The Knight, the Dragon, and the Steed

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An allegory for someone who has lost their way

Submitted: December 01, 2011

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Submitted: December 01, 2011




Once upon a time, there was a knight of gleaming white. Strong, handsome, and noble, he was the respected king of the land. Although, this fair king was not alone, by his side stood a sword, a steed, and his shield & armor. Named in strength and individuality, his sword was his pride. Through many battles he had taken his sword of steel. Conqueror of all; every dragon was slain, every challenge and obstacle kept his sword bright. It made him a leader. The king’s steed was his trusted friend and companion. There for him no matter how thick the mud he trod. When the king could not stand, the steed was always there to carry him. Lastly, the king’s armor and shield were his true defense. If nothing else, the shield was the most important thing to the king. Gleaming white, it covered his weak spots and glorified his image. Evil could never penetrate his armor. He truly became invincible. Never was the king seen without his three items. Forever loved, forever strong, and forever untouchable, nothing could stop him.

One fateful day his village was being destroyed! He grabbed his sword and shield and mounted his horse. The king sped past the rolling green hills and across the calm river to get to the heart of his village. A massive black dragon glared at him through red eyes. He looked into the eyes of his horse and sped toward this massive beast. But, it took flight toward the dark forest. Unsure of venturing into the forest his steed slowed. The king kicked its side and hesitantly it road on.

The forest was black as night, but without the guiding stars. The steed stopped; warning the knight to not take the path he was traveling down. But, the king only became frustrated. He urged, begged and beat the horse to move, but it wouldn’t. Instead he saw a black horse with red eyes appear in the darkness. Eager to tackle the dragon in the heart of the forest he jumped onto the black steed and sped off. This new horse was faster and more daring than his old steed and he soon forgot his white steed waiting for him at the beginning of the path.

Nearing the heart of the forest the king decided to stop at a river coursing through the forest. It weaved wildly with many rapids. The new steed jumped over the river with ease and drank from the other side, staring at him with emotionless eyes. Too far to jump across he decided he would swim. Removing bits of his armor, he strapped his sword to his belt ready to dive into the water. But, before he could jump he tossed his shield across, but it hit a dead branch and was swept away into the deep river. Confident he could swim across, he jumped in. Maybe he could even find his shield once again. He dove into the frigid water and it tossed and turned him as he swam for his life to the other side. The steed did nothing but stare at him as his head was pushed under once again. He grabbed onto a rock and was able to inch his way across the river.

The shore was a relief even if it was made of jagged rocks that cut his legs and body. Thankful to see his steed he jumped on top for he was weak. To his surprise the steed bucked him off and grabbed his sword from his belt within its mouth. It transformed into the giant dragon of black. His sword became the sharp teeth of the dragon and the fire became his old steed. It pranced around him, scorching his cut skin. The dragon laughed as it squeezed the life out of the king with its tail. It mocked him for daring to chase him into the dark forest. “You took the wrong path sir knight! What a fool you are! If only your kingdom could see you now. You are nothing,” the dragon hissed in his ear. But, the knight did nothing. He gave in. He could hear nothing but the dragon and the relentless voices of villagers in his ears as they celebrated a new king. He let the steed burn him and his sword rust in the mouth of the beast while the shield stayed at the bottom of the river. Only the strongest would go to retrieve the shield and defeat the dragon. But, the knight refused to be strong.

Never will the knight know the fire steed is not his own; his steed is watching him, waiting to be called on from behind the trees. When the knight decides to change his fate, his steed will save him. Attempts maybe made but everyone knows that you cannot make a man stand until he is willing. Only then will the knight take up his shield upon his steed and his sword shall return to him to slay the dragon. Unfortunately, the dragon will never die. It only will vanish momentarily to appear in another form. It is designed to be conquered; it is there to make him stronger. If only the knight would understand that his sword is the dragon. His weaknesses will become his strengths. But the knight will never understand. Watching from the trees, his steed will see his knight die in a pool of his own blood. The blood will become the rivers and no one will remember his name as even I have forgotten it….


Written to the current king of the land, written by his steed

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