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A song I wrote about my dear friend Audrey. It will be on my album "Head trip"

Submitted: March 25, 2012

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Submitted: March 25, 2012



Audrey by Scott Shadden

There's a girl in this little town

And she worked slingin dope around

She's the sweetest thing there ever was

And if you ask her why she says just because

Her arms are full of little holes

She covers them with her pretty clothes

She knows its wrong but its okay

She has to work another day

Then she met a guy who helped her out

He kept her high had a place to stay

She kept him warm and had his back

All she had to do was sell a sac

Life seemed good for quite a while

They both lived large and always smiled

But one day came when he got burned

They took his dope and all he earned

He got a gun and said he'd get that fool

He'd shoot him dead and leave him in a bloody pool

They had no dope no where to go

Things got twisted it wasn't good

Things weren't going the way they should

They were doing crazy things to come back up

Then the cops burst in and fucked them up

Now he's in jail without bail

She got out and they put her in rehab

She's doing good and getting her life back on track

She is still so sweet and looks so fine

I'm glad she's my friend till the end of time


© Copyright 2017 scott shadden. All rights reserved.

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