An Epiphany of Love

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A homeless man discovers love

Submitted: August 09, 2012

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Submitted: August 09, 2012



I stood looking intently into the night sky. An ocean of stars were dancing in the atmosphere like the restless waves of the sea. My heart matched its’ restlessness as I pondered the events of the day. I had been looking for work, desperate to find a home of my own. As for now I lived on the sand of the beach with the sounds of the ocean my only companion. As I pondered I felt something cold nuzzle against my hand. It was a small dog who like I was lost in the world. I petted its’ unkempt fur and felt pity not only for it but for myself. I began to feed it the food I had managed to gain from a nearby dumpster and felt satisfaction at its’ appreciation of my gesture. I lay down then in the sand and the small dog lay down beside me. Suddenly an epiphany tossed in my mind like the wind did my hair. Life wasn’t about work or lack thereof or even having a home, it was about love; even the love of a small dog. How easily I had gained its’ love for me, giving it only a few morsels of food. I had, through love, saved its’ life. I had performed what to that dog was a miracle. As I again gazed up into the starry night I felt full and satisfied for the first time for many days. Yes, if one had love he inherited the entire universe. I then fell asleep, visions of miracles dancing through my dreams.

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