Relative time

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A story about learnning

Submitted: July 01, 2008

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Submitted: July 01, 2008




In the beginning there were vast clouds of dust and gas amongst the vast emptyness of space. Somewhere in the clouds billions and billions of particles begin to fall in on each other, slowly at first but growing ever quicker as the mass increases. From somwhere amongst the mass two jets of matter opposite each other begin to stream away. The mass is heating up, stong winds have begun and magnetic fields are trapping hot plasma. Temperature and pressure increasing, increasing, increasing. Then, fusion. Gases converting, producing energy, producing heat, the collaps stops. Solar winds are created. The once dusts that did not become part of the star have long since combined to form there own masses.

Planets. Some to close to the heat of the star, others to far. One, one is just right. Time passes unmeasured. An atomosphere has formed around the planet. The star heats the planets surface. Life begins in it's simplist form. Time continues uncaring. The planet breathes as it circles the star. Creatures and plants begin to appear on the surface of the planet. Living and dying. Still time passes. Evolutoion creates stronger smarter creatures.

Humans evolve, learning thinking creatures. Slowly they populate their tiny planet. Learning, growing, grouping together, packs become heards then clans and villages, towns finally cities. From hundres to thousands, millions to billions. Raping and pillaging not only from each other, but from there own planet. Consuming and using relentlessly. Fighting and killing. Dominating the planet. Some rejoice great success, many suffer at the hands of few. Sicknesses are ovecome, greed grows stronger. Filth and pollution cloud the atmosphere. Time marches forward. Weapons that destroy one then ten then hundres, are created and recrated, until even the planet could be destroyed. There own home, one alone out of all the others. Raped pillaged burned and polluted. Time continues unmoved. From riding animals to carts to cars then planes, rockets and spaceships. Spaceships, at first small unreliable and clumsy. A satalite then two then many. Space exploration, then a space station. Minds working together fight dissesas and each other. Better cures, better ways to kill. Humanity reaches further to space, there fingers probing for more. From one planet to another, one star system to the next. Populating, rapping, pillaging, and killing gose on. Time moves forward.

A galaxy filled with a race of polluters and consumers, stripping planets bare of their resources and leaving a legacy of pollution.

The creature flicks off the microscope, and takes the small dish in it's hand. "So you see class

time is relative to size. A moment for you or I may be generations for something else.” It turns and washes the dish out in a sink.

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