Should Geelong Have Won The AFL Grand Final

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Geelong and Saint Kilda played in the 2009 AFL Toyota Grand Final yesterday and here is the best review of it you'll get!

Submitted: September 26, 2009

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Submitted: September 26, 2009



Yesterday, on the last Saturday of September in 2009, the Saint Kilda Saints and the Geelong Cats played against each other in the 2009 AFL Toyota Grand Final.

Geelong won by 12 points but there were some dodgy points in the game. The first one was in the second quarter when Geelong player Tom Hawkins (26) stopped a Saint Kilda kick and kicked a goal, but the problem was, was it really a goal? The goal umpires are getting questioned after the Channel 10 network rewound the play in slow motion to find that it had hit the post as it went past. So that was the first meaning which was instead of Geelong winning by two goals it should only be seven points of that lack of authority from the goal umpires.

The second one was, of course, the field umpires, whome had made a lot of terrible decisions in the match. There were holding the balls that the umpires didn't give, trippings and the worst of all was the rule of holding the man. This example was in the third quarter when it was in the Saint's forward fifty a Geelong player garbbed Adam Schneider (13) by the scruff of the neck and chucked him to the ground. The Geelong player just ran straight to the play as if he didn't notice.

The last one was that most of the Saint Kilda players weren't playing to well. This example was in the third quarter again when Stephen Milne, (44) a Saint's player, grabbed the ball on the boundary line and did an absolutely terrible kick. It wobbled as it bounced on the ground and a Geelong defender picked it up and kicked it to a team mate.

That is my review of the Toyota 2009 Grand Final.

Thankyou for reading.

Take care, Seanyprawn.

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