Everlasting Passion

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I never thought he would be more than just an acquaintance, yet I was wrong. He is more than that. Our story proved the reality.

Submitted: October 28, 2011

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Submitted: October 28, 2011




I never thought he would be more than just an acquaintance, yet I was wrong. He is more than that. Our story proved the reality.


Everlasting Passion

Noemi’s POV

Here I am in the place that the least I wanted to go. A place that gives me a lot of pain just by looking at this certain area.  How do I get here anyway? I don’t know. Something within me kept in touch to this place; I couldn’t help it but to follow.


It was spring. How I love spring. This was the time where I met him. At first, I never thought he would be something more than just an acquaintance. But his action proved me wrong.

As I’m with my friends, chatting and mingling for the topic which girls only knew what. It’s about schools, girly stuff that a guy couldn’t handle.

He suddenly approached us. In my deepest shock, he was more precisely routing to my direction. If he only knew, how he made my heart palpitates slower, then faster at the same time.

I blushed when he looked at me, those gray eyes, which people tend to consider as dull, but now, my perspective yell it was not. It was most probably upbeat.

“Hi!” in one word he muttered. My breath hitched.

“H-hello!” it sounded ridiculous but I couldn’t help my stuttering voice.

I heard my girl-pals squeal, I’ve tried to glare at them to make them stop. Fortunately they did, however they all wordlessly got up and left me in a hurry. I hadn’t had a chance to follow them. I might look rude if I did so, since the said lad was in front of me now.

I heard their teasing chuckles once more. Oh! I hate it when they do it.

I turned to him and smiled, he smiled back and ushered me to sit in. As I did so he sat at the other side as well.

We talked about things that shared our interest. I learned that Adrian-was his name, is majoring business course as well, like me. I found out too that we have been schoolmate since high school—talked about coincidence.

I did not realize it, but as the day ended I knew farther things about him now. Surprisingly, he became my partner in our high school prom night, and I even didn’t recall that. Not long as he confessed it. If he only knew if he’s actually that person, I’ve been looking for him.

We left the café and he insisted to bring me home. He said it’s already late and he wanted me to go home safe. My heart flattered with the word.

The one meeting turned to many times. He became my suitor, and I must say he is one of a kind, a guy, that most of the ladies dream of.

He is responsible, compassionate and trustworthy if I may add. If it’s not because of his saying that I’m not a burden to him, I might have considered myself one.

On the other round of the spring, he surprised me. While we were walking, he just stopped.

“What are you doing?” I asked, panicking.

He knelt in front of me and instantly deep red crawled to my cheeks. “P-please stand up.”

“Noemi, will you be my girlfriend?” he asked and I’m shocked. Moment later I exhaled and nodded my head.

Surely I saw another glint in his gray eyes. He smiled and hugged me. My eyes felt a sting of waters, without of my awareness, salty crystals damped in my cheek.

  He stared at me, gray eyes softening onto fondness. He raised his right hand and wiped my tears.

“I suppose this start our love story?” I ridiculed as I chuckled.

“No.” he shook his head. “It’s already started when I first saw you.”

It taken me by surprise, now it was his turn to chuckle. “Since the dance before, I couldn’t take you out of my head.”

“Shocks, don’t be cheesy, it’s not like you.” I hit his shoulder.

He kept on chuckling. “It’s true. And it will never change.” He embraced me once more.

“I love you Adrian,” I whispered and closed my eyes.

“I love you too Noemi and it will never end…”

This love story, I thought would always be happy but it showed me wrong. As college students, we’ve been together for three years since we officially dated when we’re first year. The time had passed with memories we surely will treasure.

But now, it is the time of our separation, the end of the school life, and towards to the real world. Adri—what I call him, as his family heir, he needed to go abroad while I stayed in this country to manage my family’s business.

It would be hard but he said it wouldn’t, as long there’s communication. We decided to maintain a few time for each other whenever we are free. I regularly email him and he responded back.

We did it for almost five years until the day he sent me another message.

“Noe.” was he always called me. “I’m going back, father decided to transfer me in our branch there. I’m extremely eager to meet you. I really missed you Noe.”

That message brought me to bliss. I missed him too.

In the day of his arrival, it was spring. He instructed me to wait for him in the café we usually go to, instead of going to fetch him in the airport.

He is still the selfless man I love. “Just wait for me in the café I’ll be there. Noe, I gotta go, I need to turn off my phone, the plane is boarding.” He hung up afterwards.

I waited there, full of excitement and eagerness to meet him. Five years had gone and this time I could finally see him.

I waited patiently, time after time looking at my wrist watch. As another ticked in my watch, I grew anxious. Where is he? He supposed to be here by now. He never got late before. I embraced myself ever so tightly. I feel alone all of the sudden.

The café lost their population, people starting to go home just then I realized I’ve been waiting all a day. It was almost night fall.

Ire which not present in me, mounted in succession. Is he ditching me?  I stood in my seat, raging in anger, the passion earlier all gone onto fury.

My phone rang, hauling me out from my stupor. I picked it up. “Hello?” I said.

“Noemi…” it was a woman’s voice. My heart skipped a bit, my throat suddenly dried and it was hard to swallow. The woman was Adri’s mom. Why did she call?

