ILove my IPhone

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fan Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Semi fiction, pseudo poem. Maybe humorous

I was no more than 17

the faithful day we met,

I was coy, yet anxious

and my palms began to sweat


I first caught glimpse of you

through a window in the mall

Your beauty was no match for me

to my knees, you made me fall


I approached you slowly

trying to be cool

but just as I was going in

you were hit on by some tool


I thought that you were gone for sure

with another man

but hope sprang up again

when I saw you leave his hand


As the bastard walked away

I moved in, hoping not to flounder

Right then and there the stars aligned

in our awkward first encounter


Your delicate touch was new to me

and I seemed like a brute

It would take some getting used to

...which was quite a hoot


You were new and different

to almost all the senses

Against your curves and perfect frame

I had no defenses


And so our journey started

exciting and brand new

I'd show you off to all my friends

they'd ogle and say "oooo"


But you were for me only

through the thick and thin

Little did I realize

your true beauty lay within


There seemed to be no limit to your intelligence

or your ability to entertain

Whenever boredom reared it's head

you always had a brand new game


You retained your grace and tact

when things got convoluted

You even helped me in math class

when numbers had to be computed


At night I could rest easy

knowing you were by my side

There to gently wake me up

if I ever lost the time


You would accompany me always

on car rides, runs and in the shower

and fill my day with music

just to pass the hour


You'd always be reminding me

of appointments I'd forgotten

and also keeping track of the date

so my food didn't end up rotten


If ever I was running late

you could tell me the next bus

or find the nearest Taco Bell

without the slightest fuss


You help me keep in touch with friends

and family, which can be hell

You even make me look less stupid

and help me when I cannot spell


You monitor my manners

telling me how much to tip

and you never give me away

when I happen to let one rip


You tell me all the sports scores

should I ever want to know

You'd make the perfect woman

but alas you had to go


For you see, all my good fellows,

she wasn't a woman at all

She was my beloved IPhone

...until that fateful fall


 I'd dropped her once or twice before

with a small scratch or crack

but when I saw that pretty face shatter,

I knew there was no going back


Now there were those before you

who occupied my time

but where most of them were fugly,

Darling, you were a dime!


You were my one true love

and now there is a void

not sure if I can carry on

Then again...maybe I'll get a Droid





Submitted: March 30, 2012

© Copyright 2022 Sean Lay. All rights reserved.

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Insane Membrane

lol my I phone and I shall never part ... no droid shall come between us and your wonderful poem sums it up so well

Fri, March 30th, 2012 9:46am


great art,,,i like the portrait

Fri, March 30th, 2012 10:06am

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