Vox Quattuor (Part One)

Vox Quattuor (Part One)

Status: Finished

Genre: Fan Fiction



Status: Finished

Genre: Fan Fiction



The first part of a series I'm writing. Roughly inspired by Charmed, but this is a rough draft. It'll evolve and whatnot over time.
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The first part of a series I'm writing. Roughly inspired by Charmed, but this is a rough draft. It'll evolve and whatnot over time.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Vox Quattuor (Part One)

Author Chapter Note

The first part of a series I'm writing. Roughly inspired by Charmed, but this is a rough draft. It'll evolve and whatnot over time.

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: April 08, 2008

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: April 08, 2008



Chapter 1.

Sir John was born in the year 1544, he had three distinct powers; the power of telekinesis, to freeze time, and the ability to see both past and future. He fought demons of the underworld and warlocks. Warlocks are evil witches who want to steal the powers of good witches.

Sir John started the Salem witch trials of the 1600’s. He died in 1601, burned at the stake. Before he died he swore that with each generation of his, they would grow to become powerful witches culminating in the arrival of four powerful witches, the Charmed Ones. These four witches would grow to be the most powerful witches of all time. Their powers, as the four witches would progress, would progress along with them.

When Sir John was 35 he fought against his most powerful enemy, Valkior. Sir John was only able to banish him to the spirit realm. Before Valkior was banished, Valkior swore he’d return to kill Sir John’s line. Has that time come…?

The year was 2007; Tamara and Scott were getting ready to go to their other friends Ashley. The three of them are all 16; Tamara and Scott were dating each other. The two were heading over to Ashley’s to have a sleepover. Their other friend, Sabrina was going to be late to go over due to Summer School.

“Tam,” said Scott sounding irritated, “you done in there yet?” Tamara was in the bathroom getting ready.

Tamara replied, “Yeah I’m almost done.”

“’Almost’ meaning what? Another hour?” Scott spoke back from the other side of the door.

“Scott, I’m a girl, “ Tamara said trying to finish up in the bathroom.

‘Nice observation, “ laughed Scott.

“Very funny, but that’s not what I meant, I mean it takes awhile for us women to get ready, “ she explained.

“No kidding Tam. However, if you haven’t noticed, we’re going to Ashley’s. For a sleepover, not a freakin’ beauty pagent, “ Scott rolled his eyes and he continued, “ Your make-up and crap is gonna rub off as soon as you lay on the bed, so this “hour” of work would have been for nothing. “ he laughed.

“Your. I mean I- I’m wasting my breath. You’re a guy. “ She concluded.

Scott felt insulted, “ So?”

The door opened quickly, “So. I’m done,” Tamara smiled, walking down the stairs. “You coming or not?” Scott heard as he started down the stairs. He met up with Tam at the landing, and they started to walk to the backdoor.

“Where are you two going?” said a voice walking from the basement. It was Scott’s mom.

Scott turned around to reply, “ We’re going to Ashley’s remember, I told you before.”

His mother nodded. “How are you getting there?” she asked.

“Bus, “ Scott replied. He picked up his bag with his stuff in it.

“Well I could give you a lift, “ Scott’s mom offered, “ Your father lent me the van for the day while he’s at work.”

“Uh well-“

“And I have nothing else to do, “ His mother concluded.

Scott turned to Tamara, “Well?”

Tamara looked back at Scott, “ Sure.” She smiled.

“Ok, I’ll get your sister and brother, and we’ll go, “ His mother said while picking up the keys, “Wait in the van.”

Ashley walked out of her room, down the corridor, and down the stairs, and into her kitchen. “Dad, “ She started, “ Is the food ready.”

“Not yet Ash, “ Her dad replied opening the fridge door.

“Dad, they’re gonna be here any minute, and its not ready!?” she raised her voice.

“Ash. Relax, I said not yet, it’s going to be ready soon, “ he calmed her. Ashley nodded her head. She turned around and walked outside. She sat on her top step to wait for Scott and Tamara.

“I hope they get here soon, “ She said to herself. She turned to her left to see a green caravan pull up on the side of her home. “Ask and you shall receive, “ she told herself as she hoisted herself up.

The side door to the van as well as the passenger seat door opened up, and Tamara and Scott stepped out. “ Hello!” called Scott, smiling.

“Hey guys, “ Ashley smiled walking up to them. “Glad you can finally make it.”

“Yea, sorry we’re late, someone, I won’t say who, took her sweet time getting ready, “ Scott replied, he nudged Tamara.

“Real subtle Scott, “ Tamara nudged back.

Ashley looked at the two of them and shook her head. “Anyways, now that you’re here, are you guys hungry?”

Scott shook his head, “ nah I’m stuffed. “

“I am a little, “ Tamara replied.

