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A book I am starting. I plan to publish it on here chapter by chapter so keep checking back.

Submitted: January 01, 2012

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Submitted: January 01, 2012




The Centurion


By Sean Murphy

Beginning Soon


The Island of Patmos.  77 AD.


Antonious’ Father had abandoned him years before.  Since then he had only managed to learn three things about the man.  One:  He had been a soldier in the Roman army.  Two:  He had left the family suddenly before Antonious was old enough to remember him, and Three:  He had recently become very ill and was near death.


As the eldest son, Antonious travels to Patmos in order to discuss his inheritance with his ailing father and sign the necessary papers.He harbors bitterness toward the old man over his abandonment and is at best indifferent toward his impending death.  However, Antonious is about to realize that there is something extraordinary about his father:  Many years ago on a spring day outside of Jerusalem, he participated in an event that would change not only the course of his sons life but the very course of human history.


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