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Submitted: March 16, 2014

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Submitted: March 16, 2014



The hangman's noose hung absent in the night, however in the morning it would feel the warmth of a neck in its grasp followed by a drop and a snap.

in the prison cell sat a figure that if you werent lookng for him you wouldn'tsee him unless he smiled.

in the corner concealed in the darkness sat a figure of a rather interesting nature.

he wore a long black duster, black top hat, an eyepatch over his left eye.

his attire was only complimented by his even darker clothing.

he wore as well as the a formentioned, a pair of black biker boots,a pair of black military pants, as well as a black long sleeve dress shirt under which was a black tank top.

concealed beneath all those clothes were a collection of tattoos that to the average man or woman they would make no sense, but to one who thought about the abstract would understand them in an instant.

the ranged from japanese based tattoos on his left arm, to a trinity knot and runic on his right arm.

a pile of weapons sat on the table just outside the cell. included in this pile was a ball handled short barrell coach gun, a set of matching colt .45 revolvers, a hand and a half claymore, and a mass collection of daggers, and a pile of ninja stars and throwing knives, and one throwning hatchet or axe depending on who you ask on the terminology.

no he was no famous pirate, murderer, or even a semi famous rapist.

he was nothing more than a sky captain also known as a Sky pirate.

his ship the Gypsy was tied off the dock just outside of town in the Bay of Avalon.

his crime was refusing to allow a law enforcement agent to board and search his vessell.

but i mean a man has to have his privacy now don't he.

he sat contemplating who best to care for his ship and what his last words would be.

his best friend and first mate nicolai would get his ship, he would take care of the ole girl.

as far his last words, he was contemplating a poetry verse or just to say something personal and tell the hangman to "pull the lever" *drops* "WRONG LEVER''(lol sorry had to make a dork reference)

as the sun came up the man in the corner stirred to answer natures call.

after relieving himself,he sat down on the bed to await the inevitable.

a few minutes late the door opened and in walked three gentlemen.

they were the warden, the jailor and a priest.

the man on the bed looked up with a sigh and asked how he may be of service before being led to the gallows.

the priest was the first to react to the man's question.

"my son"said the priest"i am here to read you your final rights and pray with you"

"I AM A DRUID WHY DO I NEED A PRIEST?" the man sighed"I'm sorry they forgot to feed me and I am a bit irate."

the jailor spoke up at that statement."sorry our cook was sound out when you were brought in last night""what would you like to eat, we may be about to hang you for Piracy and general just cause under believe of unconfirmed mercanary activites, but we do offer a dying man a last meal of his choosing."

the man thought for a minute, and said with a completely straight face"might I have haggis with taters and 'nips?"

the jailor simply nodded.

the warden spoke up at the jailors nod and said "I have a question,What pray tell is your name, Captain *the warden choked upon the thought of calling the man before him Captain*?"

the man cleared his throat and said" my name is Captain Kyofu Karasu, and I am the captain of the airship Gypsy, and I am going to ask you to address me as such from this point until my death by the noose, if you please sir"

the warden just nodded.

so the three men left the cell and the door locked shut once more, when it was opened the next time there was a trio of men again however none of the previous men. there was a woman holding a plate of food a man in a kilt holding a bag pipe, and a guard.

the man with the bagpipe began to play,(i dont know if you are familiar with this but traditional haggis is "PIPED" in.

after the man finished his meal and thanked the trio, he asked to be left alone in his final hour of life.

an hour later the man was led from his cell to the gallows, led up the stairs and positioned over the fated trap door and underneath the noose above his head.

the executioner wore his hood and the warden was as well upon the gallows.

the warden cleared his throat and said"today we are gathered to hang a man guilty of being a SKY PIRATE, and posssibly guilty of other crimes however I nor any of my men can prove it"

the man known as Captain 'Crow by his firat mate and men and women of his crew, cleared his throat and said"the correct term is Sky Captain if you please"

the warden simply waved away this statement and continued by saying"he will hang by the neck until dead and then his body will be realeased to his crew to dispose of in the incenerator of his ship the Gypsy" 

upon mentioning the ships name a few murmers erupted from the crowd,but they were quickly qualmed by the guards in the crowd with the cocking of the hammers on their guns.

"any last words sir?" the warden said with a smirk

"Yes, my name is Captain Kyofu Karasu of the airship Gypsy.''I hail from the beautiful country of Scotland, and I am prepared to die for the injustice of an ignorant man, however, before i die I am going to clarify a few things and make my final words."

"first of all"the captain said"i need to get a few things off my chest, starting with the giving of the airship Gypsy to a new owner"

"I wish my first mate Nicolai, to have my beloved airship, in the hopes that he will take good care of it"

"secondly I am not a mercanary,despite what you hear, but I am not going to deny a random act of acquisition of items from people with the intention of not returning them"

"lastly I want to say, to my crew who I know are in the crowd somewhere, I am to die today, because people are terrified of what they don't take the time to learn about, but I am not ashamed of our adventures, because you all have been the best crew a Captain could have"

he turned to the hangman, and in a random act of curiosity he stretched out his hand, and in an even more bizzare act of curitosity the hangman shook his hand and to top it off the Captain said"thank you, I know this is your job, and I think you in the future will probly be haunted by the thoughts of all the souls you have ended their lives, but until that day thank you for doing your job as only you can"

the hangman reached under his hood and wiped a tear away, and said " I am haunted by my job everyday, but a man must provide for his family in some way or another and this is the way my family is taken care of"

the captain reached into his coat and took out his pipe and asked if he could smoke one last pipe before joining the land of the dead.

the warden nodded and even lit the pipe for the fated Air Captain.

after replacing his pipe in his coat, he reached into another pocket, he threw the hangman a bag of gold.

"here this is from me for doing what you have to do to help provide for your family, by the way your wife is a great cook, and if you are wondering how I know she is, she makes a mean haggis."

"aye that she does" said the hangman

at that the captain took off his hat, allowing his auburn hair to become illuminated by the sun.

as a last request, the captain asked with a half grin on his face, "may I be hanged with my hat on please and without that balsted hood?"

"as bizzare as a request as it is I'll allow it on your behalf"

the noose was slipped over the Captain's neck and tightened down, and his hat was replaced on his head, the captain began to chant a most ancient of prayers taught to him by a monk at Stonehenge, and awaited till the hangman did his job one more time.

upon finishing his prayer, the hangman grabbed the lever and prepared to pull it.

the Captain smiled as the hangman pulled the lever and the great in his own respects, Captain Kyofu Karasu, swung until his foot quit twitching, he still had a smile on his face when the allowed the doctor to confirm death and transport him back to his ship on last time.

somewhere in the world all the Airship captains and friends of the late Captain, cried as they heard the news of his death.

Authors note: Captain Kyofu Karasu is an original character of my creation.

Kyofu Karasu is Japanese for Terror Crow or Americanized Skare Crow to those of you who know any japanese or want to know for your self what it meant.

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