The Secret Military order of Ordo Inis de Lupus PART 1

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This is an article of the secret order known as ORDO INIS DE LUPUS who's branches include the free masons and the knights Templars, they were an organization that existed in the 15th century and have survived to this day...They are believed to be a part of many historical events that happened through history including the first world war and the present ones that exist today.

Submitted: January 20, 2014

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Submitted: January 20, 2014



The Secret Military Order of Ordo Inis de Lupus PART 1

by : Sean Caine


I had just recently returned back from a historical trip to Europe which was a delight especially for someone who enjoys history like i do...My destination was Spain, France, Germany , England and the Czech republic. All these countries were wonderful in their own way, It was always a fascination of mine to know the history and origins of each country i go to, So i made it a habit to check out the National libraries of all the mentioned countries i came to visit, Much of Europes history involved dark and ruthless Wars through out the continent, but i have always believed that if you want to build a bright future, we must first know and understand our past, A lot of what you research in these historical libraries are not what was taught to you in school...there are documented scripts that will make your head much truth suppressed from people. Maybe during those times the Monarch's had a reason to keep the truth hidden....not much has changed from today's system of governments, but never the less the truth must still be told no matter how good the reason. In my inquiry on higher knowledge of European history...i came by this name ORDO INIS DE LUPUS in english it translates as The Order of the Wolves, What arose my curiosity towards this organization is that many of 15th century to 18th century scriptures mention them as part of the Christian crusades that colonized the world and even so more intriguing is the fact that they have a connection to Rome's forefathers Remus and Romulus. But what puzzles me is the fact that they have been mentioned in Many scriptures in history but we dont know much about them. So i decided to do some investigating on my own. According to research they were first mentioned in the 15th century as a contigent of the Knights Templars known as Wolven, As most of you know the templars wore the red cross insignia on theyre armor chest plates and theyre shields while the wolven had an insignia of a wolves head which at that time was the only contigent of the templars who were given authority by the pope to do so.It was believed that they were used by the Catholic church to carry ourt special missions that were sensitive to the other Templars which created some dispute and spite amongst them. The armour they used was fabricated in the province of Toledo in Spain which at that time was believed to have the finest Swordsmiths in Europe in which they were described by scriptures as having armor that resembled a Man wolf riding a horse and this is why many believe in the Myth of werewolves or Man Wolves, The wolven used to ride in Battle with Armour the resembled fear and for many Pagans, Demons....fighting on the side of the crusades. Even persian Warlords mentioned Christian Knights baring similarity to wolf men...were mentioned in some documentations. When the King of France convinced the pope that the knights Templars were becoming too powerful as an army and an organization, they disbanded them and persecuted those that remained faithful to the brotherhood, including the Wolven...feeling betrayed by the very institution they pledged to protect. As a result many of the former members built and created several secret brotherhoods an societies like the Free Masons, Opus Dei,Illuminati and others that remain in existence.Ordo Inis de lupus has survived centuries of discrimination and persecution and to my surprise is still a strong and resilient secret order only known to some and not known to all. I tried browsing and searching information on this organization in the world wide web and i was surprised to see the military activities and projects this organization is involved in till the present....but why the secrecy, a hidden agenda perhaps or a conspiracy who knows? Whatever their purpose for existence, i hope it is a good and just one.

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