase, he saw a house made of bricks and hoped this was docs place.

But at the window he saw faces of the little pigs, I’m sorry about your straw house and the one you made with twigs,

I can’t stop sneezing and need some help can you call the doc, the window opened and piggy’s threw some rocks,

Wolfie cried out in pain as a big rock hit his paw, so he let out an amazing sneeze and broke right through the door.

The wolf ran inside their home, and saw the piggy telephone,

He rang the doc to come quick, he explained that he was sick.

The pigs heard him talking to the doc and realised he said, Mr Wolf we’re sorry would you like to use our bed?

We thought you would just eat us like the fairy stories say, but now we have realised you just want to play.

© Copyright 2018 Scott McKie. All rights reserved.

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