family crisis

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just something random i wrote after listing to a song .. its true right down to the words XD

Submitted: March 05, 2013

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Submitted: March 05, 2013



its not like it was even real love i mean seriously who just walks out on you after pretty much giving you life. wat ever i dont need you anymore, its not like you ever cared anyway.

im sick of missing you, of woundering when you will come back for me when you will actually take the time to even know i exist. i am sick to death of you acting like a complete cow. just another slut who goes and fucks every guys she can get her hands on. i hate her and i hate you. why cant you see what you have done to me.. what you have all done to me your a slut a hoar who doesnt even care about anyone but herself. i hate you soo much you wrecked my life yu ruineed me, and hate it i hate it i hate it i hate having to always go to bed everynight always wishin that you would change that you could be the mother i want but your not and you never will

i just want my mum back, i want to have a perfect family to be the happy little blonde girl that you could love, i want to be princess to be a royal pain in your ass, i want to ask for ponies, and do each other hair even though i suck at it. i want you to love me is that so hard to ask???? ometimes i feel like just runnig up to you and huggin you .......

but your not here and your not there your not anywhere i want you to be ... i hate everything about you but i hate the fact that i love you even though you fucked up my life.

and im scared that one day im going to find you and your going to hurt me even more now then before.

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