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Submitted: June 25, 2008

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Submitted: June 25, 2008



I remember like it was yesterday. The sun shinning bright and warm through the windscreen of my Honda Civic, my first car and a manual. I didn’t care if it sucked it was mine. My father in the passenger seat explaining how to drive a manual. The car idled, the engine noise was relatively low for the age of the vehicle. Dad finished explaining, noticing I was becoming impatient and told me to have a go.
I moved my hand from the steering wheel to the gear stick , depressed the clutch , slid the stick back into second then into first . I noticed the engine noise had increased and smiled as I realized I was giving ample throttle to drive at speed, I lightened my foot on the throttle and began to release the clutch. Apparently a bit quick, and it proved a mistake not to release the hand break, the car tried to leap forward but the resistance from the breaks staled the engine.
Dad laughed and said "Have another go, you’ll get it. "
He was right, it didn’t take me long and I was driving home from the empty car park.
" A car is just as dangerous as a gun, and to drive one is not a right. NO be most sure of that. It is a privilege, and if you don’t respect that it can be taken from you . "
I remember that being explained at a school driving lesson, it made sence to me then and still does now.
My wife is beautiful, and our children so full of life.
We were travelling down the highway on our way to Hamilton. It was a hot sunny Waikato day, the road was quiet witch was nice. The car was peaceful so I looked back to check on the children, they were both sleeping, I cheeked there seatbelts and noticed out of the corner of my eye. A car coming up fast behind us. I turned to my wife and told her, "Someone’s in a hurry behind us."
She glanced in the rear vision mirror and then said, " Well they will have to slow down in a moment, or they wont get around this corner." The car began to slow as my wife applied the brake, but the car behind us kept coming, we had begun to enter the corner when I realized he was going way to fast and was going to try and pass us. It was a long sweeping corner, and you could not see around it. I looked over and said " The clown is still coming!", my wife was already slowing the car to try and let the other driver pass. They had almost gotten past us, when a large truck appeared around the corner. Who ever was driving must have tried to swerve back into our lane, but it was far to late. All they managed to do was clip our car and spin it 180 into the path of the oncoming truck, witch managed to collect both cars and push us into the ditch grinding to a halt on top of us.
Or so I have been told.
I was knocked unconscious on impact, my wife is a fighter and she lived, for that I am very thankful .
The doctors tell me my kids would have never felt a thing.
It doesn’t help to know that, it just doesn’t.
The two passengers in the other car died as well, but the driver, the driver lived.
How is that fair. Yes maybe it is harsh to say, but what right dose this person have to kill and live.
My kids don’t get to live. They were so full of life.


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