An Immobile Witness

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Its a small piece,in fact its my first "poem" .
Do read it .

Submitted: January 06, 2012

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Submitted: January 06, 2012




They have seen it all , those old wooden guys,
Glancing down ,from their green leafy eyes ,
They notice how much we have changed .
We played together with gay abandon before ,
Now its all but barrren yellow fields .
Dancing around singing the serenade ,
Scurrying underneath for some shade ,
Branches laden with fruits to be smuggled,
Witnessed fights and how we had struggled.
Brothers killing each other ,
Sons forsaking the mother .
The mighty tree bears a destitute look ,
The immobile losing its homely nook . 
The old tree is still there , a testament .
I held her hand and said it all ,
She kissed me right beneath the shade ,
Branches swinging , swirling all around ,
My joy penetrating the leafy head .
Underneath the old one ,
Two years later ,
Joyful as ever ,
Met her yet again ,
She said tis over ,
I hung my head and cried ,
My tears watering the roots ,
Milking the shoots ,
My cries died midway in the branches ,
Those same swinging branches .
What happened now ??
The old one asks ,
Why do people can't be trees , firm and resolute .
People change , nature doesn't ,
They grow tired too easily , afterall life's too short for us .

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