Christianity and Giving - A motivational short story.

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A motivational short story about a rich man and a poor woman that shows the importance of giving within the Christian faith.

Submitted: March 14, 2016

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Submitted: March 14, 2016



A while back a rich man moved into my local town, he lived in comfort every day in his four bed detached house with his splendorous 2015 registered BMW which was parked on his beautifully paved driveway. Across the road lived a single mum and her three children in a small run down terrace house with boarded up windows, she used to work three jobs just to cope but she lost two of them when the recession hit, meaning she relied on her one job and welfare to survive but due to welfare cuts she barely survives, her house was cold and she often lived off one meal a day, this woman called herself a Christian and the rich man too had been to church a couple of times and also called himself a Christian. His morning routine was the same, he’d pull off his fancy driveway in his brand new BMW and every day he’d drive past the woman waiting at the bus stop to go to her one job, the man often saw her crying at the bus stop and had thought about offering her a lift a couple of times but it was a rainy month and he doesn’t want to get mud on the carpet of his new car. He’d even thought about giving money to her as he knows her situation as they go to the same church but that month he decided to buy a new sofa so he gave her nothing. The woman and her three children once again went to bed cold and hungry. After one fine day at the office the rich man decided he’s going to have a celebratory cigar and a glass of single malt after closing in on a big business deal, he accidently had a few too many and dropped his cigar on his brand new lavish sofa, then in a panic he spilt his whisky and the fire grew instantly. The woman across the road saw the commotion and panicked, she had no phone or landline because of her poverty so she quickly ran next door and woke the neighbours up, by the time the fire service arrived very little was left of his magnificent house. The woman saw him sat outside on the pavement with is head in his hands, sobbing loudly. Instead of ignoring him she put an unwashed blanket around him and invited him to come and live with her whilst he gets back on his feet.

The rich man couldn’t understand why the woman was being so kind to him after he has treated her so poorly.

The woman simply turned round and said to him, “You may feast every night whilst I starve, you may be warm and I cold but have you forgot what the bible tells us?” The man looked at her blankly, it was if he was thinking I’ve just lost everything and you’re just about to throw the bible at me.

Then the woman started to read from Luke 6:38

“Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.”

She continued, “It may be harvest and I may be hungry but I live for Jesus and I trust that he will provide for me and my three children. Now I have one tea bag left so come on in for a cuppa and let’s get you back on your feet.”

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