Ashley turned around and began walking back up the steps, “ Well come on, suppers almost ready.” Tamara and Scott started walking up the steps.

After finished their Kraft dinner, the three walked up the stairs and into Ashley’s room. Scott and Tam sat on Ashley’s bed, while Ash sat on her futon.

“So, “ Ashley started after a silence, “ What to do…”

“I’ve got some idea’s, but it only involves two of us, “ Tamara replied, giving Scott a seductive look.

Scott’s mouth dropped open with disgust, “ is that all you think about?”

“Well-“ Tamara began.

“I mean, we’re at Ashley’s house first of all, so making out is not even an option, considering it’s rude, especially right in front of her, when all three of us are supposed to be hanging out!” Scott exclaimed angrily. Ashley sat and nodded her head in agreement with Scott.

Tamara raised her hands to stop Scott from continuing, “ Ok, it was just a suggestion, “ she said.

“Ok, next topic!” Ashley blurted out. She turned to the two of them, “ When did Sabrina say she’d be here?” she asked.

“Seven, “ Scott said, “ish.” Scott had dark brown hair with blonde streaks along the front of his hair. He was tall, nearly six feet. He was tanned, recently sun-burned from being in Toronto. He had pearly white teeth.

“Mhm, “ Tamara agreed, nodding her head. Tamara had long reddish brown hair. She was the shortest of the bunch. She lives in Toronto, but she’s visiting Scott, Ashley, and Sabrina, who all live in Greenfield Park, Quebec.

“Ok, “ said Ashley looking at the clock in her room, “ that’s half hour from now. “ Ashley had shoulder-length brown hair. She was a little shorter than Scott. She has cherry cheeks, and a little bit of a tan.

“Half hour huh?” Scott said. Ashley nodded back, “ What do we do til then?”

…They all shook their heads…

An hour passed, as the three teens lazed about on the couch waiting for Sabrina to finally arrive. They were now in Ashley’s living room next to the front door. Ash and Tam were lying upright on the couch, while Scott sat petting one of Ashley’s dogs, Hobo.

“Ashhhh, “ moaned Scott, “ I’m borrredddd.”

“What do you want me to do about it?” Ashley asked.

“I dunno, turn on the t.v or something, there’s nothing better to do, “ he replied.

Just then, the doorbell rang through the house. Ashley and Tamara got up to answer it.

“You guys go, I’m gonna do a little channel surfing, “ Scott laughed. He picked up the remote, and started flicking through the channels. He went through shows like, The Doodlebops, on CBC, Maury, America’s Got Talent. Suddenly he landed on a news channel.

“Breaking news,

Countless storms are tearing through the world. Japan got hit with a giant rainfall; Australia and New Zealand got a typhoon, America with hurricanes and tornadoes. Massive heat waves are circling Hawaii, and Europe. Meteorologists believe Canada is next to receiving heavy snowfall…in JULY! Talk about Christmas in July huh? They’re predicting the amount of snowfall we are to receive has not been seen since the 1579 records show! Global Warming, people are saying, has begun its terrible wrath. Others believe its God’s way of telling us we are going to die. Stay tuned for more reports.”

The t.v shut off. Scott looked up to see Ashley’s finger on the power button.

“Ash? “ Scott exclaimed, “I was watching that.”

“Please, Scott, you don’t actually believe them do you?” Sabrina asked, “ I mean its probably just another government experiment to try to get us to go ‘green’”

Scott gave Sabrina a quirky look, “ It was interesting. “ he replied. He turned to the window, and suddenly changed his expression. Sabrina gave him a queer look. Scott got up and stared out the window. “Suddenly I don’t think it’s an experiment,” he said worriedly.

Tamara, Ashley, and Sabrina turned quickly, and dropped their mouths. Outside, they saw white flakes falling to the ground in large amounts. It was snowing, in July.

“They were right!” Sabrina yelled. Sabrina had shoulder-length brown hair. She was a little taller than Tamara. She had a lip piercing.

“Well they are the weather people for a reason, I mean look at their timing, “ Scott replied sarcastically.

“I uh, just noticed something, “ Ashley said abruptly. The other three turned to her. “It’s like 20 degrees out, and its snowing, “ she continued.

“I’m telling you its glo-“ Scott started.

“It’s not global warming, for crying out loud, it’s just a scam made by the government to get people to buy more “green” products to get more money from us, “ Sabrina cut in. She stood straight up, feeling proud at her theory.

“Ok, if you say so, “ Scott surrendered. Tamara walked up to Scott and gave him a comforting kiss on the lips. Scott smiled at her, and nodded in a way to say “thanks.”

