They whisper the charnel secrets which can only be heard if one listens to the ghostly voices in other rooms.....

The formula by which I write stories with the chapters already in order is this ~ I place eight lighted real beeswax candles in the shape of a five point star then read from an ancient tome entitled Secrets of the Shibboleth Realm to summon the ghost of Bridget Bishop who tells me word for word the entire story fully written and ready for reading.

The reason for the beeswax candles is because the Mormon word for honeybee is Deseret and they have recently moved their Deseret Ranches to the Tupelo Honey capital of the world, Wewahitchka, Florida which is my place of birth.

The reason for arranging the eight lighted candles in the configuration of a five point star is because this is the symbol traced by the planet Venus in the Zodiac every eight years.

The reason for summoning Bridget Bishop is because she is my ancestral grandmother who was the first to be hanged for witchcraft during the horror of the Witch Trials in Salem Village in 1692.

Her maiden name was Playfer. Bridget and her husband were gagged and made to stand back to back before a rude assembly of gawking onlookers with her alleged offense (summoning the Devil to do her bidding) written on a paper affixed to their foreheads.

In the shadows of the Witching Midnight Hour, I conduct story writing rituals wherein Bridget Bishop appears to me in water eyes and tells me novel-length stories with the chapters already in order, dramatically arranged and ready for reading.


To publish horror books one can opt for the independent publishing platform of economic market-based organizations such as CreateSpace or Kindle Direct Publishing, yet extrasensory perception is critical for achieving the elusive goal of profitable horror book publication.

It is also possible to publish horror books the old-fashioned way by querying literary agencies with a letter of introduction, synopsis, and first chapter. There are trade book publishers that negotiate directly with authors, yet most traditional publishers do business only with literary agents.

I shall also briefly mention that there is a not often talked about sphere of alternate methodology which, though shunned by many, must be taken into account when considering horror book publication.

In order to publish horror books effectually, the supernatural must be acknowledged and dealt with on its own terms. One must realize that there is a grim undercurrent which cunningly conceals itself beneath a veneer of the mundane. Publishing horror books can only be successfully accomplished with alert awareness of the paranormal element that roils like a haunting mist around the coldly calculating machinations of hidden ghostly influence shaping the cult trends of mass market paperback horror book publishing.

In the shadows of the vast unknown reaches of the galaxy there are myriad unseen powers which insidiously control horror book publication. Even here on the small blue-green planet Earth there lurk forces of night which seep into unprotected nooks of the human psyche for deep and unknown purposes. It is a metaphysical conspiracy. Publishing horror books involves secrets grotesquely manipulating writhing tentacles of witchcraft that reach far beyond the mundane nuts and bolts of the ordinary everyday practical routine of getting a manuscript transformed into a published horror book, id est, a profound knowledge of the occult is absolutely necessary for publishing horror books.


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