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Love with Media

Submitted: May 26, 2012

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Submitted: May 26, 2012




Half the story with the Narrative in your MIND

^ the real title of the Book is

(delete all red text before sending out)



1.Fail of Facebook

2.Feel time with Jq

3.BeFore its to Late

4.Understanding OF retartism

5.Read all About IT

6.Future Invester

7(one that I’m sure about).Changing Times//////maybe if should change the last Title sho I can have my Face on the Co  ver


They might not buy my Short Story but I will make to change how they TITLE their talents NeXt title, if nothing else. LOL


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5/26/2012 about 7pmUntil 12pm

clip_image001.png\"Chapter 1

Chapter 1 Art in Origional form(That is Mad in this Charter)

Thought process is the dummies idea any great scientist has ever come up with. Why is it that should not end a sentence "with". That's how I would say it. Or the sample fact that if you have a soul/body that it means that you have a brain and thought process. I since heard a Bird laugh and if I said that out loud it would sound dumb, so I ask myself am I dumb or just not waNting to face relaity. If the one who is read it and is processing the misspelling it has been do on purpose. It books about how and why Father has not thought us about why we continuously have to reAson with explaining our selfs to Him and ourselves. Why in reality He loves us most when care about thoughts of Him. 


Is it better to educTe or humor onesself or both. I may read this again later and be upset at the Bird idea or The world if the fact that I have emotion and if I can't comfort the silly Bird And teacher that told him to read "don't kill the mocking Bird" or "why the crying Bird is mocked" I know it's one of these or who reeally cares what the stupid teacher told me, when in fact that she may have to read this. I am more focused one the ever thought provoking Bird and understand his/or her world before it ends to bring more light into my self.   To one day Educate a clan of killer Bird to free before its to late. Because I can realate to the smartest race of my family and cause free thought and freeing or asking yourself if I should free my caged bird before we both drive one another insane. Since this will be a bestseller let me you how to let what you should do be I or Steven Spoeaksper influxe you on how to help your skinny fat ass before you commute sidled hid and comets suercide over watch the next BlockBlackBuster. You have what is called Emotions before the thought of help your stupid friend that is wanting to grab your Balls over Throst over your Fat skninny ass, that is going through the Emition of someone that give the Time and day to feel yours just so you can get his vote for Congressman, if that is you ever run. Lol. 


I say Fuck the Vote and Not die.... That 50 or Jays Job. And look at how famous they are. Because that the end of the day he might blame you for his Stupid car he bought for his nephew and cause his death. Where was he when I was driving my Brothers Luxus with the broke computer that didn't Stop talking in my OnStar.  Lol. I hate you but love myself you sake of Shit. Keep biggies fat ass Poems out your Dick Sucking Mouth.


You wanna Sick? Rat bastard. Oh I feel so Good you cick suck that can't even influence Lementy Kids to read or write Poems with spells of Misspelled words you bastard. I wonder and found out now why if dint have Twitter or Couldnot read the script of the part of Ray. You fucking Blind or Def standing in front a waste rruck.


I Guess hwy you lost your mind and Newley born Idoite dog that you apdopted. I just want to clear a thing Obama does not want you stupid ass asking him what's his Dick cost or if he wants a cock suck from you or BizWix chain snackling R Kelly rejected Horse. Or is it a Camel RunAway. Obamaz says you can Keeps it. And no hes not going to tell you how much his Campign raised for Autism because he doesn't you to Feel Bad about the Spurim he jizzaled on you when He sees you or your Liver name child, because it's to Late for some Childeren that never learnt to read when they were hitting / biting their Mother to Drive to Macyville to be served by a CrackHead. Are you Stupid it goes his moral ethical back door Campign Policy of funding or Relating to Terrorist that support Black on Black Crime. His new Camping is focused on Animal rights and it just wont work For his stands on the retartism Life.

Oh please save him and Opras fat ass and know that he doesn't need monies or TV reality retarts to Sing "purple Rain purple Rain". He can get someone that is well educated like Steve Wonder and still juzzle on your mom and Oprea and get away with it without cAusing more mispronounce of the fashion line that your rat wifes mama came out with or will with Roczilla Partnshop of MediaJuzzle for nozzle corp. 


