A World Without

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

What if everyone in the world was blind?

Kirk is a city where the monarchs that ruled over them had sight but the population was blind. The sighted gene would pop up in the population every so often, about every 100 years, and the monarchs would take those children and raise them as their own. They write in Braille using boulers, they're like fountain pens only with glue cartridges to create bumps instead of ink.

Table of Contents

Kai Capalda

  15th June 114P.R.   Mt Marble Kirk. That's its proper name, but everyone likes to call our cosy city Kirk. It... Read Chapter

A Normal Day

  With my school bag resting across my shoulder I set off across town. I put my hand up and ran it along the rope. Within 15 min... Read Chapter

Heading West

  The old man's cloak drags behind him and his feet move slowly. The air was dry and stuffy and he moves with gentle silence as ... Read Chapter

On A Train

  It has been an hour and a half in this carriage overwhelmed with the buzz of voices. I close my eyes trying to block out the n... Read Chapter

The Horizon!

  Sand. More, exciting sand. Alexander wipes his eyes as Randy trundles forwards, Alex drinks the last of his water and taps Ran... Read Chapter

What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Someone tapped my elbow. They tapped again. I reluctantly take my fingers out of ears which, by doing so, welcomed me with a tsunami wave... Read Chapter

The Sprint

Sand. Why is it always SAND! Alex screws his eyes shut as Randy raced over the boiling desert floor sending more sand up into Alex's eyes... Read Chapter

I Dare Not Look Back

  I lie in a heap with my spine on a slant up against the carriage roof. We had suddenly stopped, flipped and got thrown off the... Read Chapter


  Doors? Automatic. Emergency doors? Don't know where they are. Air? Ventilation?   Ventilation... Read Chapter


  The notes become distant and Ella Walker's voice fades away. Other sounds fill my ears: muffled cries; shouting; scratching; t... Read Chapter


  19th June 114P.R.   Kirk is hot, but nowhere near as hot as this. I have gathered the rest of the clothing off th... Read Chapter


  I gasp for air. What? What? What?   Maybe they were right.   I turn.   Maybe the devil ... Read Chapter

The Hut

  A faint rustling of paper starts to fill the silence. My mouth is damp and the air is a little cooler here. I turn my head sli... Read Chapter


  I sit on the sand. Unfriendly reminders come to my mind of my best friends lying unconscious, injured, exhausted and even dead... Read Chapter

The Journey Back

  “Kai.” I jolt awake and my hand grips the note. “Kai.” Déjà vu rushes through my mind as Matt's hands hold my should... Read Chapter

New In The Old

  The sun is rising up from behind Kirk, the yellow slowly peaking through the gaps in the buildings. The group has finally shut... Read Chapter

The Grand Palace

  I am transfixed as the hot sun beats down on my face. My eyes adjust and I can see the wall of shrubs rising up beyond, ... Read Chapter


  My hand uncontrollably starts to jitter and the knife starts to cut into her neck. The drops of blood start to fall onto her g... Read Chapter


  26th June 114P.R.   Out into the desert again. I never thought that I would be so happy to be leaving Kirk. Well,... Read Chapter