Things You Made Me

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These are the things you made me.

Submitted: March 25, 2012

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Submitted: March 25, 2012



The Things You Made Me
Scott Shadden
If I were gone would you think of me
Hear me cry or see me suffering
Would you ignore me, leave me, hate me
What would you remember of me
Someone sad, broken, and agonizing alone
The danger, anger, confusion, pain, loneliness
The slow torture, endless, beyond reason
My smile or laughs, my love, my name
My adventures, fun, wild, strong, fearless
My goodness, kind, true, honest
Would you still spit at my plees
Talk smack, cold, cruel and mean
Would you still spin me, put my mind in a maze
Deny me till im crazy, confused, and empty
Or love me, help me, speak to me, comfort me
And ease my pain, call me, see me, come to me
Would you see the good I gave to all
Lives I saved or people I loved
Kids I raised, nutured, and praised
Smiles I made on others in pain, tears I stopped
The ones I comforted and healed
With love and compassion, kindness
Or me heart broken, sad, betrayed, insane
What would you think of
When you think of me
What would you see of the things you made me

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