Check Yes Juliet (edwardcullen08's Challenge:)!!!

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*This is for edwardcullen08’s challenge. She gave us a number range and we had to pick the numbers and then she gave us the name song and object corresponding with our number. For name I chose 7, and got Miranda. For song I chose 39, and got Check Yes Juliet, by We The Kings. For object, I chose 92, and got a smoothi. So here we go!!!!!*

Submitted: February 05, 2009

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Submitted: February 05, 2009



I sat in my room, my computer in my lap, when a rock hit my widow. I ran over to it and opened up the shade, to see Ellie and Monique in the driveway, waving at me. I pulled out my phone as it vibrated, guessing that it was Ellie. My guess was confirmed when I saw the caller ID, telling me that it was her calling. I pressed the green button and pressed the phone to my ear. "Yeah Ellie?" I asked, going over to my bed and sitting down. I was kinda bummed, since I knew that Travis was playing to night and that I wasn't able to go. He had already come by my house, and he was the first to chuck a rock at my window this evening. I laughed slightly at the thought, and then tuned myself into what Ellie was saying.

"If you get your butt out here, then Monique and I will take you to this party." Ellie said, and I could hear Monique laughing in the background.

"Ellie, you already know that I can't go. My parents hate him. They think that he's to free spirited. They just don't get it." I said, and then sighed. I don’t know what tit was about him. Whether it was his Hazel eyes, his kind hard, or his all around sense of greatness, I just wanted to be around him. I don’t' know why.

"Miranda... You love him don't you?!" Ellie squealed. Did I? Did I really love Travis? No. Not possible.

Just then I got a message on my computer from Shelly. It was a huge picture of Travis, and he was singing and a party. 'Tonight! Get here now. He was asking for you' was all it said below. He was? Travis wants me there for real? I wish. He doesn't love me. "I think I might Ellie, but there's no way that he loves me back." I said, then I suddenly remembered all of the time we had spent together...

There was the time that he sat outside my window in his car, waiting and begging for me to come out. I told him that I couldn't. I didn't notice it then, but now when I think about it, I think I saw his face drop real quick. Why would it do that? I guess it was because he liked me. He had told me before that he liked me, but I got scared and didn't know what to do. He couldn't love me though, could he?

Next I thought about how I would always have to walk by his house after school, and I would always see him and his band playing. He had an amazing voice, and could play anything on guitar. But most of all his lyrics caught my heart. He really knew how to tell a girl that he loved them, even if it was through song. There was this one song, Check Yes Juliet, that he would always be playing. He told me once that it was about me but I doubt it was. He's such a nice guy, and he has always been there for me when I need someone to make me laugh.

Oh, and there is that one time that he followed me home with his buddy, and he came in and tried to teach me to play guitar. I never really got the hang of it, but it was fun while he was trying to teach me. My parents had come home while he was there though, and I had gotten yelled at for having him over. I could tell that my parents didn't like him. How could they not? His long, messy red hair was perfect, and he had entrancing eyes. I couldn't help but stair into them. I missed him whenever he wasn't with me, and I always wondered if he was thinking about me when I was thinking about him.

Then there was the time when He was driving, and his car broke down. We tried to figure out what was wrong, but ended up smearing car grease on each others faces and then rolling on the grass, laughing at our idiocy. My dad drove by and saw us, and he made me get in the car and go home. The look on Travis' face when that happened was one of complete sadness. Could he really love me? I really wanted him too. He was an amazing guy, and He made my heart jump when I saw him.

"MIRANDA ARE YOU LISTETNING TO ME?!" Ellie screamed into my phone. Oh, guess I was daydreaming to long.

"Huh? Oh yeah, what did you say?" I asked, sitting up from the bed.

"I said you should go down and ask your parents if you can just go to my house, then I will take you to the party." She said. I picked up the smoothi that I had on the table next to my bed and took a sip. Travis had got me hooked on the one kind of smoothi, but I can't pronounce its name. I took another sip, and then set it back down.

"My parents will say no, but I will ask them. I'll call you when I'm done." I said, hanging up the phone and walking towards the door. I slipped on my red converse to go with my black skinnies and blue and grey stripped tank top. I hurried down the stairs, but stopped dead in my tracks when I saw the sofa. There, my parents where making out. Have you ever seen two adults make out? Well it's gross. I ran back upstairs and straight over to my window. I could hear my parents following me up, so I quickly got out and off of the roof. They would have let me go too, if it wasn't for the fact that the address of the party was written plain and clear, there on my smoothi cup in black sharpie.

I got to Ellie's car and she speeded off down the street, towards the party. We got there in no time, and I jumped out and ran to the door. I had to see him. I mean, I needed to. I shoved through all of the kids pouring in and out of the door, and in the direction of the loud music playing. Then I noticed what song was playing. Check Yes Juliet. Perfect. As the song was getting towards the middle, I got to the front of the crowd where Travis could see me. He immediately did, and started jumping around with a huge smile on his face while playing his guitar. He looked so funny. When the song ended, he came over to me, leaving his guitar on the stage. He grabbed my hand and ran for the door, pushing past everyone easily. We got outside, and I saw my parents car, but my dad was missing, my mom was in the passenger seat. She saw me and was about to get out, but stopped. I silently thanked her as I ran off with Travis, down the street to his car. This was it.

"I love you" 

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