Blanket Fort

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Submitted: November 15, 2017

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Submitted: November 15, 2017



August walked into the room, he focused immediately on the structure in the center of the room.  It took up most of the room, and was made from blankets and large pieces of cloth. The blankets were strung from the walls and draped over furniture. The center of the structure was rounded, as though those blankets were draped over a dome.

“What is this?” his companion, a stern woman with a deep scowl, demanded.

“Not my daughter’s doing,” August said, glancing at his teenaged daughter for confirmation.

Alion shrugged. “I’ve never seen it.”

“Who’s in there?” August called. He stepped toward the structure. He heard a distinct zipper shriek and the blankets rustled. Setia poked her head out a small gap between two blankets. She was a young woman, underfed with wide eyes that gave her a look of being afraid. The purple streak in her hair was braided and pinned out of her face.

“What’s the password?” she said softly. Her focus was on August and Alion, she completely ignored the woman with August.

Alion grinned and knelt next to Setia’s head. She whispered a short phrase in Setia’s ear. Setia grinned, a rare expression that lit up her face and transformed her momentarily into a beautiful woman. “That is a good password. Please come in,” Setia ducked back into the structure, followed by Alion.

“What is going on?” His companion demanded.

August shrugged. “A game, perhaps Setia is babysitting other children.”

“Setia Deva?” The woman knelt next to the structure, but she was stopped by another woman poking her head out the same gap. This woman was older than Setia, with long dark hair braided into a crown around her head. She smirked, and the woman backed away.

“Princess Jean,” she said hesitantly.

“No password, no entrance,” Jean said firmly.

“This is absurd,” the woman snarked.

“Then leave,” Jean said sweetly.

The woman scowled, but followed Jean’s suggestion. She stood up and walked out of the room. August, worried about further disruption once word of this childish fort spread, locked the door once she was gone. He turned back to the fort and sat next to the flap until his darling wife stuck her head out of the flap.

“The password is “Password”,” August said.

Jean scowled. “Terribly unimaginative, but exactly what I would expect from you. Please enter,” She ducked into the structure and August crawled after her. There were strings of dim lights lighting the way down a tunnel. “That will take you to the food cave.” Jean explained. She moved a blanket and by the dim light, August could just make out a tent flap. Jean moved the door to the tent and led him into the tent.

The tent was lit by a lantern hanging from the roof. The floor of the tent was covered in pillows and blankets. On either side of the tent there was another flap, closing off sections of the tent into rooms. The flap on his right was pulled open, and Alion was with Azalea, a child younger than Alion, and still too old to be here. The two of them were starting a card game. In The main room, Jean moved back to her place next to the closed flap and resumed shuffling a deck of cards.

Setia and her friend Alonzo were at the back of the tent, in the shadows.

“Are Alion and Kit the only children in this thing?”

“Sshh.” Jean whispered. “The weather girls are sleeping in that room.” She pointed to the flap behind her.

“Yes, Alonzo and I made this. Azalea came after it was built.”

“Why was it built?”

Jean shrugged and jerked her head toward Alonzo and Setia.

Alonzo wrapped an arm around Setia. “We were talking about blanket forts. I told her I had never made one before, then Jean mentioned that she and her daughter Elisa used to make them all the time. One thing led to the other and Jean and Alonzo had it built in minutes.”

August glared at Jean, who smirked. “Loosen up, have some fun.”

August slouched against a pillow. “Every person in this fort is too old.”

“And yet here you are,” Setia said. “I like it, it’s hidden.”

“It’s obvious from the outside,” August said.

“But it’s not obvious who is in the structure, if we’re quiet,” Setia said.

August leaned his head back. “That’s true of any structure.”

Jean laughed, although August didn’t think he said anything particularly amusing. He watched her with fascination as she leaned against him. “Loosen up, stay a while.”

August thought of all his responsibilities. There was so much left to do, but he also thought of the promise he had made when he was reunited with his wife.

“Fine, take me back to the food room,” he said with a slight smile.

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