Vox Quattuor (Part Three)

Vox Quattuor (Part Three)

Status: Finished

Genre: Fantasy



Status: Finished

Genre: Fantasy



Part three of my series.
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Part three of my series.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Vox Quattuor (Part Three)

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Part three of my series.

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: April 08, 2008

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: April 08, 2008




It was deep down in the most vile of places. This place was overrun with Demons and Warlocks alike. It was a place where no living plants or humans ever lived. In Greek mythology it is known that Hades once ruled this place. It was full of fog, mist, and most of all rock; bare rock. It is a place known to witches as, the Underworld.


In an isolated sector of the Underworld lived a Master Demon. This Demon is said to be one of the most powerful Demons ever in existence. He trained his apprentices to rule beside him. It was his first apprentice’s time, to graduate.


“Might I remind you how dangerous it is going against the Charmed Ones, “ The Master Demon warned his apprentice. His face was hidden in the shadows, and what could be seen were claws and talons.


“I never said I was going after the Charmed Ones, but a Charmed One, “ The second Demon smiled with pride.


“Nevertheless, it is a suicide mission, I have worked too hard for you to fail now, “ The first Demon reminded him.


“Master, please, I have studied them for so long now, they may have defeated the two other powerful Demons, but you have trained me too well for failure, “ The second demon pleaded.


“Very well, “ the Master gave in, “ Which one will you go after?”


The apprentice smiled, “ The male witch, Master Darkoth, “ The apprentice replied.


Darkoth, the Master Demon, came out from the Shadows, “ Young Kronick, I wish you do not fail.”


“I will not Master, I am only attacking to find out a weakness, remember?” Kronick reminded him.


Kronick shimmered away. Darkoth sat back in the shadows when Kronick disappeared, “I hope not, “ He said to himself.




It was the first day of Scott, Ashley, and Sabrina’s graduating year. They recently found out they won’t be in anyone of each other’s classes. They were sitting on the bus heading toward school. They sat their quietly wishing they had orbed, but Diane warned them not to risk exposure.


It was loud on the bus, little secondary oners were yelling across to each other being very immature. The other grades were either too busy listening to music, or talking on their cell phones.


“Boy do I feel awkward, “ Scott whispered to Ashley and Sabrina. They nodded in agreement with Scott. Scott leaned back on the seat, and they all went quiet again.


Tamara was back in Toronto, she didn’t start school until after Labor Day. Quebec was different they started August 29th. 


The bus stopped in front of CentennialRegionalHigh School, which was their school. They got off and walked slowly into the school. They turned into the cafeteria and went to each other last name. With everything that was going on, Sabrina and Scott haven’t changed their last names. Scott’s was still English, and Sabrina’s was still Mardelli. They picked up their schedules and met back at the doors.


They compared their schedules to see if they were in the same class that they hadn’t found out yet, English. They all smiled.


“Same class, all of us, “ Sabrina smiled, “One less class to be awkward in, “ She laughed.


“Aww crap!” Scott complained, “My homeroom is P. E again!” His face turned red with anger.


Sabrina and Ashley laughed at him, “Sucks to be you, “Ashley laughed.


Scott looked at her, “well I wouldn’t talk, and you guys have it too.” He smiled at them and laughed.


Ashley rolled her eyes, “Let’s just go, the bells about to ring anyways.”


They started to walk for the gyms. At the second lounge, Scott wished them good luck in class, and he went towards the guys’ locker room. Lucky for Scott he didn’t have to change on the first day.


He walked in the class to see that there were the “popular” stuck up guys. When he was in the younger grades they used to pick on him and say he was gay and stuff like that. “Well,” he thought to himself,” If they start with me I’ll just freeze them and kick them in the-“ Someone from his class walked by and looked at him funny. Scott smiled innocently at him and when the guy wasn’t looking made an irritated expression to himself.


Real smooth Scott, great way to start the day” He continued walking to see his class sitting down. A teacher was standing and watching them all to count if they’re all there. Scott recognized it was the same teacher he had for the past 3 years for P.E. Scott rolled his eyes because he hates having the same teacher over again.



Ashley and Sabrina walked into gym 1, and saw who was in their class.

“Yuck, “ Ashley groaned, “We’re stuck with the snobby ones.” She rolled her eyes.


“Careful Ash, they could probably hear you, “ Sabrina whispered to her, trying to look as innocent as possible. They both looked to see their teacher and noticed it wasn’t the nice one.


