Vox Quattuor (Part Two)

Vox Quattuor (Part Two)

Status: Finished

Genre: Fantasy



Status: Finished

Genre: Fantasy



Second part of my series.
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Second part of my series.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Vox Quattuor (Part Two)

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Second part of my series.

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: April 08, 2008

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: April 08, 2008



Chapter 1.



One month has gone by since Valkior was defeated and the Charmed Ones were reunited. Their powers were a little more under control now, but they were still struggling with them. Sabrina and Scott told their newly made foster parents that they were moving out, and they moved back into Ashley’s house. Everybody in the house welcomed them with open arms. Although for Diane and Steve it was a little tough to find room. They thought that they shouldn’t be separated, but Ashley’s room was too small. They informed Cody that he and Ashley would be swapping rooms. Cody hesitantly accepted knowing who his siblings were.


Sabrina, Scott, and Ashley moved their things downstairs into Cody’s old room, which was evidently in the basement next to the computer room. It was a little cramped in the room so some of their furniture had to be placed in the computer room; which was redone and repainted. Steve had carpet placed downstairs so it wouldn’t be too cold on the floor. He placed a door at the top of the stairs to make that the entrance to their room. They all knew it would be a little difficult considering the furnace room was in the old computer room.


They moved the washer and dryer into the furnace room and threw out some old stuff they weren’t using anymore to make more room. The computer was moved upstairs in the upper living room that was on the main floor. So now in the old computer room was Ashley’s dresser at the end of the room. Her futon was next to the stairs where the computer had been. A flat panel T.V was bought to fit in the room. Ashley’s gamecube was placed in a little shelf at the base of the stairs. In Cody’s old room was Sabrina’s bunk bed was against the far wall underneath the window. Ashley bed was right next to Sabrina’s because the closet was at the other wall and Scott’s lay out from the far wall. Sabrina and Scott’s dressers were given to Diane and Cameron because their new room had a lot of closets in it, so their clothes would fit in there. Sabrina’s computer desk was at the end of Scott’s bed with her computer lying on top of it. Scott had just enough room to place a tiny night table next to his bed to place his 160 gigabyte laptop on it that he had bought a couple of weeks after Valkior was killed. Ashley had a tiny shelf at the side of her bed. It was just tiny enough to not block the closet. On the shelf lay her laptop with the same hard drive as Scott’s, though different size and colours. 


Tamara went back to Toronto one week after Valkior was vanquished. Her and Scott had improved their relationship a little bit, though it’s still a bit rocky. They only visited her once with Sabrina’s orbing power, but after Sabrina and Scott moved into Ashley’s place, they lost touch. Steve and Diane thought it best not to tell Tamara about them moving in nor about her not being their siblings because they thought it would cause way to much drama. Scott had enough trouble to deal with when Tamara thought she was dating her own brother. He had to come up with an excuse to tell her that they all weren’t siblings. He told her that the four of them were born separately but their powers drew them together when they were babies. He told her that Diane bound their powers and gave them back to their biological parents and erased their “parents’” memories. Tamara, being a gullible person believed him; she thought Diane told him while they were talking.


In a month the three have not changed a bit in personality but their looks changed a little. Scott hair was now a little longer, but his blonde streaks have been cut, leaving his bangs to be long underneath but shorter as they went up. He trimmed the back of his head because he thought it made his head look bigger. He got rid of his zits because his graduation photos were taken three days earlier. On his grad photo day he dressed up in his blue collared T-shirt, and just a pair of jeans because in the photos you don’t see the lower torso. His bangs came in front of his face like always but more neat. His side hair was straighter than usual but that’s because he slept on it. Although the ladies he knew said he looked handsome.


Ashley had now had red/orange-ish hair. She re cut it to just above her shoulders for her grad photos, which were taken the day before. For her grad photos everyone said she looked beautiful. Her hair glowed when she washed it. She straightened it that day to make it look nice. She left a couple of waves and curls to make it look like it had volume, though they looked stunningly gorgeous. She put on light red lipstick so her face looked darker. She put on a bit of eye shadow, she didn’t want to look like a doll so she didn’t put too much. She put on a specific colour though, to make her green eyes pop. She wore her green top with the buttons, which suited her green eyes.


