The Halloween Witch

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A womaniser tries his chances with a promoter in a supermarket, but as he will realize, you must beware with what you wish for.

Got the idea while walking through the supermarket and seeing all the promoters dressed as witches trying to make you buy candy. Also, the painting in the story is real. Look it up!

Submitted: December 22, 2012

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Submitted: December 22, 2012




It was Saturday, October 31. Kevin walked through the aisles of the supermarket, as rampant as ever, looking for what he needed for Halloween. He required, among other things, to have the candy ready for the celebration of that night. He already had the monk costume for the costume party of his friend Richard (where Marceline would be, with whom he for 2 weeks desired to be alone with) and had left the horror DVD pack at home. Hellraiser seemed good choice as the first movie to watch.


Kevin loved the different festivities, especially Halloween. There was something magical about disguised monsters, corpses and demons and having that attitude, somewhat mischievous, that came with the holiday. He loved Halloween parties. He also loved the cartoon and movie specials with Halloween as a theme. He always remembered that time, as a child, when he saw "The Nightmare Before Christmas". Today, it was his guilty pleasure. He even knew the songs, but was somewhat ashamed to admit he liked the movie, so he kept that to himself.


It was then, when I hear the voice.


-Come here folks. The Wicked Witch offers you delicious candies.


A woman standing next to a candy bag, not too far from him, was giving free samples of the product. As did other promoters, she was dressed as a witch. She wore a short, black dress, plus striped tights, that were black and orange. She also wore a pointy hat. She was blond and wore rings on all of her fingers. She even appeared to be in her late twenties. She smiled a lot, which Kevin found exciting.


He approached the woman, hoping to get her phone number, and felt almost supernaturally attracted to her. Her smile and her face was almost hypnotic.


-You know, I'm looking for some candy for tonight. My nephews are coming over and I do not want to be empty handed- he lied.

-Here’s a free sample. The candy comes in many flavors such as lemon, cherry, apple, you name it. Give them to the kids and they’ll always come back for more, witch’s promise- she said coquettishly.


Witch’s promise…man is she into her role.




- For how long have you worked here? - Kevin asked

-Ha ha, just for a couple of weeks. Today is actually my last day of work. Between you and I, all I want is to go home and party tonight.

-That's funny. So do I.

- Really?

-Yeah. Really. We could even get together tonight. If we do, we can be quite mischievous- he whispered to her ear.


The promoter looked at him for a second. He could tell she was into the conversation and that she was attracted to Kevin. Her body pointed straight at him and she played with her blonde hair with her finger, as she smiled.


After a few seconds, which seemed like hours to Kevin, she said:


-All right. Let me give you my phone number.


She looked in her pocket for a pen and paper and wrote while Kevin noticed the red nail polish on her nails. A red color, pure and intense, like blood.


She quickly wrote some numbers and gave them to Kevin. He saw the numbers and smiled triumphantly and with a superb feeling, like a Casanova, he went to her ear and whispered softly, -I'll call you later-.


And so, while he answered, he didn’t look at her, assuming it would make him look cooler. He turned around and just walked away. He only worried about picking the groceries he needed, went to the cash register and then home.


A few hours later, while driving his blue Mini Cooper, Kevin was going to the promoter’s house. He was well groomed. His shirt sleeves rolled up and he was wearing beige Dockers pants and loafers. He had called the woman and she, giving him the address, invited him to her house.


-Fuck-, he thought aloud smiling. -If I play my cards right, I'll get laid tonight-. Just after calling the woman, he called Richard, giving him the excuse that he was not feeling very good and that he may not be able to go to the party. -Best idea in the world-, he told himself. -If I nail it with the blonde chick, I’ll be fine. If not, I’ll just go and try my luck with Marceline-. He felt so good, he saw himself as a kind of women-lurking Adonis. So, while driving, he saw the pack of condoms he had bought at the drug store, in the seat next to him. They were in a bag and the ballot stuck out.


Just as he arrived, he put the condoms in his pocket, he got out of the car, went to the door and knocked. There were a few seconds of waiting and then she opened. She looked stunning. She wore a long red dress that was cut between her legs and that showed part of her breasts. She also wore red heels and lipstick with the exact matching color.


She invited him in and they walked across the living room. As they did this, he noticed he had a little brown paint stain from the door on his knuckles. –Probably it’s fresh paint-. Kevin also noticed a painting on the wall. It was a recreation of "Linda Maestra" by Francisco de Goya. It gave him a little chill and as he tried to divert his thoughts from painting, he focused on woman.


- Are you surprised to see me like this? - She said suddenly.

-A little really. But you look beautiful.


She poured a little wine, and as he took it, he realized that she had never told him her name.


-Sorry, I know it's weird to ask you this at this particular point, but what's your name?

- Is not it enough for you to know that I'm a witch? she asked smiling.

-All right. That’s it. You do not have to pretend anymore. You are not trying to sell anything.

- Do you really think I'm not a witch?


She continued to smile, but Kevin realized that her smile was not friendly. It was evil. It was the smile of someone who is about to commit a horrible act, and feels proud of it.


Suddenly, he began to feel his mouth numbed and then the feeling went to the rest of his body. He began to feel really tired. His eyes were heavy and only seconds before falling to the ground, with a blurry sight, he saw the promoter saw approaching him.


Suddenly, He awoke. He realized he was tied in a cage.


- Where am I?

-Oh. We woke up, didn’t we? I was wondering if you would be able to see the fun that I have prepared.


Kevin began to feel desperate. A cold sweat ran down his back. The feeling of being trapped and locked made him feel extremely vulnerable. He had to get out somehow, he had to escape and call the police.


He tried to jump from side to side, hitting with any part of his body the cage, but it was useless. He was trapped. He searched in his pockets for his cell phone, but he couldn’t find it.


- Looking for this? - the promoter said, holding the device in her fingers. -No, no. I cannot let you have it. I'd ruin the fun. After all, when I said I liked to celebrate Halloween, I didn’t lie. I have many plans for you, especially now since it's Saturday.


- What is that important? Kevin asked with a trembling voice. He shuddered as a mouse and had a dread look. He curled unconsciously, as snot hanged from his nose.

-It's Saturday. Sabbath, said the promoter. The night when I can finally start the rite to gather my sisters.

- What the fuck are you talking about, you Goodman cow?! Fucking cunt, let me out! - Kevin said between sobs.

- Don’t you get it? I told you several times and still you’re oblivious. Think about it and lick the stain on your knuckles.


Kevin, perplexed, approached his knuckle stained with paint to his mouth and to his horror, he realized it was not paint. It was chocolate.


-The whole house is made of candy-she laughed. -The walls, the floor and even the cage. That does not mean that structures are weak. I cast a spell that makes them unbreakable.


She turned up the volume on a radio that was near and approached the cage.


To drown your noise-said. Now, come look at this.


She turned the cage and took Kevin to where there was a huge oven.


-The story of Hansel and Gretel- said the promoter. -This story was not as made up as one might believe. The witch was part of a sisterhood, in which the members stay young by eating people. That sisterhood, the sisterhood to which I belong, has lived and has done this for centuries.


As she approached Kevin to the oven, he got desperate and started screaming his lungs out, but it was useless. The radio hid his screams. While howling, the promoter approached to him with an evil laugh that froze the blood on his veins. His screams were quickly covered by the laughter of the woman. He knew then that he would never be seen again. In his last seconds of life, he saw the skulls of six men that were at a table near the oven, all former victims of the witch.


Because, when it came to it, she had never lied. She was indeed a witch, and was cooking his seventh victim.

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