“Ok, hate to break up the romance part in this Romeo and Juliet, but lets do something that we can all participate in, shall we?” Burst Ashley, feeling disgusted. Her and Sabrina shared a disgusted glare at them and laughed. They walked off to go downstairs, into the other living room.

It was now 12 am, and the four teens were now watching TV. They were watching The Simpsons, when all of a sudden, the channel changed on its own. It skipped to another news report.

“Canada is witnessing one of its worst snow storms ever. With 10 people dead, and 57 injured, we’re still looking at another three days of this storm. Power outings are happening all across Canada. For your own protection the government is ordering everyone to stay where they are inside, and for those out doors get shelter right away! We-“

The TV shut off again.

Scott rolled his eyes, and turned to Ashley, “ Ash why do you keep turning it off?” he asked.

“Not me, “ She replied calmly, “Powers out.”

“Great! How are we supposed to see where we’re going when we go to bed?” Sabrina blurted out.

Suddenly a light shone down the stairs, from upstairs.

“That’s how, “ Scott told her, getting up. They walked toward the source of the light. They walked up the first set of stairs, then the other, and realized the light was coming from Ashley’s room. They slightly opened the door, to see if anyone were in there playing a trick on them. When they opened the door, there was no one in there. The light was shining from her closet.

“From in there, “ Tamara pointed. Ashley looked at her, and then turned to open the closet. She had to hoist it a couple of times, due to the mess in it.

“From under all the junk apparently, “ Ashley said bending down to get everything out of the way. When she finished emptying her closet, the four noticed it was coming from under the floor.

“Ok, how is that possible?” Scott exclaimed. He bent down to get a closer look. He noticed a large black thing on the side of her closet. “Ash, do you ever clean your closet? “ he asked. He went over to pull it. When he grasped it, he gave it a tug, and noticed he pulled up the floor along with the black thing.

“It was a hatch, “ Sabrina pointed out. “Well what’s in it? “ She asked excited.

“Ew, a dirty old book, “ Ashley replied, lifting up a large hardcover book.

“And that’s all, “ Scott told them, closing the hatch. Ashley laid the book down on her bed, but not before dusting it off. Scott sat beside her, and opened it. On the first page was an incantation.

Scott let out a chuckle. “It’s a book of spells.”

“How…creepy, “ Sabrina laughed.

“Lets hear it Scott, “ Tamara laughed along.

“Ok, here, I’ll read this one, “ Scott agreed.

“Hear now the words of the witches, “He began,

“The secrets we hid in the night

The oldest of Gods are invoked here,

The great work of magic is sought,

In this night, and in this hour,

We call upon the ancient power,

Give your powers to we four

Give us the power. we want the power. “

Suddenly, a howling wind was heard. “Ouuuu, “ it echoed. Scott turned quickly, to see it was Sabrina and Tamara. “You guys are evil, “ he laughed hitting both of their knees, but then, Ashley’s ceiling fan’s lights started to flicker, and then shone brightly in the room. The room lit up with bright white lights. Then simmered down.

“Neat trick Ash, how long did it take to get that at the right timing?” Scott laughed suspecting it was Ashley.

Ashley gave Scott a glare, “Scott, “ She started, “ the powers out you dumb ass. “ She began to laugh. “Even if I wanted to pull this, I would need the power to be on first.”

“Great, do I feel stupid, “ Scott Laughed. Scott looked back up at Ashley, “ Then how do you explain the lights?”

“I don’t know, “ She replied, “probably the power trying to come back on.”

“We should get some sleep, I’m a little pooped, “ Tamara cut in, her arms stretching, as she yawned.

Sabrina yawned, “ Now that you mentioned it, I am too, besides, we have a big day ahead of us tomorrow.” She went over to Ashley’s bed.

“We do?” Scott asked, while the others were getting ready for bed. They were already in their PJ’s.

“No, but I want to go to bed, “ Sabrina replied. She covered herself with blankets, and dozed right off. Tamara began to snore, and Ashley was moving about.

“I’ll just read and talk to myself, “ Scott told himself. He lurched forward to grab the book. He read the first page over again, “Book of Shadows, “ He read to himself. He fell deeply into the reading of the book…

Chapter 2.

A dark gloomy looking figure stood in an obliterated plain. Fires and destruction were spreading through its surrounding. He raised his hands, and more fire shot out of them. The flames licked a nearby tree, and the tree burst into a ball of flames. Four people suddenly appeared in the midst of the plains. The figure turned to them. He waved his hands and two of the fours other figures flew backwards into a wall. They burned immediately. The figure glared at the others. He raised his hands toward one of the remaining two, and fire shot out. The flames reached the third figure, and blew up momentarily. The last figure stepped out of the shadows, to reveal that she was Tamara. She turned to run, but the figure raised his hands one last time, the flames shot out and-

“Oh my God!” Tamara gasped as she shot out of her sleep. She breathed heavily trying to catch her breath. Scott quickly looked up to see sweat dripping down her forehead.