Sabrina still had her shoulder-length brown hair. She was the only one of the three who had not changed. Her grad photos were taken two days before, she was in between Scott and Ashley. For her photos, she took out her lip piercing because even she thought it wasn’t appropriate for grad. She tried to cover up the hole so it wouldn’t be visible and she succeeded. She wore a black blouse which made her look lighter, hiding her sunburns. She put on purple eye shadow to make her brown eyes pop. They really popped. All in all, the three looked great for their last photos in high school.


They were upset the school year was starting to soon. They were graduating this year, which was a scary thought for them, and sometimes a happy thought. 


On August 17th, 2007 the three siblings were all sitting on their beds bored out of their minds. It was the day after Ashley’s appointment for her grad photos. Diane, Steve, Cody, and littlest brother Cameron were gone for the weekend to Ottawa for a little trip. So the two girls and Scott were left alone to watch the house.


“This is fun, “ Scott looked down at his bed plucking off little hairs. He was wearing a black sweatshirt with the arms rolled up to above his elbows. He had his jeans on and no socks.


“Yup,” Ashley agreed nodding her head slowly and tiresomely. She lay in her bed on her side. Her hair was flipped over her head. She was still in her Spongebob Squarepants pyjamas.


Sabrina nodded her head, “Mhm,” she hummed. She was holding her little plush doll of a horse in her hand. She held it tightly. She was half dressed. She had on her bed shorts, but her tank top was on too.


They all gave a loud sigh. For another couple of moments, they just sat there nodding their heads at each other. After a long and boring moment, the phone rang on Sabrina’s computer desk.


“Scott, “ Ashley moaned, “ answer that.” She lifted up her head, and plopped it back down on her pillow.


Scott groaned and slowly walked over his bed towards the phone. He lifted up the receiver and spoke, “ Hello?” he said.


“Scott?” Said a voice, “Why are you answering the phone?”


“Amanda, “ Scott said loudly to let everyone know, “ hi, Yea, no one was near the phone so Ashley told me to answer it, “ he lied.


“Oh ok, “ Amanda believed him, she continued, “ Is Sabrina there?”


“Uh yea, you wanna talk to her?” Scott asked. Sabrina looked up and shook her head. She lipped the words “I can’t lie” to Scott. Scott nodded his head in understanding. He turned back to the phone, “ Amanda, she’s in the bathroom right now, you want me to tell her to call you?”


“No, that’s ok, “ Amanda assured him, “ I was actually wondering if the three of you would want to hang out or something.”


“Just a sec, “ Scott told her. He put the phone down on the desk and walked to Ashley and Sabrina. “She wants to know if we want to hang out,” he whispered so as to not let Amanda hear.


“Sure, but she’d have to come here, we have no lift, and I don’t want to orb there, I don’t want anyone seeing our magic, “ Sabrina whispered.


“I’m not disagreeing with you, but how do we explain all this, “ Ashley told them. Her eyes went all around the room, telling Sabrina and Scott that it will be tough to explain their beds being there.


“We’ll just stay upstairs, I guess, “ Sabrina replied.


Scott nodded his head, and went back to the phone, “ Yea sure, we’d like to hang out, but you have to come here because our-“ Scott stopped suddenly, “ Ash’s parents are out of town.” Scott gave them the close call expression. Ashley and Sabrina threw their pillows at him.


“Ok, I’ll be there in like 15 minutes, “ Amanda said, “ I’ll see you soon, bye, “ She hung up the phone. Amanda is Sabrina’s, Scott’s and Ashley’s best friend. She has long dirty blonde hair. She’s a little taller than Sabrina. She was more closer to Sabrina than either Scott or Ashley, but they were all really close in their own way.


Scott hung up the phone. “Close call, “ he gave an innocent smile.


“Too close, “ Ashley scolded him. She got up from her bed, and took out a pair of pants, her bra, and a shirt. She closed the door behind her making sure no one will look.


“And I thought I couldn’t lie, “ Sabrina smiled back at him. She too got up from her bed. She walked over to Scott and gave him a tiny smack on the shoulder. He stood back a little, nearly falling back. Sabrina opened the closet door in the corridor of the room. She took out a pair of jeans. She opened the door, and made sure Ashley knew it was she and not Scott. She closed the door behind her.


Scott plopped down on his bed and lied down outstretched. He was sighing and humming to himself while turning his head back and forth, his hair flipping as his head turned.