He yor aD theft Bird man image has inspired me to rite in a drug live (love) to reach out other Die camp of retartism camp that Bush trussed to start when he found out that you need to Katchup to not get bullied in school by SuperNas. That restarted button o a rapper.


That God rejigger his position of kcalling him or any statement Sura that he may be The Lost but never wanting to Mind/find Child that His own mom didn't want to claim as being hers. Oh yea you and milK shake party cause me to Mentor that Boy in the White has named Ted, so he can steer him from bad retartism b/c it a form of Fashism. Boy I love my Democractism party of fair Speech. I just want you to know slit. OKnow you Kim and LittleWayn have one but two Media outlets to support your Happy twitter Fans. I just juzzled at the thought of Publishing this Book for the Soul purpose of making you repay that falsifying Forbes Image of you and retartism Tim Buffet with his old cracit voice when you hold his Chinese Blue Balls.


 Just to help you out don't name your Next label BlueBalls the Ruck Back if getting nut Fucked by The White man Buffet. Before you burn the joint make sure that you have IBHim insurance. You may have to finish my Burger. I know Laft you hanging " I have to finish Kick Rocz from by Obama the nexT twitterMan of Reeing to Lat for Carter to get it he can't Read he droppedOut". 


Finally sorry for my Poem loving readers for that shout out. And it Obama for mentioning his name when regarding uneducated Terrorist that compare themselves to Great people that has cause positive revolutions like the Great Masoud from the great kit flying country of Afghanistan. And people that are out to influence the next Facebook fall. Don't worry People FaceBook email is still going to be around. Sorry BlueBallBook Mark, but the only thing I have against you and Tim is that you are in an Area with People that might be compared to the CEO of 1980,s of IBM and I can't have that. He said that we can solve any Math problem without you two Clowns. Oh if you are not in Jail over your failure of of IPO, hope you learned that you need more than Lemons to setup Shop.

Do you know how wrong it is for you to put your face on a product that is going cause some poor son to hang his self before he makes His poor dad proud. It makes me sick to my stockMic that you and Computer Geek like Pinster can not just get a website and think oh Let's make friends and end of FuckBooming the whole fucking World. You sTupid ass wannabe Google CEO. He changed peoples life's and offers Lemonade, just if you or other Jew doesnt get it that is what is "Required" under SEC Commonwealth society CONsiders as Fair Trade of Equity.


And for all those fat Ass critics that are getting there Ben and Herries and are out campigning for Gays not having Wedding Intiviation or Healthcare, please beWARE your Pension and retirement is not only purchasing and investing your hard worked for retirement into Facebook and Rights for Gays. So please build your life around Walt because you thought wrong when electing Bush.


And your Stupid ass better buy this book because I have the Solution to your lost wages it's SocialMedia you old fart. You get out raged over Drama then learn something from the departed Arab, stop tipping the homeless pastor telling you are going end up in Dream Heaven. It's not true. I talk to the Boy or let me be serious the boy who's wake up and found out that Just like Santa, he's still waking up to GranMa because his poor Father can't figure out he sign up for the Stupid War. So it might be like Walts world in Heaven. I for One am tardy of have to you raise children that did not come out of your you. But I can't stand a Lie or Pastor that doesn't get is not realistic.


If I'm looking at Joe failing asleep I might not wake him up, so that my Stupid child can Fuck again and leave me with my FuckBlackBook or whatever Obama thinks is the next investment cluster to invest my Retirement in. Oh stupid they hand out checks not Guns the last time we had to go War. Where do you think this MeltingPot of Goverment came about. It was built on hard working Citizens and not CampFuckBlackBook trying to make me cry about my poor last GranMa, because I cry over my Money before I cry Bout the stupid bill that's going to end up ending my relationship with Uncle Sam.


Because even if I fail out with Him that Bastard made me work for the last 60 Fucking eEars Obama. And yes as a old citizen that needs his/her check from Sam, I don't know if I wants you to Touch my Sam. I got to take care of my grandson that looks like you and let him know that The Country was built my back not an Uncle Sam or Uncle Obama because they are out get Beach Ass.