“Auntie,” I called her that way since I and her son is dating. “Why did you call all of—”

I heard her sob, it crashed my heart more. Waters started to well on my eyes, but why? “A-auntie, what’s wrong?” my voice was quivering; my hands were shaking and my knees… I wanted some support; I leaned in the chair beside me.

“Adri… he is…”

My eyes widened in shock. I ran in daze, cared less if I looked disarray but what I wanted was to be at his side.

He met an accident when he’s going to meet you. Dear, he wants to see you.

I got in the hospital in time, I saw his mother crying, my throat hurt as if it was incising, as if I’m drinking pure acid.  I couldn’t even breathe properly.

Auntie saw me and hugged me, tightly and seeking comfort. I started to cry uncontrollably, I started to taint my blue blouse with dabs of tears.

Uncle, Adri’s dad snatched his wife from me and patted my head. He was not crying but I’m sure he was holding it back; his tears came to a halt in the corner of his eyes. “Let’s go to him,” he muttered so soft.

I nodded and followed them.

We stopped in front of the ICU. I felt my knees quiver, how would I face him?

Uncle opened the door. And I saw him… frail, as if he was not living anymore. There were bandages on his head and an apparatus was connected to him. I looked at the side; the apparatus was beeping, perhaps measuring his heart beat.

And if it must be it, my heart stopped as well. It was so weak, I could hardly see the hitch in his heartbeat. “Adri…” I whispered, so weak and hurt.

I stayed at his side, holding his not so warm hand. I held it tightly, for hope I could lend my warmth to him. “Please, please open your eyes,” I said, over and over again.

“Is this the end of our love story?” I managed to say hoping he would respond.

But the beeping apparatus responded back instead.

Tears fell down from my cheeks, now soaking my hand when I wiped it away. It also soaked his hand since I am holding it. “Adri, I thought you want to see me, open your eyes please.”

My begged for—I didn’t know how many times I muttered was answered, when he tightly tug my hand. I snapped open my eyes. He was looking at me, his gray eyes were weak yet there was the longing and joy. “I’m back, Noemi…” he breathed.

I wanted to hug him but I fear that I might somehow hurt him. “I know,” I said in alternative and tried to smile.

“I-I’m sorry.”

My tears welled up again. “Why are you saying sorry, you didn’t do anything…” I’m confused.

“I’m sorry but I have to…leave again, but this time—” he mumbled, weaker than before.

“Please don’t say that Adri, I can’t.”

“You can, I h-ave…to…” he looked at me. It sliced my heart onto two. His eyes didn’t have the sparks I knew it has, it was dull and tired as if he needed to take a rest. The rest, I hardly wanted him to do.

“Is this the end of our love story? Why it has to be like this. It supposed to be happy.” I whispered.

Adri gave a weak smile as he brought his hand to my cheek. Complying with him, I bent towards him and pressed my lips to his. He weakly kissed me back.

He tried to get up but I stopped him, moving would make him more uncomfortable. “Just stay still,” I said.

I know how painful even a slight move could give to him. He gestured for me to go near him; I nodded and leaned my head on his chest. I closed my eyes; his breathing was far and slow. “Adri…”

“Noe, I have to… I have to go,” his voice was so soft it hardly reached my perception.

I shook my head so bad. No I can’t take it. “Adri, don’t do this to me,” I muttered. Is this how our story ends? In some rate in this moment I realized love never always end with happy ending.

He whispered something in my ear. It made me to calm down, no, not soothing but bewilderment shocked me. I looked at him and for the…last time, he smiled at me.

All I could see was his calm expression and the loud succession beep of the apparatus.  Uncle pulled me out of the room as I could only see was all white, running and going to Adri which it seemed distancing from me.

The time appeared to be eternity, Auntie whom remained sobbing tugged me out in my haze. I looked at her, so blankly, tired and hurt. 

She gave me something and mumbled.

My eyes came to blur, waters flowed out of my eyes as it reminded me of the man that I love.

He was planning to give this to you…

~End of Flashback~


Here I am standing to the place, where I don’t want to see yet what am I doing now? I walked to the side chair and fondled the metal seat on my hand. It’s cold. Spring was in the air though the effect of winter was not subdued yet.

I looked around; it did not change a bit. Without of my awareness I smiled. Do I really hate going here? Does the pain arise again whenever I go here? I think I became pessimist.

No, it was not the pain why do I keep on going here, but the memory of our first meeting lingered in this place.

The café, it was too old yet even a single, nothing had changed. I could even recall Adri and me talking in this certain café. This place played a vital role in our story…

I never thought he would be more than acquaintance, yet I was wrong. He is more than that. Our story proved the reality.

I smiled once more, feeling more contended and acquainted. For the two years that had passed after the incident happened. For the first time I realized what he was trying to imply.

I became blind but now I opened my eyes to see what he had given to me. It never died and left, but only here at my side, waiting to be found once more.

I fondled the silver ring in my finger. Caressing the minuscule fragment of gemstone graved in it. I looked in the sky and made another smile. 

He would always have a place in my heart.

True love doesn’t always have happy ending… Was he said.  –since true love has no end


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