Head Trip- History Repeats Itself

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"Head Trip" is an album that I am currently working on. It's kinda about me being confused by life and society, not knowing what to do, but knowing whats right and wrong.

Submitted: March 24, 2012

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Submitted: March 24, 2012



History Repeats Itself by Scott Shadden

We entered the room and sat languidly

Waiting for the speaker to start

Forced like battered slaves into "rehabilitation"

Processed through the machine like sheep awaiting slaughter

Our thoughts are not our own

Freedom awaits the meek, prison the strong

CIA, drugs from Mexico, Asia, Peru

Good lives torn to shreds

Government out of control

Make it, sell it, snar you, own you

Captive labor industry, Drug fed economy

Life, liberty deceased, values, morals condemed

Microchip mentality, steal my DNA

GPS relationships, OMG it's too late

Eager to be megar, too tired, need a sleeper

CPS family destruction, foster care despair

Hi honey, just caught a felony, how was your day

My guns are gone, I feel better, didn't need them anyway

No sex, no love, no kindness, no care

Can't talk to the chicks here in rehab, what the fuck

The directors a prick, lets mob him and choke him till he's dead

Wrap him in barbed wire, pour gas and light his sorry ass

Fuck these fools, it's time to roll

It's time to fight for the freedom our fathers fought for

Many of us will die or be captured, but we will prevail

Freedom for you, me, our families, our children, their children, that's only what is important

Sacrifice, I will give my life

Our hearts and our souls must not be owned and sold

We must never forget that

History repeats itself, history repeats itself.

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