Valley of Storms

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Years ago, the final battle between Light and Dark was fought... and the light was extinguished. Now the world is ruled by darkness, and kingdoms feud endlessly with one another. The Valley of Storms, the homeland of the vampires, is about to become the battleground for a new struggle. As a new regent is crowned to rule over the valley, foreign dignitaries escort spies into the nation, and on the outskirts of the valley, the nomadic Beastmen prepare to make their move...

Table of Contents


~Prologue~ Somewhere in the distance, the air burst into flame, and a deep booming spread itself over the land, but Andrei could scar... Read Chapter


~Aurelius~ Gray and black clouds drifted over the Valley of Storms. Rain fell slowly but steadily, a small reprieve from the usual tu... Read Chapter


~Elfriede~ The carriage moved slowly across the Planting Ground. The driver kept the horses close and drove them slowly, so as to avo... Read Chapter


~Radu~ "You know you worry me when you run off like that," Radu told his sister. "I know," she agreed. Radu sighed. He and Ni... Read Chapter