He closed the Book of Shadows and stood up. He leaned over to hold Tamara. Luckily she was on the end of the bed, so she went down to where Scott was; On the floor.

“Are you ok?” Scott asked. He held Tamara in his arms.

“Yea, yea, I’m ok,” whispered Tamara, “I just had a really horrible dream.”

“Nightmare, “ Scott corrected. “What about?”

Tamara shook her head trying to remember, “ Well, “ She spoke at last, “ There was fire, destruction, everywhere. A figure triggered it. Then four others appeared, the figure killed three of them. The last one tried to run, but he killed her too.”

“Sounds like a dream I would have, “ Scott chuckled, trying to cheer Tamara up.

“The last figure killed was me, “ Tamara added in. She quivered at the thought of the figure throwing flames at her. “ I literally felt the flames, Scott, it burned, it was a pain I’ve never felt before.” She started to tear.

“Sh, sh sh sh, “ Scott shushed her. He shook her, like a father would shake his crying baby. “Its ok, “ Scott laughed, “It was just a dream, I get them all the time.”

Tamara cuddled closer to Scott. She opened her eyes to see the book of shadows lying on Scott’s bed. “Scott, did you sleep last night?” She asked.

“Uhh, no, “ Scott replied. “I was reading all last night.” He picked up the book and laid it on his lap.

“You don’t believe anything happened last night. Do you Scott?” Tamara asked, looking up at him.

“I’m not sure, what’s in there is very convincing, unless it’s-“ Scott started.

“A joke, “ Tamara cut in.

Scott rolled his eyes. “Tamara, what happened last night, with the lights, if you haven’t noticed, even with the power on, those lights only light up the room as if it were a lamp, and even if the power was coming back on, don’t you think all the other lights that were on would have come on, at the same time, “ he explained.

“Ok, so how do you explain it then? “ Tamara asked. “I mean, if you have a better explanation.”

Scott gave Tamara an angry glare, “Are you done trying to make me look dumb?”

He turned his head to the book, “Anyways, this book has so much stuff in it, I mean, there’s more spells and incantation, and stuff on what it refers to as, “ he took a deep breath, “ Demons and Warlocks.”

“Demons?” Tamara asked. Scott nodded his head in accordance, “ And Warlocks?” She continued. Scott nodded again. He gave her another glare. “And you believe the book came to us, by itself?”

“What the hell are you trying to say!” Scott broke out. “I don’t know what to believe, but this most possibly happened for a reason!” Tamara shook her head in disbelief.

“This is ridiculous, “ She laughed, “Come on! Magic does not exist, Demons do not exist, grow up Scott!”

Ashley turned and moaned. “What’s with the yelling?” She asked, waking up.

“Tamara, seems to get a kick at making other people feel dumb, she has no regard for others, she only wants to be on top, no pun intended, “ Scott angrily replied.

“What!” Tamara exclaimed.

Scott turned to Tamara and nodded his head, “Ever since you woke up, you’ve been doing nothing but putting me down, making me feel stupid.”

Sabrina turned to face the three, and opened her eyes, “ He’s right, I didn’t go to sleep either and I noticed the same thing.”

“Well I’m sorry you guys feel that way, “ Tamara said putting her head down. “Anyways, did the book say anything about last night?”

Scott rolled his eyes at Tamara’s crappy way of dodging the others, but he answered anyway, “Not exactly, but it did say something about us, I think.”

“Us? Really?” Sabrina asked happily. Scott nodded a yes. “Well, what are you waiting for read on! ” She jumped down to beside Scott.

Scott flipped open to the page after the spell he read last night.

He began reading,

“In 1544, a powerful witch named Sir John was born. This witch was no ordinary witch; he had special ‘gifts’. These gifts were to move things with his, stop time, and even see into the past and the future. He was burned at the stake in 1601, but before he died he made an oath. His generations to come will grow to become more powerful, culminating in the arrival of 4 witches, siblings. These witches will be known to be the most powerful witches this world has ever known; The Charmed Ones.

“And, “ started Scott happily, “ I think we’re those witches.”

Tamara and Ashley started to laugh hysterically. “Are you kidding me?” cried Ashley. “We are so not those witches, because the book mentioned that they’re siblings, and well if you haven’t noticed, we are not related.”

“And besides, magic doesn’t exist if you haven’t noticed, Scott, although knowing you, you’ve probably missed that little detail there,” Tamara cut in, giving Scott a proud smile.

“Ok, that’s it, what is your problem against me!” Scott yelled.

