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N.B.:The title of this article may seem absurd to you !!!But it is what it is .This is my thought about a brilliantly written book aptly titled "Life Is What You make It" by Mrs. Preeti Shenoy .
This book is a wonderful story of how Faith and Determination can help us sail through the toughest phases of our lives , an immensely inspirational tale of a girl named Ankita :) . Loved the characters and the book.

Submitted: January 07, 2012

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Submitted: January 07, 2012




The rumblings of the guilty mind ,

The tumblings of  random thoughts .

The lucid words flowed smoothly and took the reader on a journey of Ankita's life.The smart,talented,promising girl becoming a critically ill mental patient to a renowned artist .Its the story of a never ending celebration ,of God's most precious gift called life . I could actually feel myself inside Ankita's head .Her sheer talent ,intelligence,creativity and indulgence at her work her could impress any guy around her .The sheer wildness and the d angony during her "descent" is heart wrenching and painful to the core .Hats off to the author, Mrs. Preeti Shenoy for creating a master portrait out of simple words.
The pen picture of Ankita's life , the simple turmoils of her mind .She puts aside things which trouble her only to let them come back with a bang to haunt her big time.I felt the lump in my throat at her condition,cried for her during her bouts with depression and emptiness .The helplessness she felt has been beautifully depicted with the minutest of her thoughts .She knows herself but she stopped getting the reason behind all that she felt , the fear,the sadness and the void or emptiness engulfing her .
Pained at her parents' helplessness her condition worsens and she ends up visiting three psychiatric centres .Two of which were "thrown off track" by her and only helped to worsen her case.The last one helps her out in the true sense .Dr. Madhusudan , her saviour instills in her a sense of self-hope and assures her that this is not the end of the world.Faith is the bird that sees light in the darkest of weathers.The healing power of soft kind words and caring for has been superbly demonstrated .
The fear of being misinterpreted and wrongly judged/diagnosed causes people suffering from mental syndromes forces them to stop expressing their inner turmoil truly  leading to suppression of their thoughts ,inappropiate treatment based on a diagnosis of false made-up symptoms and eventually a greater depression for the already suffering patient .


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