“Great, this is going to be a great year I see, “ Ashley smiled and continued walking.


Sabrina whispered into her ear, “ Well with our powers, it is, “ She reminded her.


One of the girls walked up in a real slutty way and walked over to Ashley. She looked back up at her face, “Oh honey you’ve gained some weight, “ She said with a perky smile.


Ashley opened her mouth wide when the girl turned her back. Suddenly the tripped over her shoe and landed on her face.


“I’m bleeding!” the girl exclaimed, “Oh no!” the girl gasped, “My make up is going to get ruined!” The girl got up and ran out of the gym.


Ashley was laughing as she watched the girl run. Sabrina tapped her shoulder, “Why did you do that for?”


“Like I meant to, “ Ashley defended herself, “Besides, did you hear what she said to me?” Ashley looked insulted.


“Ash calm down, “ Sabrina smiled and whispered in her ear innocently, “Neither one of can control our powers yet, especially yours, because it’s the most noticeable, so don’t- get- angry,” Sabrina reminded her.


“Fine,” Ashley gave in. They walked over to the rest of the class and sat down to listen to the first day speech.




Scott’s class’ speech was done and now they were playing handball, Scott’s least favourite sport. He decided to participate this year in the hopes of getting on the principal’s honour roll, which was his goal from day one.


His class was screaming at one another to either pass the ball or to shoot the ball. Scott simply rolled his eyes and went independent. He scored two points and felt proud of himself. Although, none of the class noticed he went from one place to another, as if someone froze time.


He smiled inside and continued playing. Suddenly in the corner of his eyes, he saw a Demon shimmering in.


“Dude, that was sweet, how’d you do that?” Said one guy from the class. The whole class stopped and looked at the Demon, who was looking around looking for Scott.


“Hey! You!” Scott called, “Can you not do that here?” He asked getting worried of exposing his powers.


Scott saw the Demon wasn’t taking a hint. He sprinted towards him, but the Demon raised his hands and sent Scott hurtling backwards and landing on the floor. The floor made a squeaky noise as Scott slid on his back.


“Oh, “ Scott moaned. He pulled himself up and concentrated on the Demon. Scott raised his hands, and the Demon froze.


The class was still unfrozen, “Wow Scott, you never told us you could do that!” exclaimed another classmate.


Scott looked at them in amazement and fear, “You guys didn’t freeze?” He asked himself. “Stupid powers are not strong enough yet, “ He reminded himself. He looked back at the Demon who he saw was unfreezing as he spoke to himself.


“Aw crap,” Scott said, as the Demon hurtled an energy ball toward Scott. Scott raised his hands and froze the energy ball, but it unfroze, fortunately giving Scott enough time to avoid it. “Everyone, “ He called to the class, “ Run for crying out loud!” he cried. His class stood there staring at Scott and the Demon, who now vanished.


Scott looked around to find him. He looked behind him to see the Demon shimmered in from behind. Scott sighed knowing what was about to happen. The Demon whacked Scott in the face. Scott flew back and crashed through the gym’s dividers.


Ashley and Sabrina stopped what they were doing when they saw Scott land in front of their feet.


They bent over to pull him up, “Don’t tell me a Demon’s attacking already?” Sabrina asked disappointed.


“Yea, pretty much, “ Scott smiled. They all sighed and ran into Scott’s gym. The Demon stood there watching them running. Ashley got pissed and waved her hand at the Demon, who got sent hurtling backwards. Before he could hit the ground, he shimmered out.


The three siblings stood there, relieved that he was gone. The female and male classes began to clap and cheer at what they had done.


Scott put his head down, “Exposure, “ He told the other two.


Sabrina turned to them worriedly, “ We can’t leave school now, and it’s only the beginning of the day.”


“More like the beginning of the end, “ Ashley added. “But you’re right. We have to stay here.”


“Lets just hope he doesn’t, or anyone doesn’t attack for the rest of the day, “ Scott told them. Scott looked up in a joyful way, “Why don’t we, when we get home today, ask mom is she can cast a forgetful spell or something.”


“I don’t know, “ Ashley thought undecidedly. “I mean mom’s going through enough stress, besides, why can’t we cast it ourselves?”


Sabrina and Scott looked at each other in a worriedly way, and looked back at Ashley, “ Cause we’ve never made up our own spell before, we might erase their entire life, or something, “ Scott said thinking the worst.


“Fine, “ Ashley gave in, “ But enough about that, because we still have to get through the day with everyone knowing what special gifts we have.” Ashley smiled informally.