“You!” Tamara yelled, “You are acting so immature! ‘oh look at me, magic exist and we’re all powerful.’” She mimicked Scott.

“Well it does fit in, I mean, not the sibling part, but everything else does, “ Sabrina agreed with Scott.

Tamara turned swiftly to give Sabrina a glare, “ Since when are you siding with him?” Tamara stated with attitude.

“I’m not on anyone’s side, I’m just agreeing with Scott, “ Sabrina replied.

The three started to argue with each other. Bickering here and there. Ashley sat pouting over what was going on in her room. On Ashley’s dresser, her shelves, books, and other things started to shake. Nobody noticed though.

Ashley finally got fed up with their bickering. “Can you guys just stop!” She screamed. Her books all blew off the shelves, along with her clothes, and they all landed on top of the three bickering friends. Ashley sat shocked at what had happened. She held her hand in her other hand. The others sat staring at Ashley with awe.

“Did you do that?” Scott asked with a squeaky terrified voice.

Ashley looked at Scott, “ Um, nooo, I can’t do all this, “ Ashley shook her head.

“Well, what were you feeling, before ‘this’ happened?” Sabrina asked.

“Anger! Intense anger, “ Ashley replied, “Tamara, who are you to call Scott immature, when you flirt with everybody? You guys are supposed to be dating, and your out there, with God knows who.”

“Ash…Scott’s here,” Tamara replied worried.

“And you, Scott, you should know by now, that you of all people are not dumb, do not take it personally when she calls you dumb, it just means that she’s being dumb, by calling you dumb, and Sabrina, well, just don’t but in when they’re talking, cause well, you don’t want another fight to happen,” Ashley concluded.

Tamara, being insulted, quickly, got up, and walked over everything lying on the floor, and out of the room. Ashley looked at the other two. “I’ll go get her…” She rolled her eyes, and got up. She mumbled something about Tamara on her way out.

Sabrina and Scott glanced at each other. They were giving each other idealistic looks.

“I don’t know about you, but I wanna find some answers, “ Scott said, opening the book of shadows.

“So, you’re gonna find it in there?” Sabrina asked, “ Hasn’t that thing already done enough damage?”

“Damage? What damage?” Scott laughed back.

“Uh, you don’t call this mess, damage?” Sabrina asked.

“Ah, here it is, “ Scott, said ecstatic.

“Here what is?” Sabrina asked, looking over Scott’s shoulder to see the page he was on.

“The spell we need, “ Scott replied, he took Sabrina’s hand and held it.

“Uh, spell what sp-“ Sabrina started, but Scott cut her off.

“Answers that we seek,

We soon shall find,

Within the heart,

We soon shall bind.”

Lights began to swirl around the two teens. Sabrina cautiously looked around the room in fear.

“Scott what have you dooonnneee, “ she squealed as she and Scott disappeared out of sight.

“Ok, Tam, slow down!” Ashley yelled up at Tamara. Tamara sped walk into the downstairs bathroom, and locked the door. “Ok, Tamara, open the door…” Ashley demanded irritated.

Ashley faintly heard weeping from the other side of the door.

Ashley rolled her eyes again, “Ok, whenever you’re ready, come up stairs, and we will all talk, and have an…intervention or something, “ She suggested.

Ash turned and walked back up the stairs. She turned and walked into her room and noticed Scott and Sabrina were missing. Ashley shook her head, “It’s like babysitting kids!” she cried.

A whirl of bright lights shone in the distance, in a plain, with grass as far as the eye can see, and some trees in between. A single house stood in the middle of the plain. The lights stopped whirling and disappeared, in its place stood Sabrina and Scott.

“Scott, where the hell did you take us?” cried Sabrina, whacking Scott to let go of her hand.

Scott smiled innocently, “ The Prairies?” he replied.

“Not likely, “ laughed a man. Sabrina and Scott turned quickly to see a man standing there. He had a beard that was in the middle of changing colours from brown to grey. He had brown eyes, and was pretty tall. The man looked at both Sabrina and Scott one by one. “Hello Sabrina, hello Scott, “ he said.

Sabrina gave Scott a strange look, “How’d you know our names?” she asked.

“Yea, and who are you?” Scott asked.

“Well, for lack of a better term, I am your ancestor. Both. Of your ancestor.” The man smiled.

Sabrina looked at Scott with wide eyes. Scott gave Sab the same look, “We’re related!?” they cried in unison.

“Yup, “ the man nodded, “brother and sister.” He smiled at the both them.

“Uh, you see Mister, who ever you are, “ Scott began, “ I think you’ve mistaken us for someone else, cause you see, we all have different parents.” Sabrina nodded in agreement.

