Crimson and Scarlett

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fan fiction on Kyoko Honda from Fruits Basket

Submitted: September 20, 2009

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Submitted: September 20, 2009




Crimson and Scarlett
A flash of light followed by darkness.
Numbness entirely throughout the experience
But started with a shard pain.
The man on my left dressed in black and white
told me what I should do.
The woman on my right dressed in the same colors
told me not to, to do something worse.
I didn't understand, I couldn't move.
I did everything I could to fight the feeling,
the things I did in the past, but I couldn't change now.
It was already done, no regret, no going back.
I was lying in the street, staring,
Glaring at the boy that could have drawn me from death.
I would hold him accountable.
Blood surrounded my body
And it was the color I would remember the most,
The color within the heart.
The color of blood and love.

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