No one truely knows you, do they?


Revealed by Darkness
I never thought that joy could come from such dismal weather.
I watched water droplets fall from the sky as my blood pumped faster with every increasing beep of my heart.
It excited me so much I had to enjoy it. I walked in the street, through parks and alley ways soaking wet.
The neighborhoods were quiet with the rumbling of the clouds as an exception.
As nature took my picture, I realized my mask had been washed away.
I was alone and by myself, there wasn't anyone near me to please.
You can't help but be yourself when your surrounded by things you love.
Moisture welcoming, the coldness comforting my every move, but why was I unhappy?
Its because myself is unhappy.
The makeup washed into the gutter a few paces back and no one even knew.
The sky was black, the sun below the horizon and front porches empty.
I could run home, put on another face, but what good would it do?
Why is it so hard to be myself?
A freak to the core? So, what?
A disturbed, unwelcome child? Who cares?
No one does.
No one feels compassion of love, guilt or pity, they only expect me to do more and push through it.
Walking was the only thing I knew how to do without screwing it up and even then I still tripped,
But the only thing I could count on was this moment.
Because the best thing about the rain, is that no one knows your crying.

Submitted: September 20, 2009

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