Tokyo Wars

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This story explains what can or could happen in future. Dreadful, to know read it now and grade.

Submitted: April 12, 2013

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Submitted: April 12, 2013




On a sacred day a man in a closed laboratory was doing something that did not suited the auspicious day. He was Enderson Mechaenzie a fierce terrorist and a mechanical engineer. It was 25th of December AD 2999. Yes a lot of years later this event may take place. This era was not at all related to humans but to robotics. Here, in Tokyo, Japan, at this time humans were lesser than robots. Each family had at least a robot. In fact the crimes which took place was not committed by people themselves but through robots. And this man was doing nothing but as usual a criminal minded work. He was preparing for a World War. Yes! World War 3: Humans versus Robots. This had never happened till then.

Humans used to think how can a metal box fight against them. But they were wrong absolutely wrong. It’s true that it follows our orders but if someone directs it do something wrong he will definitely do that. Humans were over dependent on robots. Taking the advantage of this factor Enderson had got this idea. As days passed came the eve of year end. Every family had a feeling of ecstasy. They were completely unaware what was going to happen. Everyone was overwhelmed by excitement when the clock struck’ 11: 59 ‘. As the day changed everyone expressed their excitement by giving festive applause as a tribute to the past year and a welcome beat for future.

A street dog at the same time started barking. He could actually hear the robots hurtling. He barked at the top of his voice. As a group of men standing near a lamp post moved their sigh they saw an ample group of robots. As soon as the head of the defence army got to know this he rapidly called all the soldiers. Each and every soldier was trained and so according to the training they

reached for defence in almost 15 minutes. There were 2,000 robots who were double than the humans. As per order, 10 sets of soldiers were made each containing 100 soldiers. 3 sets were ordered to go the jungle side and protect wildlife. Other 7 were fighting 1,500 soldiers in the city of Tokyo. First the animals got scared they thought that hunters had come as at that time robots also used to hunt with humans. But they got confused. Why were so many hunters hunting? After minutes of observation they understood that the humans were

saving them from being killed by the robots. They also supported humans to win. Rhino smashed a few, elephant crushed a few, tiger scratched a few, and gorillas broke a few of them.

The jungles were saved. Laser rods were fenced all over the boundary of jungle such that if any metal-made thing passes it gets sliced.

 After finishing that those three sets of soldiers were called into city where 1,250 robots were still fighting whereas 6 human sets were killed. Only 4 were remaining. They needed help. As time passed the number of soldiers from each

team was decreasing. Humans were pleading for help.

 For somewhere humans heard a roar. Animals were coming rushing to save humans. They were compensating

for the help which humans provided them. Humans were just saved but this help wasn’t enough. The robots were much stronger than what humans had thought them to be. Now everyone got scared. They had questions in their mind.

Who will save humans? Each and every family started praying to god to pardon them. Now they had understood their lesson. Suddenly the geographers announced every one out to get some strong shelter. Every one ran for shelter.

In moments the roads were empty of humans. From nowhere hail stones started hurtling down towards the ground. Each robot was crushed into pieces. From that day no one was dependent on robots. A year later Mechaenzie was hanged to death. There was once again peace because of nature.

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