“Something tells me it’s going to be a very long day, “ Sabrina complained. The three of them laughed together and split up to go to their separate classes.


Gym class was done, and it was on to their second classes. Sabrina had French, Ashley had Math, and Scott had Economics. These were classes they were not looking forward to.


Sabrina sat bored in her French class. She had her hand pressed in her face as she listened to the teacher.


“Bonjour class, “ Her teacher said, “Je m’appele Mr. Langois. Je suis votre professeur pour l’annee. Ca va? ”


”Oui, ” The class answered in unison.


Sabrina didn’t answer. “Pretty dull so far huh?” Said a guy sitting next to her.


Sabrina looked over to see who it was. She realized it was someone she didn’t know. She looked at him curiously.


The guy acknowledged why she was looking at him funny, and held out his hand, “ My apologies, my name is Kevin Lewis. I’m new here.”


Sabrina smiled and shook his hand, “I’m Sabrina Mardelli, “ She laughed a little.


Kevin stared at her. He noticed what he was doing and shook his head, “ So like I said, pretty dull huh?” He asked her again.


“Yea, compared to my first class, oh yea, “ She corrected herself. They were sitting next to each other because of alphabetical placements.


Kevin laughed, “Why’s that?”


“It’s complicated, “ Sabrina, answered knowing she couldn’t tell him a Demon attacked in her gym class. “Let’s just say, “ Sabrina thought, “It was out of the ordinary, “ She laughed.


Kevin laughed with her. He opened his mouth to speak, “So hey, what do you say after school we do something, like hang out. “ He asked her.


Sabrina looked at him, “ Ok, “ That was the only word that came to mind.


“Your place?” Kevin asked trying to get all the information.


“Sure, “ Sabrina took out a pen and wrote down their address on a loose-leaf paper.


The teacher cleared his throat to get their attention. “Sorry, “ said both Kevin and Sabrina. They looked at each other and chuckled.


Marissa knocked on the door to Sabrina’s French class. Sabrina looked around to see it was she. Mr. Langois walked over to the door.


“Est que je peux vous aidez? ” He asked her.


“Er oui, “ Marissa replied, “ Je cherche Sabrina Mardelli. C’est important. Pour juste une minute. ” Sabrina’s eyes opened when she heard Marissa speaking French. 


Mr. Langois tilted his head to Sabrina to advise her to go outside. Sabrina got up from her seat and walked over to Marissa. Sabrina closed the door behind her, “ I didn’t know you could speak French, “ Sabrina told her.


Marissa chuckled, “ Protectors speak any language that’s being spoken to them.” She explained to Sabrina.


“Hm, “ Sabrina perked up, “ Can you speak Spanish?”


“This isn’t the time, “ Marissa turned serious. Sabrina looked at her to get her to say what was wrong. “Tamara called and said a Demon tried to kill her, well, not really kill her, he ran when she went after him, and when he mom came in asking what the ruckus was.”


Sabrina rolled her eyes, “ Not more exposure, “ She spoke under her breath.”


“What do you mean more exposure?” Marissa asked.


“A Demon attacked Scott during first period, and both ours and Scott’s classes saw us use our powers. “ Sabrina replied. She looked annoyed and looked toward the ground.


“Sabrina!” exclaimed Marissa, “ Why did you even use your powers in the first place?” Marissa held Sabrina’s shoulders and looked her in the eye.


“Well it was Scott who used his powers. Besides, did you want us to just let him kill everyone in the room?” Sabrina raised her voice back.


Marissa breathed to calm herself down, “Ok, we’ll get your mom to cast a memory spell on the class, but we have to go. “ Marissa grabbed Sabrina’s arm to get her to follow.


Sabrina forced Marissa to let go, “ We can’t go. We decided that we couldn’t miss school. “


Marissa looked at her, “Ok, but this is a Demon we’re talking about, we’re not skipping to go shopping.”


“I know that, “ Sabrina argued, “ But we’re not going to drop whatever it is we’re doing because a Demon is attacking, this is our last year, and we’re not going to screw it up.” Marissa looked at her for a moment.


“Tamara’s at the house looking for who the Demon is now, when you decide to leave, make sure you come home right away.” Marissa advised her. Sabrina nodded her head.



It was now lunch. Scott, Ashley, Sabrina, and Amanda were at their table eating their first poutine of the year.


“So, how are you guys’ first day of school going so far?” Amanda asked, wiping a piece of cheese from her mouth.


