cleansed by fire

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Submitted: January 06, 2016

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Submitted: January 06, 2016



Cleansed by Fire

Way back in 1973, this story starts in the beginning of March. A baby boy was born to two devoted parents, we will call them Tom and Alice (This is not their real names, though). Everything was going fine for the child and family until one day in June 1977, and that’s when everything turned bad not just for the baby boy who was at this time 4 years old but for the family too.  Like I said it was a hot summer’s day in June in 1977, he went out to call for his friends and got as far as the grass verge and then he just slumped forward in his plastic police pedal car.


I remember the day as if it was only yesterday, I was out in my pedal police car waiting for my friends to come back and we would play together, anyway that didn’t happen, instead the boy now aged 4 just waited by the curb and suddenly slumps forward, his next door neighbour witnessing this rushes out and brings him into the house where he is living, at the time. And she tells his Nan to call an ambulance and get word to his mother, who only worked up the street. Anyway the neighbour who she was with said she would get word to his mother, and off she went, leaving his Nan and neighbour in the house with the 4 year old.


Now as she went up the street, she passes an ambulance, and finds the paramedics and explains the situation, before carrying on up to tell his mother.

The medics come down and see for themselves, and try to work on him there and then, while they wait for his mother. She arrives all of a tizz, and they place him gently into the back of the ambulance, with his mother by his side and take it steady, for his mother, they were going too steady so she asked them why they were going so slow and the reply was if they went fast and hit a bump in the road the jolt might kill him. So they arrived at the hospital and everything was okay, then whilst he was being checked over, it happened again.  So off again he was sent to a brain hospital or the Neurosurgery, where they operated on him and stopped the bleed from his brain. They also stopped him living too and that was the first time he had died.


A few years later he was home with his family and his Father had just finished work, got home had a bite to eat and got changed and went to join in a Darts Match, his very last one ever, he won, and came home closed his eyes and never opened them again, he had suffered from a massive heart attack brought on by stress.


Then 20 years ago, i was at college and thought I could form a tribute band, and formed it, we played several gigs, and was surprised to see one quarter of the one band we were tributing. He enjoyed listening and watching us perform that he asked us to be his supporting act at Brixton Academy, in London.


We did and the boy now in his 20’s was on stage and got shot and died there and then, if it wasn’t for the medical staff on hand and the hospital treatments, he would have never been brought back to life.


The boy in the story now lives a normal life in Coseley with his Mother and Step Father, his brothers and sisters have all moved out and he is the last one to leave the nest as it were, he is of course Matt Scriven. And this has been my early years.


The End ... For Now At Least...


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