only love can do that

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just a buch of poems... not really much ...

Submitted: November 11, 2012

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Submitted: November 11, 2012



I lay my head down on his chest and cried because he had lived, because he had died

A dry ocean, a desert of emotion

Happy, sad, dark, light, sorrow, joy, swept over me, under me, I could hear the sound but I could not understand the words.

And then I realized the sound was me, breaking.

In one moment I was feeling everything and I was feeling nothing.

I was shattered, I was saved, I lost everything, and I was given.

Everything else

Something in me died, something in me was born, I only knew

The girl was gone

Whoever I was now, I would never be her again this is the way

This is the way world ends not with a bang n=but a whimper

Claim yourself, claim yourself, claim yourself claim

Gratitude fury, love despair, hope, hate,

First green is gold, but nothing green can stay

Don’t try

Nothing green can stay.


Nobody the dead man & nobody the living

Nobody is giving in & nobody is giving

Nobody hears me, but just nobody cares

Nobody fears me, but nobody just stares

Nobody belongs to me & nobody remains

No nobody knows nothing

All that remains are remains


To find what is missing, unravel the tie, twist and wind,

Cast this bind so I may find,

That which I year for

That which I seek.


Blood of my heart, protection is thine,

Life of my life, taking yours, taking mine,

Body of my body, marrow and mind,

Soul of my soul, to our spirit bind,

Blood of my heart, my tides, my moon,

Blood of my heart, my salvation, my doom


In the one who is bound, freedom will be found, live again, darkness, come out of the light,

Fallen angels all around me

Misery spreads misery; your broken arrows are killing me

Why can’t you see?

The thing you hate becomes your fate,

Your destiny fallen angel


When you look up/ do you see the blue sky or what might be/ or the darkness of what will never be/ do you see me?

Darkness hides and I think I can hold her/ smother her in the palm of my hand/ but when I look my hands are empty/ quiet as her fingers fold around me

Mortal hearts and mortal fears/ something they can share, I untie him like a sparrow.


Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that.

Hate cannot drive out hate;

Only love can do that.

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