The Woodcutter

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The Woodcutter and the wolf get into a spot of bother!

Submitted: December 12, 2011

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Submitted: December 12, 2011



The Woodcutter

The woodcutter sat by a pile of wood, he sat by the fire and cooked his food,

He sat in a clearing that he called home, and at his side a wolf, chewing a bone.

Wolves are dangerous don’t you forget, but this one was friendly the woodcutters pet,

The wolf and the woodcutter had a simple life, but the woodcutter was lonely, he wanted a wife,

There were no women his age in the wood, the youngest is ancient she’s called Grandma Hood,

Wolfie was kind and the woodcutter’s friend, so he hatched a plan for his heart he would mend,

There is a girl who delivers grandma’s food, she’s about your age, miss red riding hood,

I will creep in the house and lie in the bed, wearing her nightie and nightcap on my head,

When she arrives I’ll give her a fright, then you can save her and become Mr Right.

Brilliant wolfie you will be the best man, but we do have a problem, how to get rid of Gran!

We can scare her away into the wood, or I could eat her I could do with some food,

The woodsman laughed and slapped his thigh, a brilliant idea in his eye,

A holiday we can make her take, nothing big just a weekend break,

We’ll have to hurry she’ll be there soon, look at the sun it’s nearly noon,

They ran to the cottage and knocked on the door, hearing shuffling footsteps across the floor,

Grandma answered hello young man, oh hello young lady you’re one lucky gran,

You’ve won a prize leaving today, no time to pack you have to go right away,

Sorry young man I can’t leave today, my granddaughter is coming what would she say?

She will explain or leave her a note, but please granny hurry you’ll miss the boat,

Sorry young man I can’t go by boat, I cannot swim and the boat may not float,

Enough Granny Hood this could go on all night, Just then the wolf ate her in one bite.

He let out a belch and smiled at the cutter, she would have been nicer with bread and butter,

The woodcutter laughed and went on inside, where granny hood used to reside,

Wolf put on the nightgown hung by the bed, and placed the nightcap on top of his bed,

The woodsman left and went outside, round the back of the house where he had to hide,

Moments passed until silence broke, a young girl approached in a bright red cloak,

Singing a tune as she skipped like a sprite, unaware that inside she’d get a fright,

When Red opened the door the wolf sat and leered, oh my gosh grandma, look at your beard!

She wasn’t afraid of the wolf in the bed, she reached in her basket and pulled out a razor instead,

Walking towards wolfie with quickening pace, she flicked found the razor and shaved wolfie's face,

That’s better she said her voice sweet not sour, but grandma you smell, you need a shower.

Her sheer strength was no match, as she lifted wolfie to the bath,

She stripped him down to his furry pelt, Fear and shock is what wolfie felt,

Red turned on the cold water first, it covered wolfie in an icy burst,

As she reached for the shower cream, wolf let out a girly scream,

In burst the woodsman brave and strong, what’s the problem? What’s going on?

Just grandma here she’s very old, and the water here is very cold,

You see I’m shaving off old grandma’s hair, that’s what gave the old dear a scare,

The wolf jumped up and fled the house, his face long and pink like a new-born mouse.

But back in the house with all of his charm, the woodcutter tried to woo Red by stroking her arm,

She grabbed his hair and broke his nose, used lightning fast kicks and judo throws,

The wood cutter groaned as he was hit with a pan, why did he listen to wolfie’s plan?

He managed to get half upright and stumble to the door, but red was too fast for him and put him down once more.

He cried, oh please miss what have I done, I’m just a woodcutting man, Do you think I’m stupid boy I saw the wolf eat my gran.

I’ve heard about you and that wolf living out here together, causing trouble everywhere, thinking you are clever,

But now I’ve stopped you in your tracks and your wolf friend too, for you’ll be in the city jail and your wolfie in the zoo.

See I am a bounty hunter and I’m working for the king, so hold your pretty head up for this is going to sting,

She took a club from her belt and raised her hand up high, she didn’t see the flash of pink and grey flying through the sky,

The wolf bit lil’ red’s hand clean off and she rolled around in pain, the wolf was foaming at the mouth he looked a bit insane,

The two friends ran for the covering woods where they could once more be safe, so the woodcutter could heal his wounds and wolfie grow the hair, he once had on his face.

© Copyright 2018 Scott McKie. All rights reserved.

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