That's all you idiot. Oh yeah please let your dumb wife to stay out of the Garden, Joes out there kill his back to get this Yard fix and can't offered to pay for Medicare. I don't give a fuck if he dies not I can't fucking handle this grand kids by myself, let alone his mom that sent my child oversea so she can bitch about her new shoes and how much it means for her to help me out only if she could.


Bitch save Michelle from getting Juzzled on and Captain Obama, a trip and stoP buying fake Shit and exporting all the Jobs to Clint's in Laws in Korea, maybe she should like your husband close your legs. Lol Hilary ... You go Girl you still have a job with the next president that the rat of Chinese man your hand visas to. Bill hang in there, oh yeahs how's that pasta maker workin out for you, can I buy one at WalMart. Love you guys make sure you play a game of Hearts with Dick, but make sure you let him Win. He might not like losing like this counter part.  



Page for TimePast?Travel from you BOOK to TV and repost of findings.  reMarks of new Social MEDIA marketing campign that is Funded by Lifetime Partners Inc.

5/27/2012  about 12 a.m-5pm or when you read starts

clip_image001.png\"  Chapter 2 titled “TimeLINE”

Sorry about the cursing and out rage about what is dear to me and The Stupid shit that I have to Live in as Social Media continues to roll our life and try to find a Love?Hate relationship.  So to help sell my great Idea, I thought why not have the readers write back to the Editor to let me know what they think.  Not only to let me know but to Voice your opinion.  I just thought to myself should it not say Writer.  Okay.

Timeline was created to help reason your inner thought of what if we all experience life as Travelling wifes/husbands of the Machinist at Work.  And let me know what you find because it’s a Trip lifetime that you always get returned product’s from. 

Just want to clearify what I mean about timeLine and experience of it.  Image if you are on LSD and come home and before you read it see a shit load of images in your mind of how the next product that will may or maynot purchase is marketed to you in the form of SHITTy humor.  What would you do? Do you turn it off or say Shit I should get on Drugs it’s better then waiting for it to play then read.

The first charter was written in a way to make funny of things that we hate and not relate to based on what State of mind we where or reminded of when we visit the product.  Examples for the Social Media or lets just call it a different form of Monkey TV asses that drive Stan to Drive tv,internet,shopping, and Em to rehab.  Whick is a Good deed Em your favorist Fan. ~~~~Stan P.S> hope that don’t mind me sharing our realationship with the DOC, I heard that he is into that kinds lifestyle. 

Okay sorry but why read shitty book that has no content.  So why not create a form of what Life means to us as the end users. 

If I was the end user as you are to would understand first that we are tired of the Political angle of TV aD’s.  It causes a “MAD man” mind frame that causes us to love/but hate you more.  Example then Post and email address to send your love hate thoughts to seandarwich@gmail.com.

Example1. We speak about the old lady and what made her made.

Example2. Lemonade IPO example of dislike of experience.

Example1. Played out on TV

So McDonald has a get idea to brand old lady with their new campign of Old with the NEW of oatmeal product.  Now how did you think about it.  Please send or remember what you out of it and email it.  I thought it was fine and funny for the sample fact that it catered to Old people and show them in light of smart people that are into the same mix of thought process of Media love/hate and are Hip on whats going on.  Not forgetting that they are paid actors but have freeLance thought and input.


Example 2. Playedout Lemonade

Kid star actor doing campign on Cancer and raising money for a child that is hurt about her condition.  That is the wrongist thing that you can do.  First I have a hard time to believe that you are not for profit and out just to promote what is dear of my grand child that is fighting this Disease.  IF you are not getting you’re the picture.  Please stop talking about hungery American or any disease, to me until you get the problem solved.  It tears my apart and cause my to want to find you and that FUCKING star Actor a NEW IPO asswhole.  Bitch don’t take it as a purposal, your paid acting is coming to a end and I have to Live with my grandchild and let her know that the money of make a Wish made out to your ass to raise capital to fund the new BIRD fund. 




Chapter 3

clip_image001.png\"Chapter 3

Please let me know if you would be more interested in a thought out book and dream world book


If you want to continue daily Book Stan fan style and why


Other FReelanced ideas partnerships for possible product pitch.









































































































































































































































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