Nightmares chapter 1 : Mitchells P.O.V

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic
Mitchell is having nightmares, every night it seems. They're all relatively the same- Him being hunted, unable to fightback. His only ability is to hide- hide and hope he isn't seen. His best friend, Brena, is the only one who seems to understand what he's going through since she has the same type of dreams. Its no real problem to them until Brena goes missing, locked inside one of her dreams and Mitchell must overcome the dream in order to save his best friend and himself.

Submitted: June 28, 2012

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Submitted: June 28, 2012



A large gust of wind pushed open the heavy wooden door, revealing the spot in which he hid. Shaking from the fear that consumed him, he closed his eyes, praying the shadow ahead couldn't hear his pounding heart or jagged breath. He listened intently to the footsteps, the shuffling noise across the hardwood floors, grow ever so loudly as he remained crouched in the darkness behind the dampened boxes. His vision blurred, the shadow loomed around the corner- hearing his every move. His curly dark brown hair stuck to his forehead and neck with sweat, and his eyes flicked open for only a moment to view the tall dark figure in the doorway. Consumed with panic, he shut his eyes again- hoping it'd be gone by the time he next opened his eyes. His eyes flicked open once more to watch the shadow lurk away- limping out the door and into the fog. 

The boy sighed quietly, feeling his head become heavy he slumped forward. The flashlight he held in his hand was released, and fell to the stone floor with a loud CLANGGG that echoed through the halls. The shuffling stopped, a deep growl replaced the sound and the shuffling returned, beginning to grow, faster and closer than ever before. He crawled back, as far as he could against the stone wall, and hid. His panicked breath came more quickly and the vision around him began to blurr. Shapes and figures became unrecognizable as the dark figure crossed the room towards the boxes. His brain pounded against his skull, His hands trembled uncontrollably in the dark. The figure stopped, staring around the boxes, it seemed it couldnt see him... He felt, almost invisible to it. It turned away, at least he thought it had- his vision was no longer clear, and the headache grew into an aching pain. He wanted to cry out, but he knew that almost certainly meant death. The figure began to shuffle again, away from him-he could tell because the noise got softer as it went. His pounding head let his body give way and he collapsed, his body limp, exposing his hiding place to the beast that was hunting him. It lunged at him and in his final attempt of safety- he screamed.

Mitchell sat upright in bed, the sounds of his scream echoing against the walls of his small bedroom. He breathed quickly, attempting to get as much oxygen into his body as quickly as posssible. He stared down at his shaky hands and breathed a sigh of relief. It was just another bad dream.. Mitchell whispered to himeself as he shoved what was left of his covers off of him. His clothes stuck to him with sweat, he couldnt stop his hands from tembling. He reached for the collar of his shirt, yanked it off over his head and threw it to the floor in one swift movement.
Just then his brother flew into the room, half dressed getting ready for work.
"Dude what the-? Another nightmare?" 
Mitchell nodded, unable to speak. His brother moved from the doorway, back to his daily routine, as Mitchell sat rigid in his bed. He glaced at the clock on his nightstand- 2 o'Clock. He jumped up, "Fuck. Dude why didn't you wake me up?! I was supposed to meet Bre an hour ago!" 
"Sorry dude, I tried. You're one heavy sleeper." his brother appeared in the hallway again, running a comb through his hair, "Just call her. I'm sure she'll understand."
Mitchell reached for his phone, 2 missed calls and 3 new messages glared up at him on the bright little screen.

 Bre: 2 missed Calls
Bre: Hey Mitch, you awake yet? Let me know when you're up so we can go. 11:46am
Bre: Mitch. Wake up xD I'm leaving my house now. 12:45pm
Bre: Where are you? I called you, are you still asleep? 1:28pm
Bre: Call me when you get this. 1:53pm


Mitch sighed and clicked her name on his phone. He felt pretty crappy about himself, this is the third time he'd done this. The phone rang twice, and he heard a soft shuffle on the other end.

"Morning sleepyhead" 
"Bre... Hey. God I'm so sorry, I just woke up."
"Its fine. You still wanna hang out? I'm still at the mall."
"Yeah. Yeah. I promise Bre, this wont happen again okay? I swear. Let me get dressed and I'll be there"
"You promised the same thing last time. Don't worry about it, See you soon. Call me when your leaving."
"I will. Now you know what you need to do."
"Of course you and your fear of hanging up. Bye"

She clicked the end button, and he stared at his phone for a minute. She sounds mad... but not at the same time. I gotta start waking up on time. He thought as he jumped in the bathroom for a quick shower. As he pulled his shirt over his head, and tugged his jeans on, he quickly texted her...

Me: I'm on my way, Sorry again.

Bre: Don't worry about it. See you soon.

"But I will worry about it." he whispered as he jumped in his car, "because she won't be as understanding if I keep this up"

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