Suddenly, lights appeared bright white in the middle of the room. Scott spurt up quickly from his bed. When the lights were gone Scott saw that there was a girl standing there, but it wasn’t Sabrina. “Who are you?” he asked panicking. He looked her up and down.


The girl smiled. She was about his age; 16. “I’m Marissa Steinburg, and I am your new Guardians, “ She explained, “ We’re guardian angels for-“ She started.


“Yes I know what they are, “ Scott interrupted. “But how do I know you’re telling the truth?” he looked at her with suspicion.


“I orbed didn’t I? Demons don’t orb, nor do warlocks, “ She assured him. Marissa had dark brown, curly long hair. She had blue eyes that sparkled. Her smile was bright due to her white teeth. To Scott, her face was pretty much perfect. He gazed at her with amazement. His eyes gleamed with love. Marissa looked at him with a strange expression, “Scott? Is something wrong?”


Scott looked at her face as if he came back from another planet. He shook his head vigorously. “Uh yea, “ he continued to shake his head. He stopped and smiled, “ I sometimes drift off into space. He lied and laughed innocently.


“Me too, “ Marissa assured him so Scott wouldn’t feel like a complete idiot.


“Really, we have so much in common!” he sounded happy. He quickly noticed what he said, “I mean; that’s cool, “ He corrected himself putting his hands in his pocket. Marissa giggled.


The door opened. Ashley and Sabrina walked in talking to each other about boys. They looked up and saw Marissa and Scott looking at them.

“Who’s she?” Sabrina asked looking at both Scott and Marissa.


“My new girlfriend-my new Guardian, “ he corrected himself again, “ I mean our new Guardian.” Ha laughed with guilt. He looked away and looked irritated by the way he was acting.


“Uh-huh, “ Sabrina and Ashley with a little laughter.


“My names Marissa, “ she said, she held out her hand to shake their hands. “As Scott said I am your new Guardian.”


“You’re our guardian angel?” Ashley exclaimed, “ You’re like our age!”

Marissa put her head down, “I know, you see, Guardians, “ She stopped, “ actually, are only made when they die.”


Scott opened his eyes. “ You died?” He asked sympathetically. “That’s so sad, “ he said emotionally, his eyes bubbling like a puppy’s.


“I’m over it now, sort of, “ Marissa assured him, “ Well you see, I’m kind of new at this, I had only died one week ago,’ she confessed.


Scott’s mouth was opened wide, “ I’m so sorry, “ he sympathized. He walked over to her and gave her a hug. He pointed his hands to the bed, “ Sit, “ he said. Marissa sat down next to him. “Tell me, how did it happen?” he asked with bug eyes.


Sabrina and Ashley looked at each other, annoyed of their brothers’ behaviour. They rolled their eyes, and both sat on Ashley’s bed.


“Well, “ Marissa started, “ I volunteer at an old folk’s home on the weekends. Some of the nurses there were men, and they weren’t actually nurses, they were hitmen coming to steal the money the people would pay to put their mothers or grandparents in there. One of the actual nurses found out and went to call the authorities, when one of the nurses shot her. The folks started to panic when all the men started to shoot. One of them was about to shoot the women I was helping, so I jumped into the crossfire.


They all looked at her in sympathy. “You poor soul, “ Scott exclaimed angrily, he went to give her another hug when the doorbell rang. “Amanda’s here!” He shouted. He got up and ran out the door.


Marissa looked at the two girls who were staring at them. “Is he always this emotional?” she asked them. They turned their heads towards Marissa and shook their heads.


Scott hurriedly opened the door and saw Amanda standing there, “ Hi!” he shouted. He hauled her inside and shut the door hastily.


“Why are you in such a rush?” Amanda asked, trying to keep up with him. He was already half way down the stairs.


“Because, “ he said, “ I have to go console Marissa.” He turned the corner and down the stairs. He stopped in his tracks and popped his head back round the corner and smiled innocently at Amanda, “ Actually they’re getting changed so we should wait up here and stay up here, “ He told Amanda running back up the stairs.


Amanda stared at him continuously trying to figure him out. She simply passed it off as hyperness and walked to sit next to him. She turned when she heard footsteps coming from behind. Marissa and Sabrina were talking to each other whilst Ashley was behind looking down at the stairs as she walked up.


“Marissa?” Amanda demanded, “What are you doing here?” She lurched her head over closer to Marissa and stared at her with her eyes opened.


