Part one of How i miss how she feels

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part one is about a girl called bridget who comes to Lord Zacherys Manor....... only to figure out thers a mystery here and she wants to be the one to make light of situation and find out whats going on.....

but will Alice the Housekeeper, stop her. will The LOrds words stop her. read Part one to find out

Submitted: June 13, 2013

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Submitted: June 13, 2013



Chapter One:

Walking down the hallway I stop by his door waiting, listening, but I hear nothing but silence. I creep forward and stick my ear against the door just to see if I can hear a little bit better. *scratch scratch* I leap back.

 “What was that” I squeak to no one. It sounded like an animal was in there. But I know he doesn’t have any animals. Its band from the apartment rules. *looks up and thinks* No it’s just my imagination. I walk back to the door and turn the handle to open the door. Locked. Well that’s a shame, and I was soo looking forward to going ninja on whatever he was hiding in that room of his.

“Bridget you got a letter” comes a voice from the staircase. I walk to the top of the stairs and looks down. It’s just Alice the house keeper. I wonder why she picked up my mail; it’s not usually like her.

“Just put it in kitchen and I will be down there in a second.” I call down to her.  Maybe if I know what she’s been doing getting my mail, I might find out what’s going on.

“sure thing, Oh and Bridget, Zach told me to tell you that he’s a lot smarter than you think and you should be more careful around places that are…….. Forbidden to you” Alice calls up to me as I come down the stairs and head towards the Kitchen.

“Well I’m sure he’s being a gentleman Alice, but c’mon what’s got his panties in a twist, it’s not like I’m going to fall down a secret passageway. And even if there was, it’s not like he would seriously go out of his way to hide it from me.” I grumble at her as I head to the fridge and grab myself a glass of cold Fj.

Alice turns around and looks at me as I’m pouring my juice and keeps staring at me as I swallow. Wow this woman is freaky; I wonder why he decided to keep her. She looks like a witch from a different time.

“Miss Bridget, You may be the only Girl in the Lords life right now, but let me remind you. You are not the first to think about disobeying direct orders, but you are the ONLY Girl who is been given a warning. So I think you should consider yourself warned. Not everyone gets a chance at life, Lord Zachary never did.” She speaks very slowly to me and she stalks closer and snatches the cup out of my hand, and places it in the dishwasher.

What a nutcase. Who does she think she is, telling me what to do? And just how many Girls has he got. Creepy. If I didn’t know any better I would say she was trying to scare me away, so she can have His Highness all to herself. Well if she thinks that. She has another thing coming. Because I am not going anywhere, until I find out the truth.

“Yes Alice I understand. I won’t go anywhere remotely forbidden, I will stay in my room until he comes and fetches for me” I smile at her with a sickly sweet smile. As fake as her nose plaster on her face.

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