Dreaming of Death?

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This dream, I don't even know if I'm safe.

Submitted: September 18, 2015

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Submitted: September 18, 2015



I had a dream a few nights ago that felt so real, and was determined it could mean something, though maybe dreams are just dreams and they don’t mean anything at all. But everything I have remembered is written here.  


There was one night where I was under a lot of stress, and was looking for a way to calm myself down.  Instead of using any drug to ease my pain, I found a style in sound called ‘Binaural Beats’, which helps to focus the mind and slow down any thinking process.  All it was was this wobbly sign wave shifting slowly over the coarse of three hours, but for me I skipped to those parts.  Then I decided to sleep, which then the real horror began.  

As I began to dream, I noticed that the first place that I can remember was in a third world home, with two African American old couples in the house.  I was with a companion which set me at ease, yet I could actually think in my dream.  He was talking to them, and then I followed him after he nodded to the couple.  While following, the old lady looked at me and said, “don’t make me regret my decision”.  In the dream, I didn’t react to that how I should in reality.  I felt like an adventure awaited us, yet I didn’t know what I was getting myself into at the same time. 

All of a sudden, I was descending down this dark narrow tunnel shaft going downwards.  At that point, I felt devoted in seeing what was at the end of the shaft.  Possibly a room?  Or maybe a crypt?  I was uneasy, until I realized what I was stepping on as we descended towards our destination.  Bones?   No, not just any kind of bones, laid out skulls with preserved dead eyes looking up from the ground.  They weren’t alive, yet I had a feeling that something was watching us from all directions.  

It began to get darker and darker until we needed to bring out the white light.  My companion was behind me, so I held the torch.  The air became more stale and cooler as I made each step downward.  Then there was a point where my head and my vision began to blur, not as in changing the direction of the dream, but intentionally at that point of descent.  I began to hallucinate on my way to the bottom.  Bright colors began to swirl around me, and slowly enveloped my surroundings.  

As we got to the bottom, I felt like I was in paradise.  My companion was at a daze, walking around in this weird wonderland.  We were greeted by four or five African children, dressed in bright colored clothing design to their culture.  Yet something felt wrong.  

“Have you one sacrifice?”  said one of the children.  And then again from all of them this time, “Have you one sacrifice?”.  I felt weird, and then became clear as of what was happening.  Hallucinating in a crypt means that nothing that I am seeing was real.  I grabbed my digital camera, and began to record around me.  

I looked at my companion, and he was at a daze without a care in the world, walking around as if there was nothing to fear.  I slowly saw myself slowly walk back to the entrance to the shaft from where we had came.  I felt extremely uneasy, as I felt that there were eyes watching me trying to plan my escape.  Slowly, I made it past the children who didn’t seem to mind.  I looked back slowly as I stepped with ease to the exit.  My companion was not paying attention to me at all.  This didn’t become the adventure I was hoping for.  It became the game of who would be the one to die down here, and who would be the first to escape.  

Making my way to the exit, I felt the first step.  With relief, I stopped for a few seconds to look around me before leaving with my camera.  It looked beautiful, as if it were a paradise.  The trees were greener as ever, and the land was fantastically fertile.  Yet I didn’t forget that I was in a crypt, and not in that world.  Then, with no warning, I bolted up the stairs.  

I was skipping two stairs precisely, to make myself cover more ground up the long pathway.  All of a sudden, screams of the children were making their way up to meet me.  I was in a panic, and skipped three stairs for each step I made.  Looking up, I could see the light.  I was so happy, until all of a sudden, I felt this liquid make its way to my legs.  I looked down, and saw that it wasn’t water, but of some weird substance that I have never seen before.  It was like a neon film you would see on black fuel, or any dark oils.  I was struggling.  I broke away from the grasps of that substance and kept on going.  Yet when I got to the entrance, something grabbed me, and the next thing I knew it, I was lunged backwards, back into the grave vault.  I was in shock, and that shock woke me up from that dream.  

I don’t know if this an intentional dream, or if I have been watching way too many movies.  But I felt for that second of waking up myself springing on the bed, as if I fell on my bed.  I don’t know if I should be worried, or to just get on with my morning. 

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