Scott looked at the two of them, “You know each other?” He pointed his hands at both of them simultaneously. “But we only just met her.”


“Yea we just met yesterday, “ Marissa, told him, “My first friend since our ‘family’ moved here.” Scott nodded his head saying OK.


Amanda gave Marissa an expression of wonder. Marissa shook her head slightly to note her. Ashley and Sabrina wondered about them.


The clock on the wall entering the kitchen moved to 3:00pm, and the bell chimed through the house. Ashley looked at it, and dropped her mouth. “Scott, we’re late!” She ran over to him and grabbed his arms and pulled him up.


Sabrina blinked constantly, “Late for what?” She questioned in confusion, turning to her sister and brother.


“Me and Scott promised dad that we’d be at the annual giveaway today, “ Ashley explained to her, “ And it starts at 3:30!” She yelled.


“What do you mean ‘dad’?” Amanda asked in wonder.


“ What?” Ashley acted as if she were slow.


Scott leaned over and whispered in her ear, but not to make it obvious, “You said dad, correct yourself.” He warned her.


“Oh, sorry, “ Ashley chuckled, “I meant my dad, and Scott agreed to come wait with me.” She smiled innocently. She nodded her head slowly and her eyes moved around the room. She looked straight ahead, grabbed Scott’s arm and pulled him into the porch. Amanda looked down and lipped the word ‘Oh’.


Ashley and Scott were putting on their shoes when Sabrina came in the porch. She told Amanda and Marissa to acquaint themselves while she spoke to the other two. 


 “What are we supposed to do while your gone?” Sabrina demanded in a whisper, “I don’t think we could stay here while your gone, Amanda will find that too suspicious.“


Ashley and Scott thought for a moment. Ashley jumped with a thought as if a light bulb flashed on her head. “Go downstairs and orb to Tamara’s,” She whispered to Sabrina.


“What for?” Sabrina asked. She was a little lost.


“Well Amanda would think that she’s visiting, thus giving you a reason to stay at home, “ Ashley said feeling smart like a brainiac.


Sabrina nodded her head agreeing with Ashley. Scott and Ashley walked out the porch to say bye to Amanda and Marissa.


“Bye Amanda, Bye Marissa, “ Ashley said waving her hand good-bye. Scott walked out.


“Bye Amanda, “ He turned to Marissa. A big smile grew on his face, “ Bye Marissa, “ he said as if he were in a trance. His head tilted to the side with a smile. He just stood there staring at her.


Ashley shook her head, “ Lets go!” She pulled him violently out the door. She slammed it shut.


Sabrina let out a chuckle and walked downstairs. “Where are you going?” Amanda asked her.


Sabrina stopped, “Uhh, going to see if Tamara’s ready to come over, “ She lied. She shook her head, “ Uhh, up, I mean if she’s ready to come up.” She corrected herself.


“She’s here?” Amanda looked at Sabrina with a wonder expression. “I thought she left two weeks ago.”


“Yea and now she’s back, “ Sabrina lied again, but this time with a tiny grin. She looked down, and sprinted down the stairs. She turned to go downstairs and stopped. She thought to herself, “Crap, how am I gonna explain the room change, could I orb in the living room and not let anyone see” She looked around to see a place where she could orb where no one could see. She saw the bed folded out. She looked underneath. “hmm” She thought. She crawled under and orbed out.


Amanda and Marissa looked at each other. “I hate lying to them, “ Amanda told Marissa.


“I know, but we have to- for now, “ Marissa replied. Amanda looked down sadly.




Ashley and Scott arrived at the annual giveaway at nearly a quarter to four, but the security guard allowed them to go in when they said their parents’ car had a flat tire, when they really just took the bus.


“That was close, “ Scott whispered to Ashley.


“Yea dad would’ve been angry, “ Ashley whispered back. “If we missed the fair I mean.” They walked towards the line up which was pretty large. About 200 people showed up for the giveaway.

They stopped in the back of the line up. They stood there for quite some time just looking around and moving forward every so often.


“Well this is fun, “ Scott was being sarcastic. He looked around with his lips closed tight.


“Oh shush we’ll get there soon, “ Ashley assured him.


“Yea, in another hour or two, I wish I could just freeze the place and cut in line, no one would notice, “ He whispered quickly.


