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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

When a cub is taken out of his home, he has to survive.

I wrote this when I was 7, so just read it as a bit of fun.

Table of Contents


It was a dark night in the Brazilian Amazon rainforest when deep from within the forest came a howl.   A howl of wolves. ... Read Chapter

The Tiger And The Lions

Howler awoke the next morning to find Darka outside the cavern, “Don’t be scared Howler, I am going to train you to become a Hunt... Read Chapter

Gone, All Gone

  Howler opened his eyes to find his mother lying on-top of him, “Mum?” Howler cried, “Son” Twilight said weakly... Read Chapter

The Dark Forest

Howler legged it, not looking back, he ran and ran until he was deep in the dark forest, it was only now when Howler looked back at what ... Read Chapter


Fear suddenly washed over Howler and he ran towards the light. His hair stood up and he felt panic bubble up within him. Then it went dar... Read Chapter

The Lioness Cub

“Hey,” The words came floating towards him softly and from behind, He shivered. “I’m Hunter,” The voice said again, “... Read Chapter


  There was a thud and a crash. Light raced through-out the ship blinding Howler and Hunter for a second, then a massive surge o... Read Chapter


  The truck stopped to a grinding halt and Howler looked out see a boring stone building, the door opened and Howler fell asleep... Read Chapter


  The next morning the pups were let out of the hut for a little air but Hider didn’t come out. The keeper, realizing somethin... Read Chapter


They ran and they ran until there legs were sore and aching. They stayed the night under a rock on the edge of a forest, as Hunter and Hi... Read Chapter

On The Way to Britain

  Clunk, swish, the familiar rocking woke Howler suddenly. He was on another ship. He looked around and saw Hider curled up ... Read Chapter

The Port

  A sudden jerk, awoke Howler from his sleep. It had been nearly seven hours on that ship, but finally they had arrived in Brita... Read Chapter

Fancy Cruise

  A paw pulled Howler down out of sight of the port, he twisted around to see Hunters paw over her mouth as is to say, stay quie... Read Chapter

The Storm

  Thunder awoke Hunter and Howler in the early hours of the next morning, the sky was a dark grey nearly black and the sea was r... Read Chapter

Alone Again

Howler awoke hours later. He was all alone now, no friends, no family and most of all no parents. It took him the whole day to get deep i... Read Chapter

The Island

  The next day Howler awoke and got moving, he had been washed up on a beach with no idea where he was. After a while Howler got... Read Chapter

Sao Vicente

  The dense forest grew thicker in front of him as he pulls his paws forwards. He was getting hungry but he was in no mood to hu... Read Chapter