“Then one of your parents are all your parents, “ The man said, “ One of them, must’ve separated you guys in the hopes of protecting you, because there’s a price you pay by being a Charmed One, and that price is Demons and Warlock, would be after your powers constantly.” He explained.

“Then which one of our parents, are our real parents?” Scott asked.

“You will find out soon enough, “ The man replied. “Now come with me to my home, I am sure you came here for answers.” He moved his hands in a motion to get Sabrina and Scott to follow him.

“Hold it!” Sabrina cried, putting a foot in front, “ We are not going anywhere, until you tell us who you are.”

“I already told you, “ chuckled the man.

“She meant your name, “ Scott put in.

“Sir John, “ the man replied.

“Is that like Cher, or Madonna, or do you have a last name?” Sabrina asked.

The man gave Sabrina a non-comprehensive look, “Who?” he said.

Sabrina rolled her eyes, Scott cut in, “Nevermind, what is your last name?”

The man began to walk towards the house again. Sabrina and Scott rolled eyes at each other, and began walking with him.

When they finally got to his house, Sir John stopped in front of his door way.

“Here we are, “ he said.

“How’d you know our names?” Scott asked again.

John gave him smile, “I had a premonition, of you guys coming, and of what you are to become.”

“I’m sorry, premonition?” Sabrina asked.

“A vision of the future, “ Sir John replied. “Your friend, Tamara has that power, how she got it I will never know.” Sir John put down his head in wonder.

“What do you mean, wasn’t it destined to be the four of us?” Scott asked.

“Yes, four Charmed Ones, but she is not a Charmed One, she must’ve interfered with the spell, when you recited it, “

“Interfered, how?” Sabrina asked.

“By just being there probably,” Sir John replied.

“Ok, so who’s the fourth Charmed One?” Scott asked.

“I don’t know, “ Sir John replied, “But, play this gig with Tamara out first and see where it leads you to, maybe the Elders or someone know who the fourth one is, and she’ll reveal herself…maybe.”

“By the way, has any demon or anything been causing damage?” Sir John asked, after a moment of silence.

“What do you mean damage?” Scott demanded.

“Uh well in the weather, any brutal storms or anything?” John replied.

“Now that you mentioned it, we were in the middle of having a major snow storm, before we came, apparently it hasn’t been this bad since-“ Scott began.

“1579, “ John cut in.

“Yea, how’d you know?” Sabrina asked.

“Because it’s the Demon Valkior, he must’ve found a way to resurface, “ Sir John answered. He looked down shaking his head, and thinking.

“What do you mean, resurface?” Scott requested.

“Did you not read the book?” Sir John asked abruptly. The two teens shook their heads. Sir John sighed, “ I fought him 15 years ago, and I was only able to banish him to the spirit realm. He was a powerful Demon too, major powers.”

“Out of curiosity, how do we stop this almighty Demon, as you say, without any powers, “ Scott asked stepping forward.

Sir John laughed, “You have powers.”

“No we don’t, magic doesn’t exist in our world, “ Sabrina spoke.

“How do you think you got here?” Sir John asked. “You all have powers, you just need to tap into it.”

“Well apparently all Ash has to do is get angry, “ Scott whispered to Sabrina.

“Ok, so how do we tap into our powers?” Sabrina whispered back. Scott thought for a moment. Then he and Sabrina both smiled up at Sir John. Sir John gave them a look.

“I can’t tell you, “ He said aloud. Suddenly lights began to whirl around Sabrina and Scott again.

Scott looked around, “ Uh oh, we’re going back, but we didn’t all the answers yet!” he yelled.

Before they could disappear, Sir John spoke, “ Don’t forget to learn to control your powers, “ he cried after them.

They were gone.

Sabrina and Scott landed back in Ashley’s room on the floor with a thud.

“Oof, “ Scott took a breath, “ We’re back.” He noted.

“Back from where, “ said Ashley from the doorway. She gave Sabrina a stare, “ Well.”

Scott and Sabrina looked at each other with a guilty expression. “Back from the 1500’s.” Scott answered giving Ashley two blinks and a smile.

“Uh huh, “ she replied. Scott and Sabrina got up and explained everything to Ashley: the spell, their ancestor, everything else in between.

The three walked back downstairs and into the kitchen to get something to eat. Ashley’s parents were sitting at the table. Scott lurched forward to whisper to Ashley, “ Your parents are home?” he asked.

Ashley whispered back, “ Uh, yea, the snow storm, remember, it’s the fictional demon causing it, “ she said sarcastically.

Sabrina gave them a weird expression, “Hey, do you think they’re our parents?” she asked.

“It’s a thought, it could explain why the Book was in Ashley’s room, “ Scott replied.

Ashley turned to Scott, “ Ok, but you do you think Sir John meant he told you guys to control your-“ she looked at her parents, then back at Scott, “ Your you-know-what’s?”