“You know as well as I, that we cannot use our powers for personal gain, “ Ashley looked him for a long time trying to get him to agree.


“Well I-“ He stopped when he noticed three flashes passed through the room. Ashley stepped back staring at the flashes, which came seconds after the next. When the flashes were gone, Scott and Ashley looked around and noticed that the room was frozen.


“Scott, “ Ashley rolled her eyes and was a little annoyed, “ Personal gain!” She reminded him loudly.


Scott shook his head twice and turned to Ashley the third time, “You think I did this?” He defended himself. Ashley smiled and nodded her head. “ Ok, first I am insulted, second, I can’t even control my powers through my hands, and last I checked I didn’t move ‘em when the flashes occurred.”


“Well you were talking about freezing the room, and poof suddenly the room’s frozen, coincidence, I think not,” Ashley tried to shove a person in front of them to unfreeze the room but it failed.


Scott got a little annoyed that Ashley would think that he froze the room. He went to try to unfreeze the room when he heard a dark and mysterious voice. “Come on Scott, don’t unfreeze them, I know you don’t want to wait hours in this line, just cut.” It said.


“I must be going out of my mind, “ He said shaking his head downwards.


“Why?” Ashley asked.


Scott turned to her, “You didn’t just hear that?”

“Hear what?” Ashley demanded.


“You’re telling me you didn’t hear that voice telling me not unfreeze the room,” He found that hard to believe.


“How much sleep have you gotten this week?” Ashley demanded.

“What? You think I’m hearing things?” Scott felt insulted again. He shook his head again, “I’m sorry, it’s probably just my imagination playing a trick on me or something. You’re probably right. I didn’t really sleep that much this week.” He apologized.


“You fool!” The voice was angered, “I am not your imagination or a lack of sleep! You know me, you are me! “ He spoke impulsively. “If it’s sleep you need, it’s sleep you’d get.” Scott shuddered when he felt a chill go down his spine.


Ashley turned to him to see what was wrong when the room suddenly unfroze. Scott’s head tilted back and soon his whole body followed. He fell flat on the floor unconscious.


Ashley stooped down and started to panic. “Scott? Scott!? Are you all right? “ She tried to shake him awake. Everybody was standing around watching Ashley shake Scott.


“We’ve got to get the boy to a hospital, “ Somebody said in the crowd. Some people were already on their cell phones contacting the ambulance. Ashley held on to Scott trying to find a pulse or anything to let her know he was alive.




Tamara and Sabrina were pacing around trying to think of what to do. Amanda glared at Tamara with hatred. Scott told her what Tamara does to him, and what she’s done to him in the past year and a half and she hated Tamara for it.


“When are you going back?” Amanda asked rudely.


Sabrina opened her eyes to Amanda to let her know to not give Tamara any clues to her hatred. “Tomorrow, actually.” Tamara replied quickly.


Marissa felt a little awkward because she didn’t know what was going on between them. “When is Scott supposed to be back?” She randomly asked.


“Why do you care?” Tamara sounded suspicious and rude.


“Tamara,” Sabrina called trying to get Tamara to stop with that attitude.


“I just wanted to know, “ Marissa replied feeling like she started something. She looked away and started down at the floor. The dogs were outside barking and stray cats.


“Hobo!” Sabrina called turning toward the back door in the kitchen, “Stop barking, “ She ordered.


Her head began to pound with Ashley’s call; Marissa’s head began to hurt too.


“Ashley’s calling,” they said in unison. They both looked at each other with shock.


“I don’t hear no phone ringing, “ Amanda told them looking at them with curiosity.


“It’s on vibrate, “ They both lied. They glanced at each other and looked at Tamara and Amanda.


“Amanda, “ Sabrina began, “ We all have to go, will you be all right calling your dad and having him pick you up, feel free to wait inside, “ She explained. Amanda nodded in agreement.


Tamara, Marissa, and Sabrina walked out side the front door. Lights shone discretely in the window. Amanda peered out the window. When she noticed they were gone she turned and walked down the stairs. She turned into where Ashley’s dresser was, and turned into the actual room. She opened one of the closets and pulled out the Book of Shadows…



Scott had been in the hospital for twenty-four hours still unconscious. Ashley, Sabrina, and Tamara were by his side for the whole time. Ashley was waiting in the room when Scott awoke; Tamara and Sabrina were getting food. Marissa went somewhere, and she didn’t tell them where.


