some kind of madness

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A conversation between doctor and patient concerning modern madness.

Submitted: June 11, 2012

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Submitted: June 11, 2012




Some kind of madness

‘So tell me about your childhood,’ the doctor leaned back in his seat smiling.

  ‘My childhood? What’s that got to do with anything man, my childhood...? No I don’t wanna talk bout my childhood,’

  ‘...ok. What do you want to talk about today?’ the melancholic smile remained.

  ‘You know I wasn’t always like this you know? Like this,’ the patient held out a trembling hand. ‘It only started in that fuckin place you know? Got to do it though they said, take it or go hungry,’

  ‘Who said this?’

  ‘The fuckin people you know!? everybody tellin me everyday it’s what a guys gotta do you know? Can’t live without suckin it sometimes, putting your head to the grindstone that sort of shit,’

  ‘I see,’ the doctor scribbled a quick note, then flashed that smile. ‘So you feel as if they are all against you is that it?’

  ‘Against me? Hell no. They aren’t against me the whole fuckin system is against me, those suckers just take it from you guys no questions asked you know!? No offence there but fuck...’

  ‘Who is against you? What system? I’m not here to hurt you; I’m here to help you,’ flashing a serene full tooth smile.

  the patient winced. ‘That’s how THEY talk, they wanna help us. They wanna show us how to better ourselves and we believe it, they shovel this shit and us guys eat it by the truckful you know? They don’t wanna help just gotta make the next pay grade that’s all it is sir, all the same you know, it’s in the fuckin system!’ He shook his head solemnly.

  another note, scribbled hard into the page. ‘I see... So tell me about your work,’

  the patient laughed slowly, precisely. ‘My work? That place dosn’t bring back good memories you know? Like it’s just the thought of it man, that place forever...’ the patient stared into space for a second, the thought burning behind swollen eyes. ‘You’re nothing you know? Not shit to you folks in your suits and shiny new cars, guys like me we’re just the means to an end for you cats,’

  ‘Cats?’ puzzlement.

  ‘You gotta do it they said though, do it for the rest of your fuckin existence, pay the boss and we’ll let you drink and smoke your fuckin  sorrows away,’

  the doctor scribbled the word cats, heavily underlined, must find out what this new slang means he thought scratching his smooth chin.

  ‘ok, I think I understand,’ he didn’t. ‘But you know why your here, they want to know if you’ve shown any improvement.’ the doctor looked over his notes, delusional fantasy, aggressive tendencies, panicked trauma, cats... shows some kind of madness. ‘I think you’ve shown marked improvement, but there is still the issue to discuss of why you did it...’ the doctor smiled his smile while fingering the button under the seat.

  ‘Why I did it?’ the patient looked up sadly.

  ‘Yes,’ a flash of teeth.

  from his restraints the patient trembled slightly. ‘I couldn’t bear it you know?’

  ‘Bear what?’

  ‘You know the fuckin hypocrisy,’ 

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