The Eventful Walk

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This story is a humorous story about a girl named Gina who is forced to take her dog for a walk one day.

Submitted: July 22, 2008

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Submitted: July 22, 2008



“I don’t want to take the dog with me!”

“I don’t care what you want or don’t want do! I’m your mother and I say that you are taking Roonie with you tomorrow!”


‘This is what I get for deciding to go for a walk’ I thought, as I got ready for bed. My first mistake was telling mom that I had decided to spend tomorrow walking around town. Roonie is an adorable dog and I love her to death but walking her is something akin to trying to walk a cheetah. She absolutely hates listening and loves running. Tomorrow was supposed to be my leisure day, the last day of March break, my last day of freedom till June. Now my mother wants to ruin that by sentencing me to death by dog walking.

My alarm went off at 9:07 am. Not my ideal wake-up time but it gives me adequate time to get ready and leave the house for 9:30. ‘Maybe if I’m really quiet I can leave the house without mom noticing that I don’t have the dog.’ I quickly and quietly dress and put my shoes on but just as I reach the front door.

“GINA! Don’t you dare forget Roonie!” Sometimes I hate my mother.

Twenty minutes later I finally have Roonie on her leash and am ready to leave, fifteen minutes behind schedule. As soon as I open the door Roonie takes off, running out onto the sun covered street, dragging me behind her.

When we reached the middle of town I finally look at my watch. ‘Shit it’s already 12:30 and I still have to get home in time to finish my Goddamn French homework!’ Stupid dog making me lose track of time. I look down at Roonie getting ready to take my frustration out on her but she’s not there. Instead I find a tail-less squirrel. Naturally I ooh and ahh for a few moments before I reach down to pet it but the evil squirrel bites me and runs off with my leash. Only then did I realise that Roonie was missing.

After trying to retrace my steps and only succeeding in getting lost I decide to ask for directions. I walk up to the closet car and demand the driver to tell me exactly where I am. As I looked at the man, who happened to be staring at me like I had five heads, I realized my second mistake; talking to a stranger. Why did I do it? My whole life I have followed that rule so why, today, do I decide to break it?

“Maybe because you think that you are an adult now that you’re fifteen” replied my invisible friend Hellan.

“Who invited you on this walk?” I asked her.

“No one, but you were screaming in your head and calling yourself stupid, so I thought I figured I would join in on the fun.”

‘Stupid invisible friend. Why do I even listen to her, she’s always so mean. I remember on my sixth birthday when she…’


“What do you want buddy? Can’t you see I’m reminiscing here!”

Mistake number 3. I check the guy out, he has long mullet-esque hair with IDOIT tattooed on his forehead. ‘I wonder if he realises that he spelt it wrong?’ I’m pretty sure I even saw a little foam on the side of his mouth. All in all he looked pretty… scary. I don’t get scared easily, I mean I have faced my mother in the early morning before she gets coffee and I survived.



‘Scary stranger offering me a drive, what do I do? Help me Hellan!’

“I’d take the drive, your chances of survival are much higher if you don’t anger the man.’


Listen to him, trying to be polite. He’s probably thinking of how many ways he could kill me right now.

“MISS! Would you like a ride or not, I have to be somewhere soon.”


“Alrighty then, hop on in.”

So here I am sitting in scary mans car, staring at the people we pass, telepathically begging them for help. Thankfully scary man refrained from saying anything at first.

“Do you want to see my knife?”


“I just bought it today, she’s a real beauty, just look at the designs on her handle.”

‘Oh he meant a real knife. Thank God!’ “ Oh yea it looks really umm… sharp?”

“Yea I bet she could cut straight through bone.”


“ Just think of all the boneless meat I can now cook. I think I’m going to get some deer for supper tonight.

“I think I’m gonna puke! Wait I recognize this street it’s mine! Hey scary buddy man pull over my house is right there, see number twenty-six!”

I couldn’t wait any longer. As soon I was sure I wouldn’t die I jumped out of the car and ran towards my house. My mother came running out just as I reached my lawn.

“Mommy! I’m so happy to see you again! You’ll never guess what happened… hey um mom! I’m over here!”

‘What the hell? Why is my mother hugging scary man. Hey look it’s Roonie.’

“ Oh Roonie I thought you were gone forever! I’m so sorry I didn’t notice you were gone right away. I swear I didn’t even think about replacing you with that squirrel. Ok maybe for a minute but that was it and HEY! Where are you going?”

‘ What in the hell is going on here? They both just ran right by me and are crowded around scary man.’

“ Gina, honey, I want you to meet your new step dad!”

“WHAT THE F-----------???????”

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