He tossed and turned and finally moaned. “What happened, “ He stuttered. He opened his eyes to see Ashley sitting there.


“You fainted somehow, the doctors think its lack of sleep, “ Ashley told him. She rubbed his arms a little to comfort him.


“It’s not, “ He said with a frog in his throat, “ The voice put me to sleep for something.” He shook his head.


“Scott there was no voice, “ Ashley looked sternly at him, “ It’s your imagination.” Scott stopped moving and his whole expression changed. Ashley looked wondrously.  His body began to make a growing noise. He started to grow taller. His hair turned dark silver and it shone in the light. His eyes turned red. His nails grew dirty and chipped.


Ashley stood up quickly and backed away.  He glared at her in anger. “Still think I’m some imagination,” he emphasized. He stood up tall and proud, still glaring. He waved his hand toward Ashley. She flew back at high speed and smashed through the door to the room. She flew and smashed into the wall with a crack. The door pieces were crumbling to the ground reacting to Ashley’s crash. She fell with a thud to the floor.


Scott let out a grin, and turned around toward the window. He raised his hand to it, and the window smashed into pieces. He grabbed the top of the window and stared down at the parking lot. He jumped and fell 12 stories down and landed on his feet. He walked away unharmed.


Sabrina and Tamara were walking back to Scott’s room, when they saw Ashley lying on the floor with the wall behind her cracked and the door pieces lying around her.

They rushed toward her and got down on their knees and tried to shake her awake. Sabrina looked up and cried quietly, “ Marissa.” She called. Marissa appeared in bright lights and noticed Ashley on the floor.


She sighed and got down over her. She put her hand over Ashley’s body and lights shone out from them. The lights passed from Marissa’s hands and into Ashley’s body. Ashley’s body trembled and began to move. She slowly opened her eyes and looked around as she sprouted up. “What happened?” She said fast.


“You tell us, “ Tamara looked at Ashley.


Ashley looked back at her and thought for a moment, “Uh, I was talking to Scott when he woke up-“


“Oh, he woke up?” Marissa said happily. She walked into the room to greet him and realized he wasn’t there. “Where is he?”


“Well that’s the thing, “ Ashley told them, “ I think he turned into a Demon or something, because when I said the voice was just his imagination his whole body changed. His hair turned grey. “ She said loudly as if it were the most important thing, “ And it actually looked good.”


“Glad to see you’re back, “ Sabrina said sarcastically. She looked around at the damage that was caused, “ I’m guessing he did this to you? And to the door, “ She looked down at the pieces.


“Yea, he’s pretty powerful, “ Ashley seemed worried.


“Well we have to get to him somehow, “ Tamara said, “ Maybe the Book of Shadows knows something about this guy, and hopefully there’s a picture.” She looked at Ashley and Sabrina who were nodding their heads.


“Can we orb now, I don’t feel like explaining to the doctors that a Demon threw you into a wall, “ Marissa said sarcastically, trying to get them to realize the bigger problem. They all grabbed hands and orbed home.


When they arrived they went straight toward the basement. They went toward the closet where the Book of Shadows was placed and noticed it wasn’t there. They looked around and saw it was on Scott’s bed and the book was opened to the page that gave them their powers.


“Who had the book?” Sabrina asked looking at everyone in the room. The others simply shrugged their shoulders and shook their heads.


“Probably the whole magic book thing, “ Ashley tried to cover up.


“It usually flips to a page we need, not to a page that we’ve already used, “ Tamara added. Ashley crossed her arms and got a little frustrated because Tamara was trying to make her feel dumb…again.


“People that’s not the problem at hand here, Scott is out there as a Demon, and probably thinking of a way to kill you guys, “ Marissa put in. She walked over the book and started flipping the pages.


Tamara walked and shoved Marissa a little. “We’re the witches, we do the flipping and the searching, “ She said rudely. Marissa looked her up and down and looked annoyed.


Ashley too walked over, and glared at Tam, “ You wanna tone it down a little and quit being rude?” She said angrily.


Tamara rolled her eyes and continued to flip the pages. Sabrina rolled her eyes at Tamara because once again she was being stuck up and stubborn.


Sabrina turned her head to look at the pages that were being flipped. Tamara stopped flipping and began reading a page with the figure of Scott’s demon.


“A picture thank god, “ Marissa was relieved.

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