“Special, “ Sabrina smiled. Ashley and Scott looked at her. “I mean, it’s going good. I met guy in French class, “ She bragged.


“You met a guy? Already?” Scott asked. “Who is he?”


“His name is Kevin, “ Sabrina smiled, “And we were supposed to hang out after school.”


“What do you mean supposed to hang out, what changed?” Amanda asked, looking at Sabrina.


“Well something came up that I have to finish, “ Sabrina lied, she looked over at Ashley and Scott and lipped the words “Demon” and “Tamara”. Scott and Ashley nodded their head.


Amanda looked at them suspiciously. “What do you guys have next?” She changed the subject.


“We all have English, “ Scott, replied, “ We’re actually in the same class.” He sounded it as a surprise.


“Cool, “ Amanda replied, “I have P.E.” Amanda rolled her eyes, “Yippee for me, “ She laughed and sounded sarcastic.


“Well I can’t wait to get home to watch Sonic, “ Ashley whispered happily.


“Can’t you do something else for once?” Sabrina rolled her eyes. She hated Sonic the Hedgehog, but Ashley loved it to death.


“No!” Ashley exclaimed. Scott and Amanda laughed.



Kronick shimmered back in Darkoth’s lair. He kneeled down on his knees and bowed to Darkoth. Darkoth smiled sinisterly. “What have you found out?” He asked Kronick.


“Well my Lord, “ Kronick began, “After I attacked all four, I went and did some snooping back at their homes. The separated female witch was easy to figure out, but the others’ were difficult.” He explained.

“Go on, “ directed Darkoth.


“Well, “ Kronick said happily, “I have found out some sort of weakness of theirs. “ Darkoth smiled and directed Kronick to continue. “It lies within their most prized possession, if we could somehow turned them against the witches, then the witches will break and shatter. “


“How would you be able to get close enough to find out what they’re prized possessions are?” Darkoth asked, sounding as if it were impossible.


“I already have, “ Kronick smiled sinisterly.


“I have trained you well Kronick. Together you and I will curse their Prized Possessions. “ Darkoth assured him. He got off his throne and walked down to a cauldron. He waved his hand over it. In it, appeared the four teens. Scott, Sabrina, and Ashley walking home, and Tamara sitting reading from the Book of Shadows.


“Tell me what they are, “ directed Darkoth.


“The separated female witches prized possession is her boyfriend, Scott, the male witch, who’s prized possessions are the powers he and his siblings received.” Kronick told him. Darkoth waved his hand over the cauldron twice. Scott and Tamara’s vision disappeared and left Ashley and Sabrina. “The red head’s prized possession is a television character named Sonic the Hedgehog, and the brunette’s prized possession is the one she used to call, brother.”


Darkoth waved his hand again and all the visions were now gone, “ Done, “ He said turning around. Kronick and he smiled at each other.





At the end of the day, Ashley, Scott, and Sabrina walked in the house. Ashley and Scott walked in the living room and sat down on the couch exhausted. Sabrina walked toward the stairs, “I’m going to go check on Tamara.” She told them.


Scott sighed with relief knowing the first day of school was out of the way. “When’s mom coming home?” He asked Ashley.


“6:30 around, Why?” Asked Ashley.


“I’m going to ask her if she can cast the spell we were talking about before, “ Scott told her.


“Fine, do what you want, “ Ashley sighed.


Scott nodded his head happily. His expression changed to worrisome when he saw something in the doorway. He tapped Ashley on her shoulder, “Since when did you get a mechanical Sonic?” He asked her.


Ashley shifted her eyes, “ What are you talking about?” She asked him as if he were stupid.


“That over there, “ Scott told her. Ashley looked over and got up quickly with her eyes fully opened. Scott got up beside and looked with her.


In the doorway stood a plush doll. He was grinning at the two witches sinisterly. He was blue with many quills on his head. His eyes wee green. He wore white gloves and red shoes. He started to run really fast toward them, he ran at super speed.


Ashley hit Scott’s shoulder, “Scott freeze him,” She said worriedly.


Scott acknowledged this, and raised his hands. He concentrated on the near Sonic and opened his palms. Something weird happened though, the Sonic did not freeze, but instead blew up into many pieces.


“How did you that?” Ashley screamed, “ I asked you to freeze him. Not kill him!”


“I did go to freeze him, “ Scott defended himself, “ I didn’t even know I could do that.” Ashley and Scott looked at the pieces lying on the floor.