“I don’t know but I’m gonna sneeze, “ he replied. He held up his hands to cover his mouth. “Achoo!” he sneezed.

“Bles-“ Ashley’s mom stopped.

Scott looked at her. He noticed something was weird. She was frozen. He waved his hand in her face, and then her dad’s face.

“Oops, “ Scott said innocently. “I guess this means I have the power to freeze time.” He stated happily. “This is gonna be fun,” he said sneakily.

“Uh, hold on there tiger, “ Ashley blurted out, “ I did a little reading while you guys were gone, and the Book says that we cannot use our powers for personal gain.” Scott looked down, she continued, “Its part of the good witch manual. “

“Oh well, I could still freeze other people, and not for personal gain, I could work around that, “ he whispered to himself.

“Yea that’s if we ever learn to control our new powers, “ Sabrina said. The three nodded at each other. Scott looked around Sabrina, and opened his eyes wide. He walked over to the window.

“Scott? What wrong?” Ashley asked panicking.

“I have never seen that much snow in my life!” he said aloud. The others walked into the living room to join Scott at the window. The snow was up to Ashley’s living room windowsill, which was about 2 metres up from the ground.

“And it’s only gonna get worse if we don’t stop Valkeroy, “ Sabrina stated, shaking her head.

“Valkior, “ Scott corrected with a smile, clearly mocking her mistake. Sabrina glared at Scott jokingly.

“Speaking of killing Demon’s, where if our friend Tam?” Scott asked, annoyed by the name.

“In the bathroom, apparently she took what I said before to heart, and hasn’t been out since,” Ashley replied, also annoyed.

“Great, the one time we need her and she’s not there, “ Sabrina exclaimed.

“I think I had a premonition of the future, “ Tamara startled the others. She walked down the top stairs. “They had a picture of the Demon you’re talking about in the Book of Shadows, I recognized him from my dream. Apparently in my premonition, we go to where he was, unprepared, and we all die.” She said morbidly.

“Which bathroom did you say she was in?” Scott whispered to Ashley.

“I didn’t mention a bathroom, but if it makes you feel better, the downstairs bathroom, “ Ashley replied.

“How’d you get upstairs?” Scott asked.

Tamara looked at him funny, “ When I heard you say that Ash’s parents were frozen, I remembered Ashley used her powers on the books that fell on our heads, “ Tamara emphasized. Ashley looked down innocently moving her foot around, “ So I remembered the third power was to see the future, so I got curious.”

“And you snuck upstairs?” Ashley asked as soon as Tamara was done.

“That is not the matter of need right now, cause well, “ Sabrina said panicking, “ The book only mentioned three powers, but four of us, and you guys found out what your powers were, so, what is my power?”

Scott, Ashley, and Tamara worriedly looked at Sabrina…

Chapter 3.

Valkior laughed as he set fire to nearby houses. Shrieks can be heard from a mile away. People were running from their homes, trying to avoid the flames.

“Not so fast, “ he said to some of the people running. He arched his arms forward and shot flames at the people. They shrieked really loud and vanished with an explosion. Valkior laughed.

He continued to laugh as he raised his hands over his head. A ball of flames began to grow between the spaces of his hands. He leaned back and shot the flame forward. It hit a block of houses, and they all exploded with a loud bang. More shrieks were heard.

“We’re running out of time you guys, “ Ashley said. She was pacing in the living room. “The snow is rising every minute, and pretty soon we won’t even be able to get out of the house. “ She panicked.

“Calm down, if worse comes to worse, the book of shadows might have a spell to take us to the Demon, “ Scott assured her.

“This is so frustrating, “ Ashley said angrily. Her family photos flew to the other side of the room, responding to Ashley’s powers.

“Jeez Ash, it’s not that frustrating, “ Tamara told her.

Ashley glared at Tamara, “ Wanna see how frustrating it could be?” She warned.

Scott quickly got up and put his hands between Ashley and Tamara, “ Ladies, our powers are for Demons not each other, besides, “ he said, “ we should be congratulating Ashley for using her powers for the second time.” His clapped his hands together, applauding Ashley.

Ashley took a sarcastic bow, and gave Tamara a smirk. Sabrina rolled her eyes, “ Yea well at least she’s got powers, “ she frowned, and continued to look down at her fingers.

Ashley sat next to Sabrina, “Oh, Sab, you’ve got powers, we just don’t know what they are yet, “ Ashley assured her. Sabrina looked up and faked a smile, “No, I’m serious, there’s four of us for a reason you know.” Sabrina cocked her head.

“Well Ashley’s power might come in handy, considering I can’t find out how to use mine, “ Scott interrupted.

