So Nervous When I Met You

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A pretty little poem about love.

Submitted: March 24, 2013

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Submitted: March 24, 2013



So nervous when I met you;

So shy I scarce could speak.

You glanced at me with blue-ice eyes

That made my knees go weak.

You waved aside my stutters;

Your words were brisk but low—

Informed me that I talk too much—

When first I said hello.


The springtime sun was golden,

Just like your shining locks.

We strode together, down that street,

Both side by side we walked.

You stumbled on a cobble

And missed your step unplanned.

You reached to me; I caught you—

When first I touched your hand.


You stared at the horizon;

You never looked at me.

The sun was setting as we stood

Atop that balcony.

My tongue felt tied in endless knots,

My mind like ocean foam.

You turned at last to catch my gaze—

When I asked to walk you home.


We wandered through your garden;

You studied every leaf.

I stole small glances o'er at you,

As furtive as a thief.

I mustered up my courage;

My heart turned nervous flips.

You looked surprised but smiled—

When I kissed your perfect lips.


The sun was barely rising

As we ambled through the park;

My arm about your shoulders,

As the light usurped the dark.

I leaned a little closer;

My tongue felt loose and free.

I whispered then, 'I love you'—

When you said the same to me.

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