Aura of Descriptions

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From the mists of the past her mystical shroud steals forth to envelop your conscious in her enchanting spell of immortal rapture....

Submitted: March 19, 2018

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Submitted: March 19, 2018



I like your idea of an introductory description because I do not find descriptions boring at all, on the contrary, I find them very interesting. If your heart is really set on beginning your novel with a description, then you can do so with confidence.

The secret to making your introductory description a winner is to enchant the minds of readers luring them into your spell by crafting your introduction in such a fashion as to give it the cryptic aura of spiritual prophecy, a dire warning of impending doom, or a legacy of immense ancient power.

Grab readers’ attention with mysteries that shock and intrigue. Touch their souls by offering them that which their hearts desire most.

You may accomplish this winning formula by writing your description with words and phrases that evoke stirring emotion triggered by cognitive powers of association that result in ghostly subliminal suggestion.

Examples of these psychologically potent words and phrases are: A great cloud opened in the sky radiating the glory of heaven, secrets of the grave, and it came to pass that all the firstborn of the land were baptized in blood, the mark of the Devil was in their foreheads, Rasputin’s Gaze, Tannhauser Gate, Madame Blavatsky, the Promised Land, Haunted House, Sword of Victory, Fountain of Youth, Witchcraft, the Royal House of Borgia, Dynasty of the Medici Banking Family, Crisis Actor, New World Order, strange lights in the night sky, UFO, eerie sounds emanating from a mysterious green glow in the shadowy swamp, premonition, Woman’s Intuition, Omen, Raw Head Bloody Bones, Sorceress of the Scepter of Avalon, the Dead Man’s Widow, don’t leave her alone with the children!, she was an impish prude, priest-ridden, rosary-racked and sorely in need of the consolation of the Damned.

Frank Herbert begins Dune with a description. Robert Ervin Howard begins Conan the Barbarian with a description. Sean Terrence Best begins The Secret of Hope with a description.

When you compose your description with psychic energy that telepathically invokes wondrous fascination, imagery transference, and irresistible thrilling excitement, you’ll accomplish making your introduction a classically rewarding and memorable experience for readers that will draw them into the suspenseful depths of the sweeping drama of your monumentally epic saga and make them ecstatic to have your title prominently exhibited on the shelves of their personal libraries.

Congratulations to you for writing a novel. I look forward to reading your book, which I know is going to be a bestseller!

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