“Try sneezing, “ Tamara suggested sarcastically.

Scott turned and smiled, “Yea, so when the big bad comes, I gotta make sure I sneeze to freeze, “Tamara gave him a glare, “ I’m pretty sure there’s someway to working this power.” He concluded.

Ashley turned and waved her hand at the plate on the coffee table, she gave out a grunt. Scott stared at Ashley, “ What are you doing?” he asked.

“Just trying to see if I found the trigger to my powers, “ Ashley smiled.

“And?” Sabrina asked.

“Not even close, “ she replied.

“We’re not getting anywhere by just sitting here, “ Tamara said, disappointed.

“Well if you have any suggestions, we’re all ears, “ Scott smirked, “ Oh, unless you want to make your premonition come true, “ he told her sarcastically.

Tamara glared at Scott, “ No I don’t, but he’s probably out there killing innocent people as we’re talking, and we are the only ones who can stop that, “ she warned him.

“Hey guys, “ Sabrina stepped in, “We won’t be fighting anything, unless I find out what my powers are!” she yelled.

Just then, a window was heard smashing suddenly upstairs. Sabrina jumped. Bright white lights surrounded her and she vanished. Moments later she reappeared.

“What happened?” Sabrina asked worriedly looking around.

“Well one moment you there, and the next you were-“ Scott started.

“There,” Ashley finished. Scott nodded in agreement with Ashley.

“So… nothing happened?” Sabrina asked suspiciously.

“No no, you vanished, and then returned, “ Tamara explained, stepping in.

“So what? She vanishes when she gets scared?” Scott asked.

“That’s about right, “ Tamara told him. Scott gave her a nod.

“Ok, now that we’ve settled the powers, how do we kill this ‘Valkior’?” Ashley asked. The others shrugged their shoulders. “Great, you guys are a great help, “ she said sarcastically.

“Ok, well, Tam was the one looking at the Book, does it say how to kill him?” Scott asked, looking at Tamara.

“Not to kill, but to banish, “ Tamara replied with hope.

“Banish? That’s all?” Scott said disappointed.

“Well it’s the best we’ve got isn’t it?” Tamara fought.

“No, its not, the last time this thing was banished, it came back, or haven’t you noticed?” Scott fought back.

“Yes I did thank you, “ Tamara replied sarcastically.

“Ok, guys before something valuable goes flying, I suggest you quit fighting, “ Ashley cut in angrily.

“Fine, lets go check the book to see if Tam missed anything, “ Scott changed the subject. He gave Tam a look that told her, that the fight wasn’t finished. He walked past Ashley, who followed after him, Sabrina followed after her, and after Sab, and Tamara followed. They walked into Ashley’s room and kneeled down at the bedside to check the book.

As soon as they got to it, it opened itself, and started to flip its pages. The four of them jumped back a bit at the sight of what the Book was doing.

“I love magic, “ Scott announced with a smile. The book stopped on a thought spell. Scott looked at the page and made a worried expression, “I hope its not what I think it is, “ he smiled.

“Why’s that?” Tamara asked.

Scott quickly answered, “ No reason, “ he replied still looking at the book.

“Seeing how the book landed on this page, there’s probably a specific reason, so we may as well cast it, “ Ashley told them, ignoring Scott and Tamara.

“Fine, “ Scott agreed. The other two nodded their heads in agreement.

And so they chanted,

“In this hour,

We call the powers,

To join as one sought,

Let us hear, each other’s thoughts.”

They all looked around the room to see if anything was happening.

“Nothing happened, “ Scott said at last. He gave a sigh of relief.

“Great, what’s he hiding now?” Tamara thought.

Scott turned to her, “What was that?” he asked her.

“What was what? “ Tamara asked innocently.

“What do you mean what am I hiding now, you’re the one with all the secrets, “ Scott exclaimed.

Ashley rolled her eyes, “Oh god get over it, “ She thought to herself.

Scott quickly turned to her as well, “ thanks a lot, “ he told her.

“I didn’t say anything!” Ashley argued.

“Scott I didn’t say anything, I thought it, “ Tamara explained to him.

“Oh, crap, you heard what I thought…” Ashley said feeling sorry.

“Great, so it did work, “ Scott said worried. He kept nodding his head to make himself look innocent.

“What is in that head of his, “ Sabrina thought. She shook her head at the thought.

“Nothing is in my head thank you very much, not for now, “ He thought back to her.

“Oh my, “ Sabrina shouted, “This is could be dangerous, and invasive!”

“Ok, now that we’re invading each others heads, how about we actually do what we came in here to find, “ Scott suggested, “Or reverse the spell, “ he thought to himself.

Scott looked over to see the others glaring and shaking their heads at him. He opened his eye

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