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When nightmares are able to be let out with a simple click of keys.

Submitted: March 03, 2014

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Submitted: March 03, 2014



What a shame, what a shame, to think this was all a game. How stupid of me to believe we were surely meant to be. Silly dames, stupid dames, all pretty and dumb. Am I the only intelligent one? To see through your lies and your wicked smile, that once put me in a trance. I shall no longer dance to your wicked love song, for now I realize our love is gone. Death bring forth the ancient ears of wisdom, bring forth the ancient eyes to behold. That our love was nothing but fool's gold. What am I, another pawn in your childish game? Just another foolish dame? You made me feel different, you made me feel unique. Who would of known what it is you truly seek. So I lye awake at night, with my demons I fight, to finally give in to the deepest of all sins. Give all of myself, to the Devil himself, as the gun blasts, and my final light flash, I smile a final wicked entrancing smile. One that will permanently stay on my face for quite a while. But do you see, maybe the foolish one wasn't me, as you continued your little game, more intelligent I became. I was able to see straight through your eyes, read your deepest lies, and behold the truth that lay inside. I was swallowed by hate, smitten by lust, drowned in fear. Loneliness is always near. The last game I will play, is one were you stay at bay. A gun and a bullet, a few clicks, let's see if I can get through it. Click one, remember what all I have done, click two remember all I've been through, click three, that's not good enough for me, click four, now I'm on the floor, click five, now I can finally mean it when I say 'Good Bye', click six, I am no longer able to be fixed. I lay there, wallowing in my own blood, I smile and faintly whisper, “well this game was rather fun, too bad it's already done, my soul the devil shall keep,” then I slowly fall into a permanent sleep.  

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