Scott looked up at the top of the stairs, “Oh, look there’s another one, “ Scott said trying to assure Ashley.


“This time, I’m going to handle it, “ Ashley told him. She concentrated on Sonic and waved her hand at him. Sonic stood still. Scott’s eyes opened fully when he lurched and flew forward. He yelled quietly and landed on the floor, sliding into the kitchen.


Scott moaned and pushed himself up, “ Oh you handled that one, “ He said angrily.


“I didn’t mean to, “ Ashley told him apologetically. She turned to the Sonic and said, “ Try to freeze him, if not blow him up, cause he’s certainly not mine, “ Scott nodded his head and opened his palm toward the Sonic. Sonic blew into more pieces.


“Oops, “ Scott said innocently smiling at Ashley. “What is going on with our powers? “ He asked.


“What do you mean, it’s obvious you got a new power, “ Ashley told him. Scott shook his head and Ashley listened.


“We’ve learned recently that our powers do not work on good witches, especially accidents like you making fly into the kitchen, so this isn’t some new power, “ Scott explained.


Meanwhile, Sabrina joined Tamara in the basement, who was reading from the Book of Shadows. “Hey, “ Sabrina said walking into her room.


“Hey, “ Tamara replied, not taking her eyes off the book.


Sabrina looked at Tamara curiously, “Is something wrong?” She asked with a perky tone.


“The Demon who attacked me is pretty powerful, “ Tamara told her, “Listen to this, “ Tamara was about to read from the book when something shimmered in the room.


Sabrina shrieked, “ Andrew!?” She exclaimed. She looked at him up and down. She realized something was very wrong.


“Andrew?” Tamara said turning around quickly. “How’d he get in here?” Tamara asked pointing at him. She was a little panicky.


“He shimmered, “ Sabrina said worriedly.


“Andrew’s a Demon?” Tamara asked. She was a little weirded out by that.


“No, “ Sabrina told her, “At least he never used to be. If you didn’t notice, something’s different about him.”


Tamara and Sabrina looked at Andrew who was snarling at them. He breathed heavily and flung himself toward them. He raised his hand and hit Tamara in the face. Tamara flew backwards and hit the wall. She landed on Scott’s bed softly.


Andrew turned to Sabrina and waved his hand at her, but before he could hit her too, she orbed out of the way. Something was wrong with her orb. Tamara noticed it. It was now lightning bolts, instead of white lights.


Sabrina reappeared in a thunderclap on Scott’s bed and hoisted Tamara up. She grabbed Tamara’s arm and disappeared in lightning bolts. Andrew grew angry and growled loudly.


Ashley and Scott were heading toward the stairs when Sabrina and Tamara orbed in front of them. Scott noticed Sabrina’s orbing power was off. “I told you something was wrong with all of our powers, “ He told Ashley, who was noticing the change herself.


“Ok. So you were right, but now we have to find out what is wrong with our powers, “ Ashley said.


“Andrew attacked us, “ Sabrina blurted out, interrupting Scott and Ashley’s conversation.


“Is that why you orbed from downstairs?” Scott asked sarcastically.


Sabrina glared at him, “Yes, “ She answered, “He turned into a Demon or something.”


“Funny, so did Sonic, “ Ashley said suspiciously.


Sabrina rolled her eyes and got frustrated, “ Ashley, do you have to bring him up at every chance you get?” She exclaimed.


“She’s telling the truth, “ Scott said, defending Ashley, “I accidentally blew him up, “ He said loudly to let Sabrina and Tamara catch what he was trying to say.


“I’m sorry what?” Tamara said, putting her ear up against his mouth, “You got a new power?”


“No, “ Scott answered, “I think our powers have been cursed or something, because when I went to freeze the Sonic’s who were about to attack us, I blew them up and-“


Ashley continued, “ And when I went to move Sonic, I made Scott fly into the kitchen. “ Tamara and Sabrina looked at them funny trying to keep up.


“Ok, “ Tamara said finally catching up, “what are the common denominators here?” She looked at all three of them.


“Well, Sonic is my most favoritest of all things, “ Ashley told her.


“Andrew’s mine, “ Sabrina said.


Tamara glared at Scott angrily, “ I’m guessing our powers are yours, “ She sounded jealous.


Scott smiled innocently knowing she was right. “Well it’s not like we get powers everyday you know, “ He tried to defend himself.


Suddenly Andrew came running up the steps. The four Charmed Ones backed up into the living room.

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