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a letter i wrote in a desperate time, to get rid of some emotional stress.....
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Submitted: September 09, 2012

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Submitted: September 09, 2012



Dear Xx

When we first met, I didn’t know you. I didn’t know your favourite colour nor, who you were. We started going out just to please our friends. But things changed as soon as everyone found out. My family were not happy with who I chose, or more like who I am….. all these years I was taught that these relationships were forbidden, that people looked down on them, no one liked them at all. When I asked why we shouldn’t be friends with these people. They just said “It’s WRONG” but what if things you did were wrong but felt right. At least to me anyway, you were there for me every time I needed you…. I didn’t know that I was changing, that my feeling changed about people I cared about.  My family became distant as you were the centre of my world, you took me under your wing, and you told me if no one can love you for who you are than you should get rid of them all together. Besides I loved you so I did what you told me and told them I can’t live like this, like a mask that only has one emotion, calm mature disciplined look. But with you I got to take off my mask let my guard down and show my vulnerability to you.

I love you, I loved you but now I don’t. You told me to forget about my family, and it’s not right. I may be like this but at least I could share it with them……. They may have hated me for it. But at least they were disappointed enough to show that they actually cared about me…. They wanted me to bring home every one I loved so they could get the parents approval award. They loved me, for who I am it just took time that’s all.

And now I want to tell you something actually 6 things

  1. I am Bi- Sexual, it means that I can love both girls and guys, and you seem to forget that life is NOT all about you.
  2. My family is my life, you mess with them you mess with me and vice versa, same as my friends, don’t touch them, or hurt them, they did nothing wrong, this is purley between you me.
  3. I am in love with him, he makes me happy, he makes me feel loved, he is always there when ever I need him, and he is not you, which in turn makes me even happy. I love him, so GET Over it.
  4. You destroyed me, you ruined me, and now I HATE you, and don’t tell me hate is very bad word, cause I can tell you it bad, it’s a very PASSIONATE word, which is not in your Vocabulary.

  5. When you first told me that you were evil that you haves ice in your heart. I didn’t believe you, not because you didn’t seem evil, and that you saved me countless of times, but because I didn’t WANT to believe it. I wanted everything to be normal, and you did help. But now you are you just like a monster, a demon, which preys, on the young and innocent girls, to get them to do whatever you want with them. And it’s cruel. And I HATE you for it. 
  6. I hope you go to hell


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